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I have a sore throat, and a nasty headache, and an appointment for a GI specialist to deal with the fact that my guts have gotten so bad, I can't enjoy sweet tea or tomato soup-- which is, of course, an untenable situation.

All that said? Life is pretty good.

Oh, I'm sure I'll have a bunch of stuff to bitch about soonest. But it is important to record the times when, in spite of whatever obnoxious shenanigans one may endure, the ride is still super sweet.
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Writing writing writing writing writing.
Cultures cultures cultures cultures cultures.
Writing writing writing writing writing.
Bum Bum BUMP!
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Driving home always makes me sleepy.

Gonna go to dinner now.

Yes, this is all I have to say, just at the moment.
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Lately, Livejournal has been mostly me reading things, because saying things seems like much in the way of effort, unless I am saying them about games, which I've been trying to do at least once a week.

This weekend, up to Baltimore for some friends' Beltane party, so that should be pretty awesome. Other than that...

Well, here's to getting through. Some of the Wukr stress is Less. That's good.

Most of the Rabbit is vague, and that just is how it is.
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Stupid shit going screwy at wukr means being in obscenely early. Which is better than having to go in at 9 last night. I shouldn't be so outraged. But weariness makes me outraged. Oh well. I have cranberry juice.

World Event this last weekend was so awesome. It had little christmas lights of awesome all over it. Which is to say that it was super sweet for a Very First One-Day.

Next one is 28 May. Three cheers for Memorial Day Weekends! This means no SCARABFest and no Wiscon, but that's all right. Dust to Dust is fight.

Also, poor LJ. DDoS attacks are not fight.
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Someone just changed my Engineer's desktop image to a hearts and rainbows pic of Justin Beiber.

Their commentary, "Does [the Engineer] always leave his computer unlocked when he leaves his desk?"

This is actually a clue to the identity of the culprit, if you work in any sort of software/internet company.

No, it wasn't me. I am not so fearless or suicidal as the sort of person who would attempt such a thing.
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So many unpacked boxes.

So much html.

So much wukr training course.

I feel very much like whining, but cannot decide on what to whine about.

Tea, maybe.

I could whine about tea. Though that's not very nice to the tea, which likes me well, I think.

Yes, tea, before I am compelled to unpack more. My hatred of cardboard has nearly achieved its bloody vengeance.
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Things I should do one day: get a new prescription for an ADD med.

Things that are just great no matter what: Arlo Guthrie singing Alice's Restaurant on my Pandora station.
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So, back at wukr today. Still, one of the similarities between working at home and working at wukr is the sheer amount of crap (or classic, whichever) netflix instant movies I wind up consuming. Yesterday's fare being Time Bandits, which I need to watch again because I kept getting distracted, and 2012. And here you learn one of my guilty secrets-- I am a sucker for Disaster movies.

Dunno what it is-- the tension, the resource scarcity, the chance to see people finding sudden and clever ways to survive when their normal tools are taken from them-- something like those. I suspect it's the same thing that made me love Island of the Blue Dolphins, Julie of the Wolves, My Side of the Mountain, The Swiss Family Robinson and the first book of The Boxcar Children when I was younger. Alors.

Let's put aside the completely shitty science for a sec, because really, you've got to. The science isn't the festive part of this film, which really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Now admittedly, I was expecting Armageddon or Volcano levels of awful. And really, when it comes to disaster movies, you can expect the same CGI explosions and terrain destruction, with varying levels of technical acumen, no matter what. The good stuff is in the ancillary goodies. And it's here that 2012 kind of rocks. (And yes, the stuff below the cut is ALL SPOILERS ALL THE TIME. You have been warned.)

What life lessons, for example, can we glean from this hollywood blockbuster? )

So anyway, about [ profile] yuletide. This year, I am actually happier with all of the reading I have done than what I wrote, and I didn't do any yuletide madness. Oh well.

I will belatedly link my own gift story, The Point of Keys, which is really splendid Mirrormask Genfic, done with completely original characters, set in the world. My prompt was what a "normal" day in the mask world was like, and this is what I got. Also, check out her photoshop art for it, which I liked very much, and gives a lovely image of the protagonist. My yuletide Santa is awesome, and I am delighted.

I am disinclined to do recs, considering the absolute flood of them on the community, but I will say that I've read some simply wonderful fics this year, and I'm way stunned by the quality.

And now, I should actually do some work, hien?

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Taking yon Love Language testthings this morning, side-long through [ profile] shadesong.

For posterity and whatnot. )

So also, according to the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid, I am a 4-- Predominantly Homosexual, More than Incidentally Heterosexual.

I love this phrasing for so many reasons.
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So, the common theme in pretty much everything I've seen online today has been the following... I hesitate to call it dialogue:

Thing 1: *Gratuitous, inflammatory, unsupported claim*

Thing 2: Hey, that's a Gratuitous, Inflammatory, and Unsupported claim, and besides it's bullshit and I believe the opposite. References plz!

Thing 1: *ReferenceReferenceReference*

Thing 2: Your references are bullshit and I still don't believe you.

Thing 1: Oh yeah!? Well, reference yourself!

Thing 2: *ReferenceReferenceReference*

Thing 1: Your references are bullshit and I still don't believe you.

This same diatribe, in some varying permutations, has been singular on a wide variety of topics to-day. It'd be funny if it weren't kind of fucking tragic.

So whatever. On a completely different note, this is what The front seat of Rabbit's Car looked like on the way to work this morning:

Why? Because the Black Company is awesome, that's why. And because I am enjoying taking pictures with my phone. I r picture takin' fool.
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The last two weeks can choke on a bag of dicks.

The last two weekends, on the other hand, have been lovely.

Went to a wedding in the ATL, which was super cool, and got to do some excellent hanging out and Dust to Dust plotty stuff.

Some traditions were upheld. As in, if I stand for the bouquet, I am going to bloody catch that fucker. 6 in a row now. Heh. Yes, I lunged for it, but only coz it would have fallen short and hit the ground otherwise. We were a bit huddled back there.

Kermit's aim with the garter, however, was something to behold. How it rocketed through to the back to nail B in the chest like a certain dehydrate packet at the last King's Gate I'll never know. Heh.

I rather wish that my hoodie were not... unfortunately soiled, so that I were not shivering in this ice-box of an office.

Being somewhat allergic to coffee (apparently that is the term for my intolerance), I am hoping that this hot chocolate will wake me up. Hasn't worked yet. Mebbe another cup.

Yeah, that's the ticket.
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Has photo meme. Is actually from yesterday, as am using the camera on my phone, and sending to teh emailz takes forever.

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So, Rob Brenzy, in his infinite wisdom, has suggested that those of us answering to the Sign of Virgo take a Vacation from Having Opinions this week. That being relaxed and groovy is more important than Holding Forth or Pontificating on any one of the tons of topics about which one could, can, or would otherwise be inclined to do so. Be said topics political, personal, familial, religious, or whatnot. I, myself, am tempted to agree. It's an interesting idea.

It also makes it a very bad week to have started a gaming blog (on Advice), but there you go. So far it's mostly re-posts of 4e stuff from this LJ, but yeah. So so.

Let's see how this goes.

I still reserve the right to have Certain Opinions if it proves that the reason my car won't start is /not/ the battery, but some other Doom.

And also to be happy about the fact that they've gone and put Zombieland and Up on Netflix Instant, so I can go ahead and finally see the one, and re-enjoy the other.
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I got rather a lot of writing done today, and cleaning too.

The writing being a little different from the norm for me, as I get to be on the Campaign Committee for the Dust to Dust LARP, which makes me very happy.

That said, I am up to chapter 15 in That Long Story, and partway into 16, and I need to update the setting log from my D&D game last Friday, and the Chessenta game Monday was /really/ good-- it is not easy to run my Shaman just clean out of healing, and Eclipse this weekend, and, and...

And whew, but that's a run on.

And I should sleep now.
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I had a really amazing day today.

Boy is amazing. Game and Gamer Girls are amazing. Lady Grace is amazing. Dancing at the Pinhook is amazing. The Whole World... well, you get the idea.

I...really have nothing else to say. There are things that could be better for me. There are so, so many things that could be worse. But right now, right this moment, I am feelin' good.

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Last night was Chessenta, which was awesome, if full of snakes. I mean, there was a temple. To the Snake God. And it was full of snakes. And Draconians. Which might be bullshit. And Salt-Pillars full of poison gas, which are definitely bullshit, but that wasn't actually their fault. That was the rogue's fault. And the fault of some magic gem-lasers.

Also, Big, Powerful, Disguised Red Dragons are apparently prejudiced against Plant People. Or maybe Shamans. Or maybe Shamans in creepy Shaman masks who are also plant people.

Err... anyway.

Apart from that, my wireless router decided to behave in all ways contrary to a wireless router last night, having all the lights on, but nothing doing. A very unnatural sort of all lights on. I am befuddled, and well... just plugged the modem directly into the computer, which was annoying, but I wanted to see the piccys from the DtD shoot! And they are loverly.

And now, Time To Focus.
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So one morning the Rabbit woke from uneasy dreams to find that she had become a giant power gamer. Unlike Mr. Samsa, however, she is not of the opinion that power gaming-- and here I am speaking specifically of tabletop gaming, and more specifically of D&D 4e-- is not the vile cockroach of play, incompatible with Good, Proper RP. In 4e, it's actually very much the opposite, that I have found. And I further have come to suggest a theory, which has a lot to do with why, I think, that 4e turns some players so completely off.

And this is the part where I'm pretty sure I'll get long-winded. )

So, I am running the first session of my game tomorrow, and considering what encounters are going to be like and all. This'll be very different from any game I have ever run or played at this point, but I don't think in a bad way. This one will be very rp oriented from the outset, and I have never seen 4e run as a straight dungeon crawl before, so that'll be fun! There's a lot of stuff from my old setup that just doesn't convert-- rods & wands are implements, not Things What Contain A Spell, and while there are some that give a specific power bonuses, the ones I've got won't work quite for that... but oddly enough, some of the 4e item rules make my old items a lot cooler than they were before.

But that's a topic for not right now.
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This weekend was Planescape, which was really awesome-- I feel like I am finally getting a handle on playing a Psion, and the whole power points mechanic. On which I should really post soon, because it /is/ odd, and I don't think a lot of people have much of a handle on it. Though I adore psionic source characters as a matter of course.

The plan this week is to edit the magic items and terrain features of my Dungeon for the new campaign (I don't really like any of the names that spring to mind for the game itself), finish up custom background feats and Pantheon details, /maybe/ look at more possibilities for the Dawning Star Campaign (The Truth in Yellow, or To Catch the Conscience of the King), and get a chapter or two more done of the Heap Big Thing I am writing. Now, that one is probably going to wind up being called the Thousand Thousand Kingdoms, but I dunno.

If one has suggestions for names for a story about a little girl who can get to various magical kingdoms by going outside and screaming, I might be interested to hear them!

Now, I am looking forward to the frontline with which I have assaulted the kittehs having killed off the evil flea creatures, and my apt being a much more tolerable place. Also, I am looking forward to Eberron tomorrow.

And maybe also a nap.

Mmmm... nap.
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It's a good thing to say when one is terribly happy, by way of expressing gratitude to teh Universe for, in spite of this or that which is annoying or frustrating, being forthcoming with the awesome and the yay.

And that is how I feel today.

And this evening, there will be PHILLY!


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