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i r in Seattle.

O hai Seattle! U r guud?

i r haz sleepz.

Good night.
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I actually got quite a lot of it, but unfortunately, lucid dreaming does not register as rest in the realm of those who sleep. So I had, instead, a keen awareness of being knee deep in a scenario I've had a couple of times before, of perpetual Game Theory. Some sort of class warfare thing with carnival games in for prizes, and a city made out of too much grey concrete.

By the way-- I'm sure I'm not the only one who, upon realising that they are dreaming and lucidly, makes sure they have an arsenal of weaponry strapped to them, but somehow manages to keep forgetting shoes.

ETA: This is all probably the fault of having Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulée ice cream for dinner last night. Still-- so worth it.
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Yesterday turned out to be helping a friend move day, finally watching The Dark Knight all the way through day, Tauren day, and microwavable palak paneer day. Also the Last of the Prednazone, which I cannot spell and am certain I will not miss.

D&D tonight, Magic tomorrow, King's Gate LARP as of Friday. Seattle next Wednesday. Must find cat-sitter for Seattle trip, at the very least.

I have a certain amount of the kind of internal contentment that only having eaten a great deal of barbecue can create.

That isn't all, I'm certain that isn't all, but for the moment, that's it.
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Occasionally I find myself posting with an eye towards making a pattern on the little calendar on the sidebar of my lj page.

This is one of those times.

Also, I am looking forward perhaps to going home and finishing Pan's Labyrinth, during which I fell asleep last night. And maybe more boxes filled with odd things that get everywhere-- least time it was cinnamon; now it is purple glitter.

Alors, my tinyputer is very sparkly now.
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So perhaps... well, 15 or so years ago, I was in San Francisco with my folx and my grandmother (dad's mum). In this little bookstore under an overpass, I found this book about a girl in a city, and all the pages were cut out-- that is to say, they were cut out shapes and holes so that when you turned them, the scene changed in this cool, layered way. It was dark and awesome and I absolutely fell in love with it, but I didn't have any funds to get it, at the time.

I do wish I could recall what it was called, as my usual Powers of Searching are not turning me anything up.


But it's okay, because I have an Orange Bunny.

Actually, I now have A complete set!

Which pleases me far too much, probably.
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Via [ profile] apocalypsos--

This is mostly hilarious, but ultimately worth it for this commentthread.

(Ron Perlman's tears cure cancer, herpes and AIDS though.)
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Last night I dreamt of cinnabar towers, or rather, a tower with cinnabar columns, all carved like demons and clouds and fu creatures.

Today, this morning, my hair is all curly, and of course, my teeth are pearly (the kind of pearls that are black, half-formed and rotting at the centre, but that's all right), and I wear a smile.

Because I had a dream about a black palace with cinnabar columns, and lud love me but I rather needed that sort of dream, about now.
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In my neverending devotion to lolz of various shapes and sizes...

English translations of Eastern Bloc lolcatz. ferserius.

For example:

translation: The men I’ve sent to death weigh heavily on my mind; but this burden is but a fist of straw compared to the strain of the republic.

(Note: the translations are entirely wrong, but most of the time the true translations are in the comments, and it's still bloody hilarious.)
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Yesterday, as we schlepped into the kitchen to make our festive dinner (cheese stuffed shells-- nom), we noticed a barking and wailing on the back porch. There was this orange and black and brown striped slightly-older-than-puppy pitt mix, who seemed inclined to sit out there until someone came and paid attention to her. So I went out to see what gives, figuring she belonged to the guys kitty-corner from our back yard. She did not.

Fortunately, she has a rabies tag, so we called and left a message with the vet where the tag was given, then took her to the emergency clinic to see if she had a microchip. Alas, she did not. So, while we wait to hear from the vet where she got her shots, we got a cheap bag of dog food and tied her outside, where hopefully she will keep away the sketchy next-door working people, who keep coming over and trying to get [ profile] vaukosigan to give them her old, not-working buick.

She seems to be a terribly sweet and friendly girl, who is fairly used to people-- or gets used to them quick, with a little bit of petting and the like. I think she had puppies recently, which is slightly worrisome, but am not entirely sure. We can't really keep her, considering the menagerie of cats, snakes, birds, and rats which reside here now, mais alors. If we have to try to get her placed with a foster or a no-kill shelter, we'll probably try to find a way to house her until that happens.

And that's been our great valentine's day adventure.

Also-- raspberry and chocolate Ganache pie, made by the Other. Sweet. Holy. Damn. Me ded of deliciousity.

Also also-- guild wars is a pretty fun game. I think I shall play it nine times.
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Finished Black Summer #7 a couple of days ago, and DAMN was it good. At least I've Anna Mercury to look forward to, and perhaps... in the distant future, the possibility of more Fell...?

This has been your random utterly incomprehensible nerdy comix post.



30 June 2008 13:02
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I love for many reasons, but this here is special.
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Watching A lot of fox on demand. They have one commercial every break. You know how that commercial can stay on my good side? Rufus and Chaka Khan. Play 'Tell Me Something Good' in your commercial, and I will never be annoyed, no matter how many times you repeat the same damn ad.
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All right peoples. This is for you show-going peoples. The ones who are into local music and clubs and that kind of thing. Admittedly, I may not entirely have room to talk, because I am sitting at the bar with my computer, but I am here to do homework, and the bands sort of sprang up around me, like the ones who supposedly played at the gates of Auschwitz. But I digress.

The thing is, if you go to local shows, to be entertained by local bands who are rocking their souls out for you on the stage, you owe it to them-- nay, you owe it to yourselves-- to dance.

I mean this. There's this guy with a guitar and he's whaling and trashing and pouring his soul into those three repetitive chords-- and there you assholes are, standing there, staring like dummy-dolls with your hands in your pockets and maybe one of you is nodding their head, and maybe another of you is tapping your foot, and WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? You're afraid of looking lame? Well look at the guy on stage. He's giving his blood for you man, sure as Jesus. Show some appreciation. Prove you're as indy as your t-shirt and holy jeans swear you are. Shed your emo whiny stylez and shake that thang, babe.

Or at least headbang a little.


The rabbit at the bar with the motherfuckin' tambourine.
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I ate his caudelac with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:
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There officially needs to be digital camera-ing in my world. hardcore. I wish to inflict random images of my life upon the dim populous. I was considering this today, and then the subject came up in random conversation via e-mail and the erstwhile Sophia. So this is a thing I must do. There are a lot of those. Which is typical for this branch of the year.

One is a meme. Here:

twelve days of dire )

It's just I have too many stories to tell right now to feel entirely comfortable tossing words about here.
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Clytemnestra Jesus sent me spam today.

It had nothing to do with dead gods in bathtubs, or Greek generals on crucifixes. Alas.

No, it just asked me if I was interested in enlarging my penis at all.

Not really. My penis is fair big enough already.
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It gleams golden-white as I drive to work, springing out of the backdrop and looking more live and three-dimensional than anything else on the horizon.

They call it the Death Star, but it is the Durham County Jail, and it is the most metropolitan building in the whole of the city. And in the morning, it is unaccountably beautiful, glowing out over pettigrew street and teaser's palace and the backs of the municipal buildings, the courthouse and aye.

Today I am drinking mealy milk-chocolate flavour cocoa, which is tolerabel only for the excessive mini marshmallows I have stuffed in it. There is a million work to do. Peoples invisible want my attention, they tug with their tales and their teeth. I have a [ profile] yuletide story to write. And dismemberments to describe. Last night I dreamed in Shadow Hearts RPG ways. It was cool.

I don't feel bad, not at all.

And I really want to try to make the pomegranate meringues at some point. I'm sure it's a million harder than it looks. But still. If anyone can... well, you know. Herr Hades. And all.

*clicks heels three times three. whee.*
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This week has been full of all manner of annoying crap
Especially at wukr,
but I,
I am actually pretty happy,

I thought you should know.
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Yesterday was apparently about dead animals. There's something (more than likely) in the crawlspace rotting. Please lord, let it be that and not in the walls. Terminex is coming out tomorrow to check it out and yes. Because the master bathroom is simply not useable with that stench in there.

Because to quote Hedwig quoting fast food slogans, I need a break today. But to quote Caledon Hockley, I make my own luck. Or something. So, to quote my tarot deck, maybe it's time to try something new. Actually, what it says is combine the best aspects of any unpleasant circumstances presented you, and run with that. And to wait a bit, and a solution to the various Everything At Once will present itself.

Got my medicine samples yesterday, will start them at lunch. The winner at the moment is Effexor. We'll see how that plays out. As the beatles say... well just put on 'tomorrow never knows', and that will probably do it.

Also, I have had random bits of 'Gone With the Wind' stuck in my head. Particularly the bit where Prissy goes to Belle's place to get captain Butler and his carriage and is shrieking about, "THE YANKEES ARE COMING!! THE YANKEES ARE COMING... THE YANKEES ARE HERE!!!" et al.

This is all quite fascinating, I know.
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Some asshole with a putter is standing just behind me and to my left, whacking the damn thing into the soft-ish part of my skull right over and behind my ear, occasionally missing and cracking the back of the skull itself. But everytime I look, fucker disappears. Sneaky little bastard. If he ain't careful, I am gonna wax poetic on his invisible ass. In American Sign Language. With Brass Knuckles. Yeah.

Have a villanelle to the kneecaps, mothafucka.

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