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It is amusing to me that my brain now reads, "eyes barely staying open" with "time to write chapterz!"

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So I got home at about 6:30, after being barely able to keep my eyes open at work for the three hours previous. So I lay down for a nap.

And woke up half an hour ago.

Gonna go back to sleep for the next hour and a half before I must needs get up, coz alls I'm seeing on the internet are links to articles that will piss me off. My dreams were much better.

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So I get home today after the Shards of Orn larp to find that part of my bedroom ceiling has caved in-- the part near the bathroom door. So there's a bunch of stucco all over a basket of stuffed animals and a pile books, and the pervasive smell of damp wood and plaster.


Fortunately, this is why the good lord invented beer & cider in bottles, and also gave me two good hands.
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via [ profile] theferrett:

This is rather braw and well done: The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage: Why same-sex marriage is an American value.

Great article, idiot commenters. As per usual. The Conservative case is that Conservative =/= Fundamentalist, by which one may as well say Conservative =/= Reactionary. Necessarily.

In addition, I've been following the liveblogging of the prop. 8 trial, which is Of Interest.

Lastly, I gotsta reference [ profile] zoethe's post on Pat Robertson's Comments about Haiti, which were both horrific and unintentional comic gold: (emphasis mine)

"They were under the heel of the French, you know Napoleon the third and whatever. And they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said 'We will serve you if you will get us free from the prince.' True story. And so the devil said, 'Ok it’s a deal.'

Yeeeeeeeeah, I got nothin.
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via [ profile] kemidra for the link--

There's objective, there's slanted, there's biased,and then there's the republican national committee census survey.

This has to be a parody. The way those questions are phrased... My misinformation hurts. Of course, the DNC probably has an equivalent that is just as heinous in terms of assuming that you're on their team and respond to someone telling you 'This Bad! This Good!' without actually telling you what the hell they're talking about and, y'know... backing up their side.

ETA: In waking up from my laziness, I wished to see how accurate the above statement was. All I could find was a 2005 survey which contains a bunch of open ended requests for one's own opinion, and a single leading question at the bottom. If there is something more recent-- my scouring of the DNC website turned up no equivalent the now-- I shall be happy to link it. Though I will add that if the DNC does engage in such thick laying on of it, this in no wise excuses the RNC-- it simply makes both reprehensible. Like ya do.

In other news, this weekend I saw both Flash Gordon and Planet of the Apes for the first time. There is commentary to be made here, I assure you.

My eyes don't want to stay open. Good night.
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Hey Obama-- no pressure.

Also-- Thank you World Stage, for providing something eyebrow raising and of near-universal interest for me to provide terse commentary upon, in lieu of actually talking about anything of direct personal or broader relevance! I appreciate it much!
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So because I am slower than shit, things I didn't notice until this morning, when I took a shower:

My shampoo/conditioner and the pretty little dish on the windowsill in the bathroom, which held my bath soap, are gone.

That's right-- motherfucker from last night? Stole my soap and shampoo. And I didn't notice in time to tell the cops. Not that it's a huge horrible loss-- the dish cost me 25 cents from the Scrap, and the shampoo was a relatively cheap bottle. It's more of an insult to injury thing. What a fucking joker.

This day has already started out AWESOME.

ETA: So I did find the shampoo and soap-- they were removed carefully from the windowsill and placed out of the way on the air boxes. I took pictures and called my property manager.

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So just about 10 minutes ago, I'm jolted out of a half-asleep haze by a crash coming from the bathroom. I open the door thereto to see what's on-- I always keep that door shut-- to note that my shower curtain's fallen down, and the window screen is all the way up, as is the window. This is odd: I usually keep the screen down, but the window itself cracked, for air flow. So I peer out, and I see a the top of a man's head, just to the right. I duck back in, as my typical sleep costume (or lack thereof) is not the sort of thing you want to confront anyone in, and make positive that it isn't that I'd locked a cat in, and he's found a way to escape. Nope-- both of them are in the room, looking at me in concern. So I put on a robe and stick my head out and call-- no one's there.

Still, staring at the evidence of the fallen curtain and the raised screen, I am unsettled enough to call the Durham non-emergency number and tell them what happened. It might have been someone drunk having locked themselves out and thinking they were climbing in through their own bathroom window and realising their mistake suddenly. Or... well, if not, wanting to make certain seemed logical. I closed the screen and closed and locked the window, though I couldn't get the curtain back up, then called. The lady told me not to touch the window-- unfortunately, after I'd already closed it, but in about 3 minutes, there were three cops at my door, there to take a look.

They've just left, and didn't find anything, so here's hoping that my initial scenario is true, and it was someone making an innocent mistake, instead of, y'know... trying to actually break into my apt and being scared off for some reason. And if it was the more freaky scenario, let's hope the idea that someone would actually call the cops has scared them off more permenantly. Either way, I believe I shall keep that window closed and locked from now on. Holy fuck.

I HATE being scared about something like that, and now I feel like a paranoid tool. The only good thing about this is that whatever the hell it is that's been making my back and leg hurt like crazy stopped for the period of time that adrenaline took over. Perhaps this will have shocked whatever nerve is likely pinched into compliance.

In the interim, apart from being mortified that I actually felt the need to call the bloody cops for any reason-- a thing I dislike on so many layers that the sheer quantity would crash photoshop-- I hope that I can get back to fucking sleep. And that I did the right thing.
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So last night, my friend Lorrie had her birthday roast at Words of Wisdom at Mansion 462 in Chapel Hill. And as it /was/ excellent, and as it was her birthday-deal and she was reading stuff and yes, I read some Hades in Hose and felt generally okay, though a bit nervy, as it has been some time since I was on a stage of any kind. The Featured Poet was Ashanti White, who was pretty darn awesome, and the a lot of the people there were members of our regional slam team (yes, [ profile] revsaintmichael, I thought of you).

What Lorrie neglected to tell me until after I had read was that the night was being recorded for a podcast to be put up on iTunes.



But seriously, Mansion 462 (where they'll be having the clockwork ball as well is /gorgeous/, and I had been rather wanting an open mic to attend in general. So... this one may become a regular Thing.

Tonight, however, shall be all about the boxes.

(Also-- Three Huge Cheers for people who are having Good Employment Luck! Go Youz!!!!)
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I don't think it would be possible to have enough tacos tonight. Jesus Christ, how am I this hungry!?

Well, back to the kitchen.
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I had yesterday a day about as good
As good days can be:
Excellent, Unique,
Leaving perfection to other
Days to come. As it should. So why
Do I so worry, that this calm
And content should
Be so impermanent? I am convinced
Some horrible thing will come and take
My good vibes from me--

May I not have my hour of open-toed peace
Without dreading The Other Shoe?

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Scrap Exchange event this morning, which was oddly speedy and surreal for a Scrap Event. T'was the 4th of July Parade at Durham Central park, which meant that breakfast was farmer's market watermelonade and a doughnut-muffin. Yea, verily so.

We were there largely to provide materials for people to decorate their bikes and scooters and strollers before the Event, and the Central Park committee provided what was probably a good deal more than 99 Red Balloons for the participants, and yes. An elderly gent dressed as Ben Franklin elicited snickers from myself and my compatriot about spyhilitic french hookers, though not within earshot of him or of small children, necessarily.

And now, as the internet at the Crash Site seems to be no more, I am sitting at Francesca's, having finished some rumination on the Sewer Creature of R'leigh, some e-mails and a bowl of curried vegetable soup which was actually kind of amazing.

Oh, you're still stuck back at the whole sewer creature bit? You are curious about potential tentacles? Well, see for yourself...

I swear, the fabric of reality is wearing mighty thin, these days.
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This morning started out well.

Well as in, waking up at 9:00, at which time I ought, at the very latest, be leaving out of the door for wukr. And then passing my exit way down yonder on teh Great I-40.

But that wasn't what I wanted to talk about this morning.

I wanted to talk about this fire engine that was rocketing down 147 this morning with its sirens going-- and people /would not/ move to the right. I mean, I couldn't get over to get out of the way for a few minutes, because people wouldn't let me over... and there wasn't that many people on the freeway to begin with. But I can't fathom being in front of an emergency vehicle with the sirens going and not getting over, as in OFF THE ROAD.

I swear, what the hell is wrong with people these days!?

(Oh yeah, bailout, nationalism, OH NOES Andrew Ryan is crying in his watery grave, Gordon Brown, yadda yadda blah blah, this hot recession bath is going to taste soooooooooooo good.)
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So I was driving home today and found myself behind a souped-up red caddy-king of thing with ginormous wheels, bouncing on hydraulics. And I spotted something silver swinging down from the back, over the half-exposed undercarriage.

Oh my, what could it have been!? )

And here I thought I'd done seen every-damn-thing.
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This morning, a juvenile would-be jedi attacked me with a lightsaber bearing the red-cross logo on the side of it before I could convert her to the dark side, alas.

I almost missed lunch through being half-devoured a semi-frustrating sarlacc of an access database. Which will doubtless finish devouring me sometime in the next half-million years.

Anyway, as people have been offering me lovely musics, I shall share with you a small smackerel of my at-work playlist. Also, because I need to yousendit these to myself at home, as they're not on my computer. Self-serving fun!

A history of lovers -- Iron and Wine
Monday Morning's no good coming down -- 18th day of May
Science Fiction Double Feature -- Mee First and the Gimmie Gimmies
Turning Japanese (Vapours Cover)-- No Use for a Name
Rebellion (lies)-- the Arcade Fire

That is completed, and so is my lunchbreak.

ETA: Hold the fuck up!

This just in, my boss just tried to go by her bank on 55, the RBC Centura, and there's a fucking hold-up with hostages and shit and everything! HOLY HELL!

So anyway, naturally, she couldn't get past the cops, and prolly didn't get deposits in before 2.

I am a cold hearted bastard. Maybe.

Back to work.
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Had the most marvellous time yesterday, in ways that only those things which involve the ocean, pinball, ddr, air hockey, skee ball, fried seafood, cheap trinkets, red floppy hats, fictional snark, shell collecting, bohola and [ profile] marshalmeg can be. The only blur being on my vision-- my glasses utterly and completely disappeared from our mat, while we were splashing about in yonder Atlantic. [ profile] marshalmeg's were still there, as were all of our other things.

We have decided that they were carried away by a seagull whom we have aliased 'Napoleon'.

Either that or the universe has desided I need new glasses. Or maybe lasik. Either way, I got us home safely last night and am slightly fuzzy today, as all of my old glasses were donated over a year ago, and the perscription was so bad on them they'd do absolutely no good. Hopefully I can find my last perscription-- 6 years ago, but my eyes ain't changed much-- and yes. Driving back to KY this weekend will be fuuun!

The good [ profile] marshalmeg has informed me that there is a new dryer in the world, and there was much huzzah. I will have to ogle it a bit at lunch. Mmm... appliances.

Back to informative IRS handouts. Oh. The joy.

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