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Somehow, sleep dep and dedication to the care and maintenance of an otherwise helpless human being leads to much more mental fortitude and alertness than being pregnant did. And much, much less depression. Who knew!?

Recovery on other fronts is slower, but that's all right. Baby has clean bill of health all around, which is the very best thing. And his daddy is pretty much a glowing ball of happy. As am I.

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over how badly I would like a nap right now.
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I need a nap in the worst way.

the worst way is probably curled up under my desk, using a power strip or a stack of Ruby on Rails manuals for a pillow.

But it sounds bloody fantastic right now.
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Really awesome weekend. Not surprising, when said weekend starts on Wednesday night and has so incredibly much of spending time with splendid people whom I adore very much, and do not get to hang with as often as I'd like in it.

In the course of this, I saw a really good Sarah McLaughlin concert, learned how to play Texas Hold 'em & flipcup (don't ask), tried tequila shots (no, I didn't actually go to college, why do you ask?), and got some minis painting done in time for Sunday's AE game. Re-wrote chapter 5 of The Story On Which I am Working (tm) and still hated it. Got a fantastic idea from bemoaning this fact to [ profile] shieldhaven, and am some combination of Alas! because I am at work and not writing it, and because I am at work and not sleeping.

Well, to everyone their little cross.

Also-- and this is completely B's fault-- mutually came up with a really wonderful and horrible idea that is going to occupy whatever parts of my brain that are awake all day. My brain ought, however, to be occupied with getting ready for my D&D game on Friday. Because my players might, you know, want to have encounters to go on.

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So [ profile] shieldhaven and I had a [ profile] pipistrella visiting for the whole weekend, and it was everything awesome. She has just departed back to the ATL, which is a necessary sadness. At least there will be Eclipse soon.

Nap moar now.

(Also, reading Taltos, by Stephen Brust. I am enjoying muchly. And I have got [ profile] shieldhaven reading Prince of Foxes, which satisfies for me a win condition.)
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Had a lovely weekend in PA, hanging out with [ profile] shellefly, [ profile] roughhouser, [ profile] shieldhaven and the Godfang. We played Arkham Horror and You've Been Sentenced, among other things, because there must always be board games, and yes. They had a Bastille day celebration in downtown Media, including a mock storming of the Bastille, and a George Washington actor (you could tell it was him because he was 20 stories tall and made of radiation) making a speech to an actor playing Lafayette, telling him and us all how cool Lafayette is. Which I thought was pretty darn cool, myself. Lafayette is awesome.

Sunday, went to the Tyler Arboretum, made gnome houses, climbed up into a treehouse-airship, made a racket, listened to a bunch of small children arguing metamagic rules, went to a butterfly house, played with the wizard and fairy costumes, and became sundrowsy. After which Houser induced food comas by plying us with corn and steak. Basically just sentient enough to roll to the airport and be carted home; and now here I am at the wukr.

Only trouble? Once again, eyes staying open is not a thing that wants to happen. Eyes want all the sleep.

(Also, [ profile] outlawcoon? Can haz Philly shot glass. :)
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I r rabbit what got no sleepz.
Rabbit of Tosses and Turns--
Itchy Rabbit jumping at all noises.

Now is must be wukrtime.
Catz think bad idea.
Catz say,
"Can Rabbitz wukrs with no zzzzzs?
Should stay and petz. Mebbe zzzzzs come."

Rabbits say,
"iz not so great actshully. But--
We do what we must, because we can."

Goez nao.
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Yes, I think nap.

Sorreh, Kittehs.
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More sleep.

And... well, that's most of it. My ability to exchange currency for goods and services having been refreshed in the main, I find that I am fair contented with Things As A Whole for the nonce.

Except that dear lord, do I wants me some more sleep.
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So I got home at about 6:30, after being barely able to keep my eyes open at work for the three hours previous. So I lay down for a nap.

And woke up half an hour ago.

Gonna go back to sleep for the next hour and a half before I must needs get up, coz alls I'm seeing on the internet are links to articles that will piss me off. My dreams were much better.

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Weekend = good.
Drive to georgia and back (though I didn't have to do any of the driving) = long.
Company on said drive & getting to see teh Georgia-way folks = awesome.
playing a pc at a LARP instead of monstering= interesting, quite. I enjoyed it. My character, Harper, is a whole barrel of fun (and yea, she is indirectly named for [ profile] tithenai. :D )

Good night, lovies.
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Instead of coming home and passing out like I ought, I realised that I had a) the car with me to-day, and b) no food in the house for either myself or the spider (the catboys and the bird are fine). So I went to get those things, which turned into a huge freaking odyssey as there were three other places out by petco that I wanted to go to look for costuming for my new LARP character and I had to stop by whole foods for milk and meat and, and, and...

And I fail at common sense, and sleep.

At least I have won at beer.

Good Night.
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Back from Georgia,
Far more bruised,
From damned evil camp beds,
Than from the pummeling.

Mmmm... pummeling.
Lo! I miss the pummeling.
I miss the...the...

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The cold has frigging snapped like Demeter just noticed her daughter was missing.

good night loves.
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I slept for perhaps 20 hours of the past 48, methinks.

This was a good thing, I think. Though none of this sleeping was done at wukr, I assure you.
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Awake. I am a sore and bruised post-LARP Rabbit, and there are many many f*list posts, and reading them in the morning would be a better idea than now, and spuh. Kittehboys seem to agree. I should listen to them.

O' bedz which are thicker than a matzoh, you mah only friend.
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I actually got quite a lot of it, but unfortunately, lucid dreaming does not register as rest in the realm of those who sleep. So I had, instead, a keen awareness of being knee deep in a scenario I've had a couple of times before, of perpetual Game Theory. Some sort of class warfare thing with carnival games in for prizes, and a city made out of too much grey concrete.

By the way-- I'm sure I'm not the only one who, upon realising that they are dreaming and lucidly, makes sure they have an arsenal of weaponry strapped to them, but somehow manages to keep forgetting shoes.

ETA: This is all probably the fault of having Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulée ice cream for dinner last night. Still-- so worth it.
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The Silence of the Lambs makes good bedtime music.
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Got most of the homework finished last night to the tune of insanely late, and also an all-day Buffy Season 6 marathon. Or early, depending on how you look at it. Either way, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Word to the wise, passing out just after Buffy & Tara get shot is probably not the best idea, for actually having restful sleep. Yeah.

New computer at wukr. Downloading spybot S&D and other such essentials. Why won't gmail work?

These are the questions, the ties that bind.

And finally, Fistful of Boomstick is as good a ps2 game as I remember. Holyfuck.
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I'm ill today. I do wish this were not my default setting of late. Sweet [ profile] marshalmeg provides with tea and ramen. This is especially dear, considering that I have undoubtedly given her whatever-this-is twice over.


I have just finished ([ profile] shellefly's copy of)Anansi Boys, which was good-- enjoyable, in a pleasantly inane kind of way. Just what I was in the mood for. As proof that I should listen to the Shelle about such things, The Brothers Grimm which was watched last night a la netflix, was an utter horrible thing of utter horrible. Pretty to look at, disgustingly formulaic, and teh wurst french accents evar. YUCK.

Goodbye. I'm going back to sleep.

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