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It is markedly different from 29. And a world away from 28.

Funny how, although all through one's teenage years one did not expect to be the same person that one was two years ago, it is surprising to be a different person now. Not in every way, but in a lot of them. I am no longer hyper-metabolism-chick; my body... feels different than it did. It is thicker and slower, and hurts more. Though the thick and slow are not so bad. I can always do without pain.

And we've passed the Dust-to-Dust First Event Singularity. Plus le change...

...Plus le travailler.
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This is Taliesin. He is very shiny.

I will be driving him to Atlanta for the second time, this evening. His mighty Prius-ness gets rather splendid milage-- about 400 miles to the $35 tank, or a little more. Oddly, better on the highway than in-town. Anyway, B and I are going down for B's birthday. There will be 6 Flags and boozin' at the Bookhouse Pub.

The Virgin Islands and C&D's wedding were awesome. I found the best pub ever, even though there was no foul language allowed there. It didn't matter. The drinks were so good. Wild Spirit. I need a bottle. 105 proof, and somehow delicious.

Today, Rabbit is... mellow. That's okay. I like it.

I'll catch you cats on the flipside.
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Today I am:

-Back from Dragon*Con.

Not necessarily in that order.

I really suck at write-ups, so I will tell you now that the Con was really fun, that I had a great time hanging out with the peoples and meeting a bunch of really awesome folks, that [ profile] shieldhaven is really the best possible person to be stuck with in a 3 hour line following a 6 hour drive, that Haran Roeh has come full circle (long story), and that Liquor Strega is really the King in Yellow in a bottle.


Oh! And also? El Pachuco did, indeed, sign my copy of "Zoot Suit."

Hacha! Aw Reet!
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Many Happy Returns of the Natal Day to my super-rockstar Boy, [ profile] shieldhaven, who is 29 today, and thus numerically older than I for the next couple of months. All that is awesome unto you, Mio Caro.
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So it is very much to wish a Happy Natal Daze to my best and most wonderful and awesomest [ profile] shellefly; long may she Reign!
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Happy Natal day to the unbearably splendid [ profile] tithenai, who is every amazing thing ever. Also, a merry belated natals to his uberness, [ profile] technoir, who is probably being eaten alive by Dragon Age as we speak. :D

ETA: I am extremely remiss in failing to note that it is also the natal-day of [ profile] aetatis She Who Defies All Adjectives, although I saw her yesterday and she continues to count amongst my Very Favorite People. Bon anniversaire to her, and please to be avoiding profound electrocution in the face(?) of the Flying Polyp.
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So, now that I have been to the doctor and learned that I do not have the flu (swine or otherwise), Ihave been advised that I ought not return to work until 48 hours have passed, or else my fever has reduced to under 100, which has not happened yet. We shall see tomorrow. I have been given some form of inhaler, which is all right, as I am not fond of antibiotics, but still feel that sleep is the best of all tonics. Sleep, bullion, and tea.

Now, if you will permit me to relate a little about my birthday, as it passed, I will say that in spite of the creeping crud, it was most excellent. After the main of the day's events, [ profile] comic_monkey and Cory accompanied me unto a place called Shorty's, which, as I had been informed by [ profile] experimentart deals largely in booze and pinball. We had been told to expect some manner of food there, but were most disheartened to discover that it were only hot dogs and nachos-- not fit fare for geeks as hungry as we.

It is at this point that I must interrupt the narrative to elaborate on a matter-- I had been told by my companions that any manner of dinner I wished for my birthday could be had, and happily. I had expressed a desire for Thai, but had relinquished it in favour of said pinball, and as finding a suitable Thai place would have been annoying, to say the least.

Nevertheless, when we inquired with the bouncer at Shorty's as to a suitable place to get more substantial repast, do you know that right next door was a Thai Restraunt called something like Sparkling Buddah, and that it was truly excellent!? I assure you there was, and that it was, and no words can express my delight at both these circumstances. Or that shorty's had tables made of old pinball machines, decor like unto a carnival tent, and an Addam's Family pinball table. Truly, in spite of the encroaching illness, I was made nearly the happiest of Rabbits.

Now that I have finished reading The Phoenix Guards by Steven Brust, and while I do have other matter to read, I am torn between doing so and returning once more to sleep, though I am certain that I will be satisfied one way or another by either of these options.
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Today was productive!

Moon is a really good movie, and very satisfying to a rabbit!

And a most splendid natal-day to [ profile] pipistrella!!

There's about six people's birthdays in the last couple and next couple days, including 2 more co-workers, by little toad-brother, and my god-fang!

Dear lord, I should sleep!
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So last night, my friend Lorrie had her birthday roast at Words of Wisdom at Mansion 462 in Chapel Hill. And as it /was/ excellent, and as it was her birthday-deal and she was reading stuff and yes, I read some Hades in Hose and felt generally okay, though a bit nervy, as it has been some time since I was on a stage of any kind. The Featured Poet was Ashanti White, who was pretty darn awesome, and the a lot of the people there were members of our regional slam team (yes, [ profile] revsaintmichael, I thought of you).

What Lorrie neglected to tell me until after I had read was that the night was being recorded for a podcast to be put up on iTunes.



But seriously, Mansion 462 (where they'll be having the clockwork ball as well is /gorgeous/, and I had been rather wanting an open mic to attend in general. So... this one may become a regular Thing.

Tonight, however, shall be all about the boxes.

(Also-- Three Huge Cheers for people who are having Good Employment Luck! Go Youz!!!!)
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Hrm. The connection here at Francesca's is being crap, so before it craps out again, I will just say that I had a magnificent 4th of july with co-workers who came into Durham and frolicked with me and other lovely people at [ profile] ghettonqueen and Harris's place and at the Bull McCabe, and yes.

Now, I have finished my Limonata and the internet still seems to be sketchy, so I think that I will go browse and sigh at the Ox and Rabbit, then perhaps go home and watch 1776. Or maybe more Oz. Or both. Whichever!

(also, happy belated nativity to [ profile] theferrett and to [ profile] redbaroness2! Recovery and lovely all around.)
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Several thousand happys of natal-days to the awesome [ profile] shieldhaven and the divine [ profile] sruna! May you each have as many and as marvelous revisits of said anniversaire as possibly there could be desired. Tiens and huzzah!
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The best thing about Sacramento International Airport is that it has completely free wifi.

Going into Dulles in DC from here, and hoping to accomplish more rude things with yarn in the process. Or accomplish more in the way of sleep. Either way.

There is more and less both to say about what has passed here than I can fit into the narrow space before boarding and takeoff, so I will save it for another hour.

Good morning wherever you are, and here.

(And also, Also! Happy Natals to the splendid and scintellating [ profile] shellefly, she of the lapis hips, the lapis lips, and the blue lapis, morpho-scourage of the high frequen-seas!).
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So tehs birfday is off to a start both ripping, and not so ripping.

The ripping part is that I got a bunch of watercolor pencils and an absolute stack of books on creative journaling from the Mother-in-Law, who rocks. And from the Other, I got a brand spanking new Sewing Machine-- I have wanted one for Ages!-- and also ROCK BAND.

Now I, too, can lose 8000 fans!


The not so ripping part.

Water is fracking STREAMING OUT OF the light fixture in my living room ceiling, so we cannot play teh Rock Band. The Rock Band is covered so it will stay dry. The buckets are an excercise in futility, yet are present. And the landlord? He says nothing can be done till Monday.


So there are many things it is hard to overstate today.

I'm going to go listen to Benny Benassi now.

Edit: Ah, the Landlord decided to come on down, now that the rain is less. So we'll see what happens with that. If I don't like what happens, Some people might like to see the pictures of the fracas.

Btw, mine is the building behind the tree in the far left of that picture.
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At home, waiting for the brakes on my car to get fixed so I can (hopefully) go to work for a half-day. Tomorrow, I shall be almost thirty. Fortunately, I think that the Gay Years conversion applies largely to men. But I /think/ I shall no longer be gay youth, by any stretch of the imagination... it had seemed to me that the upper age limit for 'Youth' keeps expanding year after year. I'm willing to buy that 26 is still youth, but really... there has got to be a line drawn somewhere, and not hardly 30.

The Other is making a cake, which is making me blush quite a bit. White wine cake! And Sneaky, sneaky things. So I am told. Hee.

Yesterday, I achieved a new level of geekery, though it wasn't the brightest idea given that solid food and I were only recently again on first-name terms. As my after-work Thursday magic game was canceled, I was invited by [ profile] technoir to, er, "watch" their Thursday sparring match in the park near the wukr.

Which meant that I was conscripted into the battering about of fellow geeks with large, foam weapons.

I am so unbelievably sore, you have no idea. Ohmigod.

They're likely going to have it again Monday. I need to remember to wear better shoes and also, to stretch.
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I've been randomly obsessed with this song for perhaps a week, perhaps a little longer. The video, however... it reminds me randomly of Portal, for various and sundry reasons that I think have a lot to do with electronic ladyvoices...

possibly nsfw )

Also, somewhere in the world, FANGS have been sprouting and becoming quite razor sharp, lately...

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Ah yes, I rather forgot to mention: as of may 29th, I have acquired one more niece-- via the little Toad, of course. Nya Reine Littlebear-Seagraves, coming in at a rather formidable 9 pounds. This makes 2 little boy and 2 little girl tadpoles. I'd say thusfar, but one hopes this is the end of the whole business. I know her mother does, anyway.

And that's the news.
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Too much to post.

In the past few weeks I have: lost my license, angsted, got my license back, wurked, visited PhilaDel, gave many Happy Natals to [ profile] shellefly, hung out with her and Frida Khalo and [ profile] roughhouser and the fabulous Fang, came back, and had nuzzles.

Who knows what the future will hold?

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W00t. The big quarter-century plus one.

So what do you do?


I say again-- w00t.
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[ profile] marshalmeg's birthdays seem to be cursed.

I should not troll the bioshock forums on gamespot.

I am about to go pick the Other up from wukr. I will also drop by the grocery store. My list consists of:

AA Batteries.

We're cool.
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So far, so goood teh blogging. Even if you can't donate, please add! Read! Is [ profile] et_temps_perdu. Is goodtime.

Is more pimping here.


happy birthday [ profile] stauffenberg!!! Have the happiest of natals and aye.

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