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My yuletide gift was completely amazing this year: Like a Rock into Waking, which is She-Hulk with a really brilliant frisson of The Good Wife in there, that you will miss if you blink. Whatevs. It is so, so perfect, I squee.

Also, home-Christmas was awesome in the sauce. Overwhelmed the baby happily. Yay!
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Yep, I'm doing it again.

So, this year, I'm all about the Gen. Strongly prefer things as close to the voice of the medium as possible. I have no real fandom specific requests to give you; I put all my faith in you and what you can do with your own powers. Like all narcissists, I write what I should like to read, so you perhaps you will find inspiration there. Perhaps not. Nonetheless, good luck and god speed.
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For [ profile] yuletide I wrote a game-format Fallen London fic called Seducing a Certain Delicious Prospect. When I write fic about games, for the most part I like to use the format in question, so next time I offer Fallen London, I should recall that I will generally insist on coding the damn thing. This being the second time, really. :P

Either way, it was a lot of fun and bears, and yay. Today, B and I are watching Lord of the Rings marathon of the extended versions, and I am thinking of writing or painting but have no specific thing I wish most to do. So... perhaps a little illumination. We shall see!
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I got a lovely Labyrinth Fic!! Hooray!

Merry Christmas to all of you out there, and here.
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I signed up for Yuletide again. I have no clue why I bother. I must hate myself. Or rather, because I spend so much of the year unable to finish anything; the one time I can usually force myself to complete a story-- even a fanfic-- is, well, something. I'm sure pregnancy and it's brain-sucking powers won't interfere at all.

In the meantime, for the poor, sad sucker who got stuck with my requests...

A letter for you. )
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...So that old man's cross with me, I imagine.

I have numerous things to write.
I am leaving my job and starting a new one when the year begins, because damned if I'll sit about feeling like... well, the Very Useful Wrench in a drawer where folks are fumbling about looking for exactly said Wrench, but don't actually know what it looks like, so never use it properly.
And I ought to order gifts for my parentals. The family kids all have their gifts bought, I just have to send them.

And for some reason, my headvoice is terribly overformal right now. Perhaps because we watched the King's Speech last night, and LORD, the royal accent is appalling.

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The droid you're looking for is below the cut )

And so, there you are, and I hope this shant be too onerous. My fic-- all of it that's any good, anyway-- is on either the yuletide site or Ao3 already, and you can safely assume that I write the kind of stuff I like to read. So, well, yes. Congrats, and I'm sorry.
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So, here we are, back in Cary, after a week in the ATL.

Job = unchanged in detail, some change in Org chart.

Home = OMG so glad to be there!

Writing = I should do some more.

Love = is lovely, and yes. :)

2011 was the year in which I sold my first story, and signed two other anthology contracts. It was also the year of Dust to Dust, Dust to Dust and more Dust to Dust. And did I mention Dust to Dust?

I expect there will be more of that.

I expect this year will be very... five of wands, so to speak. A lot of petty squabbling and people smacking other people with sticks over things that don't really matter. I hope to not do any of the smacking, and deflect those who would smack me. I expect to laugh and be merry, for tomorrow we shall lol.

Are there resolutions? Bien sur. I should go write those, huh?

Love to all of you out there, and here, and yes, and have a wonderful year.

(Oh yes, for anyone who wondered, I wrote The Trysts of Farlight for [ profile] yuletide this year. I'm actually rather pleased with it, all told. And we'll see if I am dumb enough to do Yuletide again... every year I say I won't, and every year... not because I don't enjoy my fics or those of others, but because I don't even get inspired till the very last day, and wind up scrabbling at the last minute.)
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So! I got a marvellous Echo Bazzar fic, How To Be Silent in Five Fallen Cities, wherein the Quiet Deviless is Delicious and performing Abstractions, which is really all I wanted, and does it with style. Really, I have to be impressed with most of the Echo Bazaar fics that are out there... I'm not really about Fandom these days, but if I were, I'd be seriously tempted, especially if most of the people write stuff as cool as my [ profile] yuletide gift!

Speaking of Echo Bazaar, I ran a Nobilis game set at the Bazaar for Speaks and Tara & their eldest (And Angie, B, and Jen M.) last night, which seems to have gone over well. It accomplished many goals, like me actually running something in which B could play, getting to run Nobilis at all, running something that was not D&D, and being a present for Speaks. So that was awesome.

Am at B's parents' place in the ATL, and there will be People Here for Family Things in about an hour and a half. Have offered Helping Out, but unsurprisingly, being out of the way is the best way of helping. So we're doing that.

Hope you all had a merry Hanukahmas, and a lovely Yule.
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[ profile] yuletide story posted. The text, anyway. Now to go in and fix the ungodly terrible formatting.

Tomorrow's work will suck. Also, it will be followed by a drive to ATL.

So that's all right.
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I signed up for [ profile] yuletide again. And now for my traditional, singularly unhelpful letter to my poor, long-suffering yulegoat.

And here's the illusory cut, which implies that there's actually useful information for you beneath it. This is deeply unlikely. I apologize. )

This past weekend having been Eclipse, and this upcoming weekend being Thanksgiving (my first with B's family), I want to go get some more sleep.
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So, back at wukr today. Still, one of the similarities between working at home and working at wukr is the sheer amount of crap (or classic, whichever) netflix instant movies I wind up consuming. Yesterday's fare being Time Bandits, which I need to watch again because I kept getting distracted, and 2012. And here you learn one of my guilty secrets-- I am a sucker for Disaster movies.

Dunno what it is-- the tension, the resource scarcity, the chance to see people finding sudden and clever ways to survive when their normal tools are taken from them-- something like those. I suspect it's the same thing that made me love Island of the Blue Dolphins, Julie of the Wolves, My Side of the Mountain, The Swiss Family Robinson and the first book of The Boxcar Children when I was younger. Alors.

Let's put aside the completely shitty science for a sec, because really, you've got to. The science isn't the festive part of this film, which really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Now admittedly, I was expecting Armageddon or Volcano levels of awful. And really, when it comes to disaster movies, you can expect the same CGI explosions and terrain destruction, with varying levels of technical acumen, no matter what. The good stuff is in the ancillary goodies. And it's here that 2012 kind of rocks. (And yes, the stuff below the cut is ALL SPOILERS ALL THE TIME. You have been warned.)

What life lessons, for example, can we glean from this hollywood blockbuster? )

So anyway, about [ profile] yuletide. This year, I am actually happier with all of the reading I have done than what I wrote, and I didn't do any yuletide madness. Oh well.

I will belatedly link my own gift story, The Point of Keys, which is really splendid Mirrormask Genfic, done with completely original characters, set in the world. My prompt was what a "normal" day in the mask world was like, and this is what I got. Also, check out her photoshop art for it, which I liked very much, and gives a lovely image of the protagonist. My yuletide Santa is awesome, and I am delighted.

I am disinclined to do recs, considering the absolute flood of them on the community, but I will say that I've read some simply wonderful fics this year, and I'm way stunned by the quality.

And now, I should actually do some work, hien?

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So, I've signed up for yuletide. Let the sympathy for those who have received my requests begin!

In case you were wondering... )
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So, in a semi-predictable way, I did get some inspiration and in fact some aid in at least one Yuletide Madness fic-- which went far longer than I had planned, and which I only /now/ have finished, and so will not be able to upload until they open the archive for NYR fic uploads. Ah well! I'm... not entirely displeased with this one, and the recipient managed to get a comment through on the one I wrote for her, which was lovely.

In the meantime, the story I recieved, In Which Tazendra Catches a Thief, pleased and made me giggle to no end. No end, I tell you! It does the Steven Brust language quite well, and is satisfyingly Gen. Though it reminds me that I need to read the Vlad Taltos novels, in faith.

Anyway. Out I must pass. Nightall, and Happy Yuletide, Merry Christmas, and all of those swell and jolly things!
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I think my fanfic muscle is severely impaired, all sudden.

It is yuletide madness, and I look through all of the double-thousand requests, and have no inspiration whatever. Huh. Maybe what I need is a good crossover or something. Alors.

Though this year, yuletide madness is open even to people who did not sign up for [ profile] yuletide, so if something there inspires you-- go! Fic it up!

I have a little more shopping to do to-day, and... yay! Christmas Eve!

Once again, chances are I will get struck by Ideas somewhere around 9 tonight. :D
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Dear [ profile] yuletide Santa:

A very short letter. )

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The thing I have been wanting to post which I keep forgetting-- the stories that I wrote for [ profile] yuletide! They are as follows:

The main one: Turnabout Yuletide, a NokoMitsu Phoenix Wright fic for [ profile] croik.

As stocking stuffers:

Belles Reves, for kazuko 1-- Beauty and the Feast traditional fairy tale shortfic.

Monster, Goblin, Faerie, Knight, Tam Lin shortfic.

I am dying to write some stories about the Reynardine, and also, as I have been listening to all manner of Child Ballads, something overarching that combines the lovely tales and traps and universes therein. But, but...

but only after I have completed the Tower.

Which is going well. The radio pirates are being seven and deadly. The green fairy is stuck with a galley pirate and a wide expanse of sea. The Black Hatted man is restless and bored and imprisoned. The Lady is watching too much Emeril. And the Womangirl is split into Woman and Girl and having a little bit of a hard time, and just had her child stolen. Oh yes, and there is a lot of preparing for war. But that is all ephemera to you darlings.

Other things to report later, I'm sure. For now, allons-y.

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