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Beltane party at friends' house last night, which was blast. Meg didn't come though, and I didn't keep my phone on me and lost track of time, so there was some badness once I realised how late it was and how many times she'd tried to call me, mais alors. Feel quite poorly over how worried she was. Still had a pretty good time. See how stuff goes.

Attempting to finish knitting project, hating double-pointed needles, Fallout 3 being all seductive over there. Small Kainthing being a fuzzy pillow behind shoulder.

Absinthe is much better when you don't have to smell it the next morning.
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So, Easter.

So, movies and snuggles.

So good.
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I want to do the long post of all the My Trip To CA followed by illness and such, but also, I don't. I'll probably do it soonish though. It's been a week, after all.

Last night had [ profile] stauffenberg and [ profile] alliesutherland over for fuudstuffs, as prepared by [ profile] vaukosigan, who produced an amazing spread of overwhelming deliciosity.

I want to go back to sleep. I feel beaten over my head by dreamtime.
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So [ profile] vaukosigan is in KY for the next several days, visiting folx and helping her mom with art show things.

So I am struggling to finish my entries for Clarion and Clarion West.

The way that wukr is owning my soul, I dunno if I'll be able to go, but... well yes. Applying is a good idea anyway.

But I had a raspberry Cocotte last night, which sounds a lot dirtier than it is, and all will be well in the due course of time. This I swear by the...

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In the context of a conversation about the Napoleonic wars and Why Invading Britan is a useless thing and about how the British had very little interest in anything except how to make more money and expanding to-wards that purpose. Heavily paraphrased.

[ profile] vaukosigan:All the British are interested in is commerce anyway, Napoleon could have had his peace if he'd just made the right deal and paid off the right people. Don't try to /invade/ the British, no one's ever managed it for a reason.

Me: Except the Romans.

[ profile] vaukosigan: At which time there was about a handful of tribes and a hut.

Me: Oh right... Picts with pointy sticks. True.

[ profile] vaukosigan: They didn't even have boats then.

Me: And if you give a mouse a Boat...

[ profile] vaukosigan: Give a mouse a boat and a copy of 'The Wealth of Nations'...

(At about that point, I ded of laughter and Admiral Nelson.)

Also, watched Meet John Doe tonight, wanting to follow up the Ty Power with some Gary Cooper. A truly awesome movie, esp. considering it was made in 1941.
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(For ye service pack update to Other Computers.)

Memeity memeity, most recently from [ profile] linaerys:

If you could force me to write anything, what would it be?

Speaking of writing. I should do more of that. [ profile] yuletide helps every year, mais still. Funz.

The Other has the Doom that I had last week. :(
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Fever. Sore throat. Failday.

[ profile] vaukosigan is being sweet and making soup and brought medicines for a rabbit. Hoping she doesn't get sick too. Sigh.

And them's the news.
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Going out to Sac next Friday, for Grandpa's funeral. Both my parents will be there, so hopefully will get to go and see my Grandpa Beatty too, as I know that mom will want to do that.

In the meantime, having a very relaxing visit here in KY-- [ profile] vaukosigan's parents are awesome, and we got to hang out with [ profile] stauffenberg and [ profile] alliesutherland last night, which is always a good time. Today-- Lexington for fun and profit.

Also, got my present from the Other early-- an asus eeepc, which is marvy since I am travelling next week, and also the cord on my laptop is about dead. Also, it is exactly the machine I wanted, and it fits snugly in my messenger bag. I feel like Penny from Inspector Gadget with her computer book.

Now, to the showers with me.
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We were gonna go out and do 4th of July sparklers, but the sky decided to erupt in thunders and lightnings! Whee!!!

So instead, it was laptop unplugging and perhaps snuggles with teh Other.

And then all the lights went out! Which would have been awesome, but that meant also no air conditioning.

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It is June!

June has the distinct advantage of not being May, although june does bring with it its own set pf problems. In the south, the first of these is blistering, nigh unbearable heat. This being one of the times where living in a third floor apartment is not such a greatness. The window unit set on 75 feels like an arctic breeze.

It looks like [ profile] marshalmeg shall remain in Norway for another month, which is good for finances but sad for me. But fabulous trips no longer being financially feasible, well-- anyone who likes sweltering weather and the suchlike is welcome to pop round for a visit, of course.

The felines are sprawled as much in the path of the window unit as possible: this is an example of smartness, says I.
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So yesterday we put [ profile] marshalmeg on a plane for the Nordic bits of Europe, for six weeks of wukr-day fun and games. It's still a bit bizarre to think about... I'm not certain the cats have entirely processed this information... as, though I left open the door to the bedroom, I'm fair certain that Auden spent the night sprawled in front of the front door expectantly, from the confused expression on his face when I got up. Alors.

Anyway, after the airport, we picked up [ profile] despersan from yon Cary hotel and showed her all the exciting sights of Durham (both of them *rimshot*)-- that is to say, much catching up about peoples from high school and playing scrabble, which was all of an excellent and good. In spite of the fact that I got my scrabble-playing ass totally handed to me. Alas out of practice.

And now to-day, I am catching up on the couple of days I took off from work with a longshift now, and a regular either tomorrow or Sunday... hopefully Sunday, as I have to come to CH anyway for a Scrap Exchange event, and I don't want to even get started on the price of gas.


I also took [ profile] despersan into Chapel Hill (and found hilarious swastika-comix book, "We have Ways of Making You Laugh", which I shall properly link at some time which is not full of lazy and wukr), and gas was $3.48 when we went in-- and like, $3.61 when we left, 2 hours later.

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Well, it looks like of those who responded to yon political rants poll, pretty much everyone who wanted a filter wanted to be on it, and the majority of y'all said I should make such posts public. So I'm figuring I'll largely post public, and just-- durr-- cut the damn things. Because really long, multi-page things uncut on the f*list annoys the crap out of me, myownself.

And if that winds up not really working, then i'll just post the rss feed to a blogspot blog for the purpose. Oddly enough, I feel like one must be even more polished over there than here. Like... I dunno, magazine article quality, if one is making politikkks rants. Except the dead nazi blog. But not even the dead nazi takes hirself too seriously. :D

Further, it looks like [ profile] marshalmeg's passport woes (there were some of those, which is the nature of all things involvint gov't and paperwork) are smoothed, and said Other will be leaving on Thursday, the 24th.

Anyway, I don't want to say anything about politics just this moment. There's a primary going on, for pete's sake. And by pete, I mean Saltpeter. Um. Yeah. Also, is cool.
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Too much to post.

In the past few weeks I have: lost my license, angsted, got my license back, wurked, visited PhilaDel, gave many Happy Natals to [ profile] shellefly, hung out with her and Frida Khalo and [ profile] roughhouser and the fabulous Fang, came back, and had nuzzles.

Who knows what the future will hold?

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Good morrow, and happy after quasi-secular snogging holy-day.

I hope you had many snuggles.

Me? I got Utterly Surprised by kamikaze mp3 players for a gift. Rhapsody is a funtoy. Yesterday would have been better without all that wukr.

Don't want to laundry, but must. It is a necessity, like not falling of cliffs.

My Other Half is the lovliest.

You are all lovely too.

Have a delicious day!
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Tonight we drink mead and watch Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn, and Conan the Barbarian.

It is a good night.
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Fade in on [ profile] caudelac, obsessively reading articles about Mitt Romney's speech about his Mormonism, and coming across a comparison of his speech with JFK's.

[ profile] caudelac: you know, if you just struck out the first line about communism, everything in JFK's speech could be equally applied today! Children are still starving in West Virginia, old people still can't afford to pay for their medicines, families are still forced to give up their farms, there are still too many slums, too few schools and our space program is still sucking.
[ profile] marshalmeg: This is why I don't argue no mo'. I'm gonna play my video game. *plays DS* At least video games bring entertainment and joy to all.
[ profile] caudelac: My dear, I think the best thing you could do for America is to keep making video games.
[ profile] marshalmeg: I like to consider myself a great humanitarian.

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I love my parents.

I love my other half.

Tonight I love them both so much I can hardly stand it!

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Those who know me well enough and in a geeky enough way know that I am, if I am any star wars character, very much a Han Solo. Okay, maybe an Obi Wan, but really hard-core a Han Solo.
Who the hell would EVER have thought I'd have wound up with a Luke Skywalker!?
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[ profile] marshalmeg's birthdays seem to be cursed.

I should not troll the bioshock forums on gamespot.

I am about to go pick the Other up from wukr. I will also drop by the grocery store. My list consists of:

AA Batteries.

We're cool.
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So now that I'm utterly addicted to the video games, it is only fair that [ profile] marshalmeg is utterly glued to the copy of 'V for Vendetta' I got her today.

Love is sharing your vices.

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