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a) Married
b) Back from Italy
c) sick with the doom of coughing.

All in all, pretty darn awesome. Though the coughing stinks.

Italy was effing amazing. It's cool to go somewhere in Europe I really don't know well (Venice), unlike Paris, which was a lot like someone redecorated your living room while you weren't looking. Incidentally, I would live in Venice in a heartbeat.

And now, wukrness.
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This weekend has been Philly (read: Media), which is awesome. I am chillin' on the couch with the [ profile] roughhouser and the Tiny Viking and [ profile] shellefly. There's some Alkatraz going on, which is cool. I am so sleepy, though that's just coz I am... the bebbeh has actually been really good and done much night-sleeping, which makes his parents super happy.

Hee! Small people are super awesome. The sad thing about this visit is that I do not get to see my Godfang, as he's with his dad this weekend. B is down in GA with his folks, and seems to be having a splendid time, so while I miss him muchly, that is not so sad.

Heading back home tonight, back to the grind, and Eclipse next weekend. Artz maybe in the meantime.
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I dunno if I mentioned this, but B and I will be at World Fantasy in San Diego this year.

Anyone else?
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Soon I will leave wukr.

Then I will pack.

Then, tomorrow, B and I will go to the Virgin Islands for C-dawg and D-money's wedding.

I am looking forward to this, yes, very very much.

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The nice thing about my brain, is that crashingly depressed, although when it's on, it's hard to remember ever feeling any other way, does go away soonish, and that's all right. Having a nice time so far in the ATL, though I went out very quickly in poker. Am now listening to people discuss what they think is going on with various aspects of Dust to Dust, philosophically speaking.

This makes me so happy.

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So here I am at 29,000 feet, my ears painfully plugged in spite of my chewing gum because I have an awful cold and fever, and I am on teh freakin' intarwebs.

Dude. It's the effing future.
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I love being at my parents, because I can be pretty much perpetually drunk and it's all good. Margaritas are our friends. And my dad and I had a memorial Guinness for my godfather and talked over a bunch of stuff. This is all good.

But I think I should sleep it off now, so that we can finish the tree and all sometime tonight.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and love like you don't even know.

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Really awesome weekend. Not surprising, when said weekend starts on Wednesday night and has so incredibly much of spending time with splendid people whom I adore very much, and do not get to hang with as often as I'd like in it.

In the course of this, I saw a really good Sarah McLaughlin concert, learned how to play Texas Hold 'em & flipcup (don't ask), tried tequila shots (no, I didn't actually go to college, why do you ask?), and got some minis painting done in time for Sunday's AE game. Re-wrote chapter 5 of The Story On Which I am Working (tm) and still hated it. Got a fantastic idea from bemoaning this fact to [ profile] shieldhaven, and am some combination of Alas! because I am at work and not writing it, and because I am at work and not sleeping.

Well, to everyone their little cross.

Also-- and this is completely B's fault-- mutually came up with a really wonderful and horrible idea that is going to occupy whatever parts of my brain that are awake all day. My brain ought, however, to be occupied with getting ready for my D&D game on Friday. Because my players might, you know, want to have encounters to go on.

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Had a lovely weekend in PA, hanging out with [ profile] shellefly, [ profile] roughhouser, [ profile] shieldhaven and the Godfang. We played Arkham Horror and You've Been Sentenced, among other things, because there must always be board games, and yes. They had a Bastille day celebration in downtown Media, including a mock storming of the Bastille, and a George Washington actor (you could tell it was him because he was 20 stories tall and made of radiation) making a speech to an actor playing Lafayette, telling him and us all how cool Lafayette is. Which I thought was pretty darn cool, myself. Lafayette is awesome.

Sunday, went to the Tyler Arboretum, made gnome houses, climbed up into a treehouse-airship, made a racket, listened to a bunch of small children arguing metamagic rules, went to a butterfly house, played with the wizard and fairy costumes, and became sundrowsy. After which Houser induced food comas by plying us with corn and steak. Basically just sentient enough to roll to the airport and be carted home; and now here I am at the wukr.

Only trouble? Once again, eyes staying open is not a thing that wants to happen. Eyes want all the sleep.

(Also, [ profile] outlawcoon? Can haz Philly shot glass. :)
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Back from Atlanta,
Weekend with friends--
Bein' geeky;
Jes' chillin.

I am thinking that
I have so many projects
Crowding around my fire right now,
That contemplating them is an exercise
In contemplating grande explosions.

Projects; also Media.

So much so that I apologize,
(rather profusely)
For becoming tongue-tied
When I face down this screen, this entry box,
And try to think of what to put in it.

Defeat, thy name is Activity.
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-Filed state and federal taxes,
-Fullness of dark chocolate, courtesy of [ profile] shieldhaven,
-Tasty Yellow and Blue tea,
-A membership to Wiscon, and time off for it. I now need to see about other time I'd rather like to have off for various and sundry things.

And about hotel reservations, and travel, and yes.

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Back in Ye Olde Carolina Norte after a trip that was really rather a wonderful time, in spite of the Creeping Crud of Unholy Doom, which hopefully delivered its climactic act last night and is now in the dénoument. Hopefully The combination of clean sheets, beef bullion, vicks cold medicine, orange juice and pineapple slices compel thee, chest congestion serves to aid in that direction. Alors.

First day back at work-- actually got some stuff done. Doing laundry and making friends with the couch the now, and allowing my brain to contemplate great expanses of nothing at all.

Watching Trainspotting now, to be followed I think by Cats. The Boys may well enjoy that, to make up for my prolonged absence.
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So, 2009 is over. End of the decade. And don't give me any of that "no year zero" guff-- 2010 = new bloody decade. Just saying. It is over, and it wasn't easy, but y'know, I really liked the way it ended, and the direction in which it has been headed, and I think that if 2010 continues in the current vein, I will be perfectly happy thus!

Now and in specific, at the beginning of 2009 I felt like I had been a kind of busted up and parcelled out thing that had just gotten back ahold of all of its pieces, and hadn't yet the slightest clue what to do with its reconstructed self. To a certain extent, all year, I have edited, modified, and omitted when I have posted here, because... I don't know, because I didn't want to catch anything vaguely resembling hell, real or imagined. Fear is an interesting, powerful, and long-lingering thing. So, what I would like to do this year is not do that. The fear thing, or the self-editing thing. I suppose it makes sense in some ways-- since I have been making only posts that I may as well make all public, and I am far too lazy to do filters. We'll see how that works out.

So, as to how I spent New Year's Eve... )

and finally, yuletide revealism. )

And now... well, the first day of the new decade has been pretty darned good, me coughing myself to sleep notwithsstanding. Hopefully, I shall feel better anon. In the meantime, je vous adore!
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So, I'm in Tampa.

This is because the airline offered a hotel room and vouchers for future travel to anyone who'd take a later flight, which I make it a point to accept if at all possible. Thus, I am here in a hotel bed, enjoying free internet and The Wizard of Oz on TNT, though I think I am going to fall over now, as I've got an 7:30 shuttle and an 8:35 plane.

This is the furthest South I have ever been, geographically! Culturally, I'd have to say that would be Richmond, VA, thusfar.

Saw Sherlock Holmes with the parents before the flight, And I'm going to cut for probable spoilers and ranting now, though honestly it was fun and overblown candy, if only... )

I miss the parents already. I had a lovely stay with them, althouh they both came down with the plague. Largely, this meant that mother could not exhaust everyone with Numerous Festive Events, and thus went a little stir crazy, but in a mild sort of way. Dad enjoyed the books that I gave him and finished the longer of them, and we had a lot of really excellent conversation on that and myriad other topics, which we don't get to do nearly enough. And Mother and I got to play a little dress-up, at least, which is not uncommon. She got a necklace from her favorite store (now my new favorite place for certain LARP garb), and gave me a really beautiful necklace as well. And both of them enjoyed the first two seasons of Fame, which was my other present to them, and which we spent much of yesterday watching. All in all, a very relaxing and pleasant trip.

Did I not mention falling over, somewhere above? Right right. Now that I have finished reading my current book (The Winter King, by Bernard Cornwell) I shall see to that immediately.

Bon nuit!
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This is a brief missive to tell you all, I shall tell you all,
That I am in Fernandina Beach, FL, for the next week.
Having surprised the Father with my arrival, as Mother had let him think
I was not arriving until next week
(Wednesday, to be precise)--
I shall remain through until the weekend next.
In the meantime,
I ache for sleep,
And now I shall have it.

Goodnight to all of you what are not Prince Hamlet,
Nor meant to be.
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This is Jacksonville Airport, and I am waiting again.

I have said so before I think, but it occurs to me frequently when I am in such places as this one how interesting, how fascinating it would be to enter the airport and not to be waiting, but to /be/ at the airport, until one wished to find another and go there instead. To see how long one could go before passing out of security, to sample all the tourist wares of the traveling class and record it all, bouncing from place to place to place but not really ever in those places; for one is Only In The Airport.

My parents saw me off with a glass of wine from the restaurant outside of the security gate, and it won't be too long before I am back here again, then back on the island. It never feels like I am here long enough. We didn't even get to have a proper evening at O'Kane's.

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From a couple of people; I was simply far too amused by the results not to post:

In 2009, caudelac resolves to...
Learn to play the opera.
Connect with my inner glam.
Find a new decadence.
Get back in contact with some old dark corners.
Take xxgeek cockfighting.
Overcome my secret fear of seamstresses.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Today, my intention is detox. As it is sunny, that means schlepping the two or three blocks down to the beach. MMM, beach.
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I finally made it to Florida sometime around 1:45 today, due to a number of delays and the like. This was all right, as I was quite shortly plied with food, malbec, pinot grigio and port. I am now very happy and ensconced in an extremely comfortable bed, and looking forward to this pirate parade thing tomorrow.

Provided that I get some sleep, and that I stop sneezing. Frecking sinus allergies.

Also, grandma's new husband is very, very cool. Pretty much as cool as he seemed on facebook. This pleases me. His sense of humor is such that he fits right in with the rest of the family. :D
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So... the weekend, the wedding. The wonderful.

The meeting of [ profile] xhollydayx and [ profile] cynic51, who allowed [ profile] yagathai and I to crash at their domi.

The kidnapping of the [ profile] yuki_onna and while [ profile] tithenai and I had cool falcon (her) and luchadore snidley whiplash (me) makes-up done by [ profile] s00j, and we all ( [ profile] regyt, [ profile] rosefox, [ profile] roomette, [ profile] pretendpeterpan and [ profile] xhollydayx wore twirly mustaches and cackled and did the ulalations taught by the unbelievable [ profile] tithenai.

The subsequent party at [ profile] theferrett and [ profile] zoethe's, where [ profile] justbeast arrived in the company of numerous gents (including [ profile] yagathai and [ profile] scathedobsidian and [ profile] kylecassidy took many pics, and, and... zomg my lj user tag brain is broked) and won back his bride, and yes. [ profile] tithenai and [ profile] stealthcello played 'The Girl and Her Tales' in prep for the processional and I still owe them a dance to it.

[ profile] hps_sterling contributed to the festivities in marvelous ways. There was magic card g33k with [ profile] theferrett and Miriam Makeba g33k with [ profile] bec76, and queerness g33k with [ profile] puckathon, who rocks a tux like no other, by the by. And the wedding itself! So many of the people linked here have described it so much better than I, but anything that involves so much love, vodka, pickled herring and dancing, where the dancing begins with Welcome to the Muppet Show Tonight and ends with the Manuhm Manuhm song, where Gogol Bordello's Start Wearing Purple kills the sound system, where I get to waltz with Her [ profile] tithenai-ness and swing with Bridetastic [ profile] yuki_onna and with the exquisite [ profile] roomette (who I have known online since frigging diaryland, and who lives in [ profile] experimentart's neck of the woods and y'all should hang out), where I got to watch [ profile] s00j and [ profile] omnisti dance together, which is a flat-out celebration of joy. And, and, and... well and. So much and.

I have pictures that I have to upload going back from before October, and I need to upload them. Somewhere around 7 or 8 Sunday evening, my brain short circuited from Awesome, my head screamed A Pomba Gira! And trying to recall everything threatens to do it again.

All I know is that I am blessed as bacon that I have gotten to go to two most beautiful, delightful, shiny, love-filled and flam-tastic weddings ever to happen in the world within a month of each other. Guh.

(also, [ profile] shellefly! Guess whose cutlass was used to cut the wedding cake!? :D )

ps-- I am looking forward to WisCon, as I have SO MANY REASONS to go next year!
pps-- title of post is the line that started in my head sometime Saturday evening, and still aten't quit.
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To North Carolina I have returned!

Numerous awesome people to f*list are added!

Lovely and amazing bubblebath taken! Seriously, I nearly passed on this apt because I thought the bathtub was too small. That would have been a grevious error. It is an amazingly comfortable tub and looks gorgeous when one is bathing in it, and the water is all bubbly.

Felines are happy I am home, and are informing me that it is time for sleep.

It is early for sleep, but somehow sitting for 4-ish hours in an airport is muy exhausting. I fail to comprehend exactly how.

Love love love.

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