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There was Valentines Day!
There was They Might Be Giants and Jonathan Coulton!

This weekend, there will not be Atlanta, because there will probably be more website doom, and there needs to be more sleep.

And writing. There will certainly be writing. Hopefully there will be me writing and also [ profile] shieldhaven writing. And Javascript. For both of us.

Yes! We are both learning Javascript! From, which is really quite good.

Now, for the Time Stop to pass so I can be done with my day now.
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Things I should do one day: get a new prescription for an ADD med.

Things that are just great no matter what: Arlo Guthrie singing Alice's Restaurant on my Pandora station.
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Watching The Watchmen. Never have I heard so many good songs so badly used in such a sort span.

And maunderings. )

Maybe rant more later. Movie's not over.
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So, for those of you in the Triangle area who are sick of CDs and not in the mood to be depressed by NPR-- check out wknc 88.1 FM. They bloody rock.

I mean, if you're the sort of person who likes say... Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Couer de Pirate, Stars, Iron and Wine, Calexico, Sunny Day Real Estate, Bloc Party, Avett Brothers, White Stripes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Field Mice, or y'know, think that Modest Mouse are mainstream.

Because they probably should be considered so, but.
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I had this stuck in my head all evening, and while it wasn't exactly the choice I would have made for drowning out my upstairs neighbors' rather loud and exuberant sex (though I can't blame them too much-- it is fekking freezing), since you lovely people can't hear /that/, I shall share with you the awesomeness that is Miriam Makeba and Paul Simon singing Under African Skies, from Graceland: The African concert.

Now, I need suggestions for what to blast at top volume next time the Upstairs Gent sets in with his most unfortunate grunty baritone.

I also need to sleep. Fortunately, so it seems do they.
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I am mad crazy in love with Blue Roses right about now. I mean... the whole self titled album is fantastic. There are few enough bands where I adore pretty much every song on the album that I rather feel the need to crow about it when I do encounter such a one. Holy hell.

On that note, I usually like covers of Modest Mouse better than the originals, but the song 'Dramamine' (youtube link) is not one of those, and I am sort-of unhealthily obsessed with this song the now. That makes this and '3 inch horses, 2 faced monsters' the two Modest Mouse originals I actually enjoy. I mean, I love 'Tiny Cities Made of Ashes', but only the Sin Kil Moon version. Huh.
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Being that my +20 Frost Resistance hoodie needs to be washed after soaking up tobacco smoke at the Bull McCabe last night, today I seem to be wearing my Death Cab For Cutie hoodie over my KMFDM t-shirt.

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Yesterday I...

a) Found my missing wallet.
b) Went to KMFDM concert with friends, having got a last minute ticket another friend could not use.
c) Rocked the fuck out.
d) Stayed up late working on various costumey things whilst watching 'Tootsie,' 'The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat', and '10 Things I Hate About You.'

Was down in GA for the Eclipse LARP this weekend, which was quite a good bit of fun, though I was more low-key than anticipated, and also the aforementioned missing wallet. My friends are effing rockstars though.

Tonight I need to acquire scalloped tatters, new headphones, and also eat some food. In some order.
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My father used to sing me Peter, Paul and Mary songs when I was little. Some of my earliest memories involve him practising guitar with the melody to 'A'Soalin', and playing 'Puff the Magic Dragon,' and...

Well, yes. Mary Travers's death has changed my media mode to 'leaving on a jet plane' (best. version. ever.) and "Stewball".

Though 'She's like the Wind' will remain on my ipod too.

And for the sake of the styx I'd like something cheerier to post about. Anytime.
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Brain a fuzzy mess. After errands completed, watched Road Warrior, which (believe it or not) I had never before seen.

...Now /that/ is an aesthetic I can get behind! Nearly!

Also, it has been such a terribly long time since I have listened to a whole album. I generally hate them. so few artists have more than a couple songs I like, let alone on the same album. But this Akron/Family group is actually quite enjoyable. I came for Many Ghosts and stayed for River and The Alps & Their Orange Evergreen.

This was meant to be a momentary diversion from actual writing, but observing the hour and the state of my eyelids, methinks it better serves as a segue into sleeping.

Good night wherever you are, and here.
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As I was taking the empty cardboard boxes out to recycle, I forgot that the cinnamon had come open and spilled all over the inside of one of them. Naturally, the one with the large, rectangular gap in the bottom.

I am now utterly covered in cinnamon, as is my kitchen.

Well, it smells nice, at least.

(Also, anyone who listens to WUNC happen to catch Back Porch Music last night around 9:30-ish? There was a lovely version of Short Time of Trouble thereupon, and it doesn't seem to be listed on the site playlist. Alas!)
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Animal Collective.

No, I kid. There are a great number of un-sucky things in the world just now.

The words, "Hell you practically broadcast at times" being applied to me for example. I haven't been told that in a while, and it makes me very happy. Much better than my old co-workers a year ago telling me that I seemed terribly virginal. Fook that.

Now my brains are back being all gummed up, and I shall float back to the stacks of Things I Must Do.
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Things left to do today:

  • wait for freecycler to drop by
  • Go to last hour of Michael Jackson memorial dance party downtown.
  • Pick up 30" blinds for the front room of the old house.
  • The windows.

2nd pass on kitchen floor is drying. Probably 1-2 more before it's done-ish. Spent about 3 hours scraping paint off of hardwood with goo-gone. Am wondering what of the many cleaning products I have used today has turned my fingers green. This is less than cheery.

I think an hour of regressing back to when I was in elementary school and bad meant good and a guy could be both a werewolf and a zombie and a legend all at the same time, and all of it was just hman nature, that'd be a good thing to have.
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Top 5 songs Right Now This Minute (in no particular order):

1) Wind // Akeboshi
2) Hobos and Bulls // Shenandoah Davis
3) Mexico City // Jolie Holland
4) La Banlieu // Beirut
5) Down to Earth // Peter Gabriel

For no particular reason, but yousendit links are possible later this evening, upon request.

Looks like we're going to 9 hour days, starting next week.

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Wanted to make a post about music for last year... you know how you do, all mixtape style with links to mp3s of the songs and everything. This is proving a rather exceptional amount of work however, far more than it ought.

If anyone has recommendations for a non-yousendit service in which to upload a number of mp3s, I will do such a thing.

Either way, I think that this is probably /the/ song of 2008 for me. I've got like, 3 different remixes on the ol' ipod. OF all bloody things.

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Palimpsest, the latest offering by the chimerical [ profile] yuki_onna, hath a trailer. And the song in the trailer is by the bewitching [ profile] s00j. And seriously, check out the [ profile] saveours00j, as there are some magnificent offers of art, story, jewelery, and other craftwork to assist the lovely Bardess, S.J. Tucker pay for her appendecitis surgery-- like so many self-employed peoples, insurance is one of those nebulous things that she don't and cannot have.

And equally seriously, this book here, in this trailer? Clearly, it's gonna be amazing and lovely and all sorts of falling-through-stars good.

So so, all I can do is point you apple-ward. It's up to you to take the bite.
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When I got home, I sat in the car for a while and listened to the people on NPR tell stores about their youth in the great depression. And they played this lovely, lovely song... Billie Holliday, and it had the following line:

"Mama may have, and Papa may have, but god bless the child that's got his own."

It sounded like Mama Mayhaem and Papa Mayhem to me, at first. And if I find the mp3, I'll post it or sommat.
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Although, you see... I'm a huge James Taylor fan (it's the way I was brought up. Hush). And, and, well... THIS!!!

Yeah, if I can find a way to get tickets sometime tomorrow, I am SO FRIGGING THERE, either Monday or Tues, if I can swing the comp time...
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I used to be a hardass. Seriously. Crying? Hadn't done it in years. The death of Bambi's mother made me cackle.

So I was listening to npr yesterday, this thing they were doing on kids' music, and there was a bit where this family was singing 'will you go, lassie go?' (Or 'wild mountain thyme', whichever you prefer'), and the narrative was talking about how they sang the songs now that their father sang to them when they were children, and I...

...I rather went to pieces. It was just so sweet and lovely. And it reminded me of myself and my siblings with my dad and his guitar, back when we were kids.

So there I was, sniffling down I-40 headed back into Durham, mewing through a tear-stained smile about the thyme that grows around the blooming heather, and remembering dimly that once upon a time, I was kinda a hardass.

And I will be again, probably a little later, ranting on politics and finances-- I'm sure I'll have a lot to say about that soon, as I've just turned in my 401K paperwork and all-- but it's nice for a few moments on the drive home, in the midst of all the angst and schadenfreude and other painfully appropriate German words, to be a goddamn rubbery ball of blubber.
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You know what's good for the soul?

listening to every recording of Didn't Leave Nobody but the Baby that Rhapsody has to offer. Yum.

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