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Tomorrow is my last day in the office for the duration of my pregnancy. Working from home after that until I go into labor. The only problem with which is that boy, do my devs find it easy to ignore me when I'm asking things on chat. Frustrating.

I am looking forward to being able to take ritalin again, you don't even know.

Baby is looking forward to being out and in the world, pretty darn clearly. But, well...

patience in all things; something both he and I should internalize mo' betta.
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I did little but have wukr and stomach drama yesterday, but still! Happy Lammastide, if you're into that, and I'll get back to wukr and yes...

hm, it is a lotus blossom day.
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This weekend, my Grandmother passed away. It was her choice to do it the way she did (nice and quiet in her sleep, having said, "no, done with hospitals," and she had family with her. B and I said goodbye a month and a half ago, which is good, since we cannot make the memorial this Friday. Still.

I had other things, and I probably still do. General Lemarque is also dead. Barricades up.

And the rest is all Girl, you better work.
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New job!
New responsibility!

I'm excited and scared and overwhelmed and yes. Also, I feel better about myself than I have in some time.

It's a thing.
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Just finished with wukrthings. Yes, at this hour. No, I haven't been at it all night. Just since 3:30. Fun.

But I don't want to talk about wukr tonight. I noticed, yesterday, that the huge wart on my thumb appears to be going away-- it is clearly diminished from even a week ago. And the little one on my leg was already gone. I've had this wart sor something like 5 years-- ever since I was first trying to close on a house. And now it's going away.

And I realised, suddenly, that no shit-- I am actually, for realz, Not As Stressed anymore. And my body apparently knows it.

It's one thing to know, intellectually, that the stress is less now than it has been (consistently) for years. But when there's various and sundry new stressors and to-dos and... well, the part where I'm up from 3 am to 5:30 for wukr there, it's not so simple to really grok that ON THE OTHER HAND, life is pretty damn good.

And it is. It really is.

The body knows.

It also knows that this Rabbit needs to put away the mochi mallet, climb back into its moon-cot, and go back a'sleep.
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Soon I will leave wukr.

Then I will pack.

Then, tomorrow, B and I will go to the Virgin Islands for C-dawg and D-money's wedding.

I am looking forward to this, yes, very very much.

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Today was spent, by and large, helping the Scrap Exchange move their stuff out of the newly condemned building in which they'd been habitating for a while, across the street into the minor league baseball offices. Which would have been all well and good, except that I lost my keys somewhere in the process, and, as the breaks on my car are dead, was driving [ profile] shieldhaven's vehicle. Which meant that I had to get someone to drive me back to Cary, then to my car again. And that we had to go get new keys made.

Super fun.

Anyway, if you're in the Triangle, you should go and donate to the scrap to help them get a permanent home, help them move stuff, of just donate $10 tomorrow and go get whatever you want of the stuff they can't take to their warehouse. It's a great opportunity to get some neat junk-- they just won't be able to get everything out in the time that they have. Also, go see the new space-- it's very bright and cheerful, even if it is all temporary and stuff.

So now that I've mostly de-stressed, I am still finding the writing I need to do this evening to get ready for the Dust to Dust World Event really bloody difficult to wrap my head around. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, mebbe.

Also, it looks like I'll be Perm instead of Contract at my wukr starting on the 31st. Which is awesome, and I am a fan. So I am feeling better about all of that.

And that's the news.
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Lately, Livejournal has been mostly me reading things, because saying things seems like much in the way of effort, unless I am saying them about games, which I've been trying to do at least once a week.

This weekend, up to Baltimore for some friends' Beltane party, so that should be pretty awesome. Other than that...

Well, here's to getting through. Some of the Wukr stress is Less. That's good.

Most of the Rabbit is vague, and that just is how it is.
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Stupid shit going screwy at wukr means being in obscenely early. Which is better than having to go in at 9 last night. I shouldn't be so outraged. But weariness makes me outraged. Oh well. I have cranberry juice.

World Event this last weekend was so awesome. It had little christmas lights of awesome all over it. Which is to say that it was super sweet for a Very First One-Day.

Next one is 28 May. Three cheers for Memorial Day Weekends! This means no SCARABFest and no Wiscon, but that's all right. Dust to Dust is fight.

Also, poor LJ. DDoS attacks are not fight.
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Some good, some bad. All crazy.

Yesterday at wukr was a lesson in frustration and drama, and also... oh crap, I should probably try to work on more stuff in preparation for things. Some of this is still true, but it's better.

I have way too much to do, but so does everyone.

One day, I will have thoughts that are not related to some game, wukr, or food, but it doesn't seem terribly likely at the moment.

There are worse things.
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Someone just changed my Engineer's desktop image to a hearts and rainbows pic of Justin Beiber.

Their commentary, "Does [the Engineer] always leave his computer unlocked when he leaves his desk?"

This is actually a clue to the identity of the culprit, if you work in any sort of software/internet company.

No, it wasn't me. I am not so fearless or suicidal as the sort of person who would attempt such a thing.
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So, as of monday, my job completely changed. It's still QA and at the same company, but it is a different department, a different part of the app, and means I have to use a whole bunch of tools and resources that I have not so much as looked at before, in prep for a big launch this weekend that I won't actually be present for, as I will be at the last Event of King's Gate.

Now I am cleaning up someone else's mess, and everyone is Sure I'll Do A Much Better Job. So no pressure.

Except that today was sort of every kind of pressure, all at once. I have now detoxed mightily, and feel better. Still a bit of vague brain though. I am going to try to eke out a sentence, or maybe two, and then... thunk, I think. It is a great day for thunk.

This weekend: KG.

Next Week: Cardboard.
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I need a nap in the worst way.

the worst way is probably curled up under my desk, using a power strip or a stack of Ruby on Rails manuals for a pillow.

But it sounds bloody fantastic right now.
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First day of wukr = had.

First drink of the evening = not had yet.

Xbox controller = hiding.

Dinner = ???

Mold = growing back already.

Rent = going to get paid tomorrow, and come perhaps with an earful.

Rabbit = Gonna deal with it tonight, in any case.

I r wurld of feh.
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-Slept in.
-Obsessively checked Dust to Dust Forums.
-Printed a fuckton of stuff at Kinkos for New Jobthing.
-Ate a Starburst. Then Another.
-Spat out one of my back teeth with the second starburst.
-Pocketed tooth. Managed not to cry.
-Realised, on the way back to B's, that I had forgotten to print one of the docs I needed.
-Said fuck it.
-Signed and filled out fuckton of forms
-Plugged in B's HP all-in-one, for the scanner works, although the printer has not worked in over a month.
-Discovered that the printer had miraculously fixed itself.
-Wished that I had discovered this /before/ going to kinkos and paying them for my printing.
-Realised that if I hadnot gone to kinkos, the printer would probably have never gotten up the gumption to fix itself.
-Printed out the forgotten doc, and one of the forms that I'd fucked up.
-Reflected on Irony.
-Declared that tonight was Sushi Night.
-Went out to Sushi with B, who afterwards got me listerine and ice cream.
-Returned, levelled my Pally up to 58 and his Druid up to 54 in WoW.
-Obsessively Checked Dust to Dust forums some more.
-And Wrote this LJ Post.

Good night to all of you out there, and here.
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From Scarabfest!

Also, in the land of the job havers!

I will be shopping for a new apartment, however, as the patches of mold on the back wall of my bedroom are no. Which makes me sad, but oh well. These things happen.

But I don't care, because I have magners cider and a job.

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It is lovely and white and snowy outside-- the kind of soft, fluffy snow that in now way interferes with public mobility. Alas.

Apropos of nothing-- my only complaint with Bioshock 2? No new Sander Cohen. It's okay, because what's there is awesome, but.... well, yeah. There's a brief bit in Cohen's Collection, but there's no Cohen audio diaries or anything. I cry.

Speaking of crying, the end of Season 2 of Chuck totally made me do so. /sniffle.

Stories! I would that one of the several floating about in my head would start hitting me with coherency that I could have at properly, and all the way through. Alors.

There is media in the world, fine fat stacks of media, and... well, I am here, cold, under my blanket and my wukr, and yes.
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Back from Atlanta,
Weekend with friends--
Bein' geeky;
Jes' chillin.

I am thinking that
I have so many projects
Crowding around my fire right now,
That contemplating them is an exercise
In contemplating grande explosions.

Projects; also Media.

So much so that I apologize,
(rather profusely)
For becoming tongue-tied
When I face down this screen, this entry box,
And try to think of what to put in it.

Defeat, thy name is Activity.
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1) Wukr makes me sleepy.
2) Earl Grey can fix this.
3) I like Earl Grey much better than I had recalled. Particularly with lemon in.
4) When the temp outside is reasonably warm, The Powers That Be will stop running the AC and run the heater instead.
5) Time flies, a lot like bullets.

Various cards = canceled. Bank = open tomorrow. My head = not as aching as it could be.

So we're okay.
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It is the exact sort of cold in the office today that it was at the moment when I forced myself out from under my covers and into the morning air.

I have a blanket. My blanket is good.

Ah yes... media. I did have a media comment, which is that I am enjoying Dexter seasons 1 & 2 quite a lot. The soap opera is a bit much-- could we have some female characters who are not having huge power struggles pretty much entirely with each other?-- but there's some really great stuff too, in particular Dexter's girlfriend Rita. It is really a joy to watch her spine grow and stiffen as the show progresses, even for certain parts of Season 2 where Dexter has a (blissfully short) flirtation with effing stupidity.

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