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...So that old man's cross with me, I imagine.

I have numerous things to write.
I am leaving my job and starting a new one when the year begins, because damned if I'll sit about feeling like... well, the Very Useful Wrench in a drawer where folks are fumbling about looking for exactly said Wrench, but don't actually know what it looks like, so never use it properly.
And I ought to order gifts for my parentals. The family kids all have their gifts bought, I just have to send them.

And for some reason, my headvoice is terribly overformal right now. Perhaps because we watched the King's Speech last night, and LORD, the royal accent is appalling.

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I shoulda counted chapters in my 'things finished' count, is all.
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I wrote today. Didn't finish anything, but I wrote. Made some progress on research for a story where Europe was too busy dealing with too many Giants to become colonists, and so the African Empires were the first to cross the Atlantic, and intermingled with the native Americans.

Also flailed. Flailing is a thing. The problem with having so many projects to finish is that determining priority is hard, frustrating, and makes me want to cry. Ah well.

I shall gnaw on forward, through, and yes.
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I finished a King in Yellow story for an anthology, and now I am failing utterly at boiling red and blue pigments, so I can make glair paints and egg tempura later. Yesterday, we went to the Ren Faire in Charlotte, and procured many hats. B wrote a good deal on his own story for the same Anthology (which is quite good), beat Arkham City, and is playing the New Game Plus. Arkham City is super awesome, much like its predecessor, though really quite hard, from watching.

Finishing stories is nearly as terrible as not finishing them. I am elated when they're done, but unless they're part of some bigger, ongoing thing, I feel terribly... emptied. Like anything else is impossible, and I'll never have any ideas again. Silly, but the way it goes. Feh.

Nu, I have a beer and a quarter of pomegranate. It's been a very good weekend. I still haven't decided if I am going to do [ profile] yuletide or not. After last year, I may well be done with it and fanfic for good.

Well, we'll see, won't we!
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Writing writing writing writing writing.
Cultures cultures cultures cultures cultures.
Writing writing writing writing writing.
Bum Bum BUMP!
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I got my first pro story acceptance: My story The Tiger Hunt will be appearing in Apex Magazine.

This little internet is not big enough to contain my trembling glee!

Special love for [ profile] shellefly and [ profile] unnaturale, who loved it first, when it was a baby, to [ profile] shieldhaven for helping me refine it into something awesome, and to [ profile] yuki_onna, for liking enough to say yes.

And well... Hee!!!

Now, back to DtD culture packets, and Other Obligations.
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In case you were wondering what I've been up to recently that I have been so lax in yammering on with various yammers, this is it.

That is to say, the Dust to Dust website and rulebook are finally live. I don't care who you are or where you live, but you should Go and See.

A full and formal post of joy is here, at [ profile] shieldhaven's gaming blog. Discussion is on the Red Button Forums.

B and I were up till 3am last night, working on stuff, and I suspect [ profile] colinmcl was too. Still more to add, because html is hateml. Bugs for me are karmic retribution. My fail this morning was so profound, that I forgot my wallet and keycard, and neglected to take a shower. Fortunately, my ability to interact with humans without ripping their throats out with my teeth has been restored courtesy of the Most Excellent B, who took me out to Little Tokyo for sushi lunch of Restoring Sanity. Helps!

But rejoice with me, for this is possibly the most awesome thing I have ever been involved in.
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I can't seem to work up a good misery right now, during this, yet another stretch of unemployment. No matter how I try, wanting to get it out, I find that I'm too damn busy, or something else cool happens. Everytime I start, I wind up either typing words into The Novellything, or cleaning, or mini painting, or more Python, or finding something ok to apply for, or whatever. Go figure.

I think it is that, ultimately, my life is pretty good. I have Winningest Boyfriend what ever Won at Boyfriend, and lots of games, and LARP and DragonCon coming up, and friends to hang with, and this Work in Progress that I am still working on in spite of unemployment, which is traditionally awful for writing. There is still some apt-stress and feline stress, but still. Also, there is my BEST SOPHIA EVER, who sent me wonderful goodies that arrived in the mail just a little bit ago, and dear lord do I need to get to the post office and send her the package that's been in my car for /months/ at this point and needs to be sent to her, even without the Long and Meaningful Letter I've wanted to include. Cozya. I r lamestest.

Though I have discovered that writing works best late at night, when I'm mostly exhausted, after having sobered up from drinking. Then I can usually get past wherever I was stuck, for some odd reason. The only problem with it is that I can't last very long before my eyes won't stay open and I am accidentally hitting all the keys at once.

So, um, awkward, but I am wanting to think of best way to offer Le Story up for Reading to People What Might Be Interested. I dunno. I sort of warble. Feedback, I need it, but... well yeah. So. Also, I wish I could be content with a name for the damn thing.

But nu, I have this bathroom that is beckoning me to come and assault it with cleaning supplies and sponges, and I cannot resist its sudsy siren call.
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Really awesome weekend. Not surprising, when said weekend starts on Wednesday night and has so incredibly much of spending time with splendid people whom I adore very much, and do not get to hang with as often as I'd like in it.

In the course of this, I saw a really good Sarah McLaughlin concert, learned how to play Texas Hold 'em & flipcup (don't ask), tried tequila shots (no, I didn't actually go to college, why do you ask?), and got some minis painting done in time for Sunday's AE game. Re-wrote chapter 5 of The Story On Which I am Working (tm) and still hated it. Got a fantastic idea from bemoaning this fact to [ profile] shieldhaven, and am some combination of Alas! because I am at work and not writing it, and because I am at work and not sleeping.

Well, to everyone their little cross.

Also-- and this is completely B's fault-- mutually came up with a really wonderful and horrible idea that is going to occupy whatever parts of my brain that are awake all day. My brain ought, however, to be occupied with getting ready for my D&D game on Friday. Because my players might, you know, want to have encounters to go on.

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This weekend was Planescape, which was really awesome-- I feel like I am finally getting a handle on playing a Psion, and the whole power points mechanic. On which I should really post soon, because it /is/ odd, and I don't think a lot of people have much of a handle on it. Though I adore psionic source characters as a matter of course.

The plan this week is to edit the magic items and terrain features of my Dungeon for the new campaign (I don't really like any of the names that spring to mind for the game itself), finish up custom background feats and Pantheon details, /maybe/ look at more possibilities for the Dawning Star Campaign (The Truth in Yellow, or To Catch the Conscience of the King), and get a chapter or two more done of the Heap Big Thing I am writing. Now, that one is probably going to wind up being called the Thousand Thousand Kingdoms, but I dunno.

If one has suggestions for names for a story about a little girl who can get to various magical kingdoms by going outside and screaming, I might be interested to hear them!

Now, I am looking forward to the frontline with which I have assaulted the kittehs having killed off the evil flea creatures, and my apt being a much more tolerable place. Also, I am looking forward to Eberron tomorrow.

And maybe also a nap.

Mmmm... nap.
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I write like
Rudyard Kipling

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

As the Just So Stories are a huge part of my literary background, I am really very okay with this. I found it interesting to put the first 10 chapters of the (um... book?) I am working on into this thing, and see what writer each separate chapter is like. So far, Vonnegut, Lewis Carrol, and J.K. Rowling are about tied. Hrm.

ETA: Apparently the chapter I just finished is like James Joyce. WHAT I DON'T EVEN.
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I have Accomplished Much!

Artz & Audio are sent. Article needs more work, but that's par for the course. I have more research to do. Brain assaulting me with way too many additional projects to work on, which, if nothing else, is far better than sitting about like a dribbling idiot devoid of inspiration, motivation, or will.

As has been the satus quo for longer than I care to recall.

Oh yes... I beat Bioshock 2 the other night, which was really excellent. I think the philosophy's a bit off and nowhere near as keen as in the first game, but the ending sequences were much better, and there's some remarkable and awesome stuff therein. The gameplay is like the first game, only you have so much more versatility in setting things up, that defending the little sisters from oncoming splicers is actually kind of fun, instead of brutally obnoxious. It really is the first game, just made better. I approve. As I may have mentioned, the only flaw is that it needs a little Sander Cohen. Okay, a LOT of Sander Cohen. The lack of Sander Cohen makes me terribly, terribly sad. Le sigh.

Now back to Reading 'Game of Thrones', esp since I'm playing in a Song of Ice and Fire Game these days.
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It is March. Marchons, marchons. It is, in fact, the day on which the Tower begins in the revised version, and I musn't keep it waiting. The weekend
had some lovely and relaxing bits, all undone by workday stress, alas. I should have Towers and a Bath.

Except that I have all these tasks to accomplish, some of which become pumpkins by midnight.

So, so what have I done?

--Completed a phone interview for a Sekkrit Projectthing!

--Aquired a scannably-sized copy of Artz for [ profile] omikuji_project.

--Downloaded audacity to do a reading for same. Many thanks to Old Man [ profile] technoir for the loan of a high quality microphone.

Now to kick the cats out to another room so that their various prowling noises do not encroach on my recording!

And after this: that bath.

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Back from Atlanta,
Weekend with friends--
Bein' geeky;
Jes' chillin.

I am thinking that
I have so many projects
Crowding around my fire right now,
That contemplating them is an exercise
In contemplating grande explosions.

Projects; also Media.

So much so that I apologize,
(rather profusely)
For becoming tongue-tied
When I face down this screen, this entry box,
And try to think of what to put in it.

Defeat, thy name is Activity.
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I got my [ profile] yuletide story done and in a good half hour before deadline, and at double the required wordcount!

This is a great goodness.

Now there is seared tuna.

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I think I could sleep for a week, and it would not be enough.

Words not being all stranger-y these days. Rather familiar and good and yes. I like this. I like this and I like rock band and I am actually really enjoying that Chuck show and re-enjoying season two of Buffy.

This is the brief litany of things which are good and pleasing, and also my this blanket I've got myself wrapped up in in my office chair is so very comfy. And yes.

Work conversations of note:

"So you're going to fight him to the death?"

"Yes. As long as they play the music from that one episode of Star Trek, where Kirk and Spock fight."

"You mean the one where Spock's in Pon Farr?"



Rilke, Steven Brust, Patricia Highsmith-- you my only friends.
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Against all expectation, I seem to have actually started a story.

A long and involved story, of more currency than a single scene. Enough of a story that it seems worth it to post about it... perhaps more for accountability reasons, than anything else.

Anyway, It's been a long time since I've woken up and continued writing. It's rather a nice feeling. Rather.
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French romantic comedy, knitting.

By bedtime, I ought to have a stocking cap. Keep all the dream-things proper in my head. What was it the man said? Lock-safe in here. Comme Ole Luckoie, the sleepy dustman. C'est bon.

Now... transformers, perhaps, while I finish.
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Yesterday was, quite decidedly.

Chance of finishing [ profile] scarletstring hat: 60%
Chance of skateboard practice (barring rain): 55% (also assuming can find decent venue for same. Prolly down by the farmer's market space, since all the church parking lots will be packed).
Chance of other random projects: infinite!

Went skating with a friend and co-worker yesterday, had a very cathartic chat with [ profile] technoir, a mostly star-trekky g33k chat with [ profile] andeklu, and got too visit with [ profile] ghettonqueen, teh Harris and Teh Munch-bebe (!!!) in the evening! Much painting, and also Bull McCabe for the win. Their music selection for the evening rocked.

Talked more with [ profile] vaukosigan, and things seem pretty darned cool. Hoping to get a bed real soon, so they can get off of the couch. Among other things, they're taking this opportunity to truly focus on transitioning, which I think is an excellent move. Male pronouns going forward, belike.

And for the rest, we'll see what happens!
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Beltane party at friends' house last night, which was blast. Meg didn't come though, and I didn't keep my phone on me and lost track of time, so there was some badness once I realised how late it was and how many times she'd tried to call me, mais alors. Feel quite poorly over how worried she was. Still had a pretty good time. See how stuff goes.

Attempting to finish knitting project, hating double-pointed needles, Fallout 3 being all seductive over there. Small Kainthing being a fuzzy pillow behind shoulder.

Absinthe is much better when you don't have to smell it the next morning.

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