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Driving home always makes me sleepy.

Gonna go to dinner now.

Yes, this is all I have to say, just at the moment.
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I'd really, really, REALLY like to not be crashingly depressed sometime soon. Feels like I have some form of irritating hobgoblin riding around on my head, poking me in the grey matter, making it greyer.

And you know what, I don't have time for this. I gots shit to do.

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Dude, what the hell is with the waiting game?

no love,

P.S.-- Uncle! Uncle!
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So much to think about. Disliking most brain-antics. Would like to finish the last four chapters of Great and Terrible Book Thing before November, but don't see it happening. Have much to write for DtD, and brain...

brain does not wish to agree. It has no thots. It thots not. Because there are too many thots to think.

Alas and alors; we muddle through.
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First day of wukr = had.

First drink of the evening = not had yet.

Xbox controller = hiding.

Dinner = ???

Mold = growing back already.

Rent = going to get paid tomorrow, and come perhaps with an earful.

Rabbit = Gonna deal with it tonight, in any case.

I r wurld of feh.
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-Slept in.
-Obsessively checked Dust to Dust Forums.
-Printed a fuckton of stuff at Kinkos for New Jobthing.
-Ate a Starburst. Then Another.
-Spat out one of my back teeth with the second starburst.
-Pocketed tooth. Managed not to cry.
-Realised, on the way back to B's, that I had forgotten to print one of the docs I needed.
-Said fuck it.
-Signed and filled out fuckton of forms
-Plugged in B's HP all-in-one, for the scanner works, although the printer has not worked in over a month.
-Discovered that the printer had miraculously fixed itself.
-Wished that I had discovered this /before/ going to kinkos and paying them for my printing.
-Realised that if I hadnot gone to kinkos, the printer would probably have never gotten up the gumption to fix itself.
-Printed out the forgotten doc, and one of the forms that I'd fucked up.
-Reflected on Irony.
-Declared that tonight was Sushi Night.
-Went out to Sushi with B, who afterwards got me listerine and ice cream.
-Returned, levelled my Pally up to 58 and his Druid up to 54 in WoW.
-Obsessively Checked Dust to Dust forums some more.
-And Wrote this LJ Post.

Good night to all of you out there, and here.
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Maybe I'll get to go for drinking and trivia tonight, and maybe not. Maybe I'll be stuck here waiting for maitenence guys to figure out what the hell goes on with my wall and ceiling, so that they can clean the mold off of the former and fix the hole in the latter. Which at the moment, has a nasty piecce of plywood over it. Yay.

Maybe I'll just stay here and make up random military engagements for fun and profit and yeah. After all, I've got wine here.
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It seems that I have managed to accomplish not a few things that I had no intention of accomplishing, and have utterly failed at everything I had planned to do. Except packing for Eclipse. Mostly.

Ah well. At least I have a lot of clean laundry.

Today has been a day of a whole lot of mostly harmless and/or niggling yet annoying fail. On a better note, I have completely failed to be bothered by such. So that's all right. Vlad Taltos and I cannot be bothered by the fail.

And now that my itouch is synched, I shall go see if there are any of my cowukrs still at the Bull McCabe.
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I want to go dancing in the worst way. Like mad craving sorts of ways.

Legends is having 80's night tonight. 2.75 vodka well drinks, 2.50 guinness.

I am too lazy to go out to Raleigh, and have to work too long tomorrow, and am going to a party tomorrow evening besides. Also it's a Kitty Attention night.

I will probably watch films noirs and drink opalo, and feed sugar to the Dandelion Wine, which will not be ready for some months yet, but that's okay.

Also, Tabletop Withdrawal. We haven't had any D&D in two weeks.

Dear Lord, I am Over this week like no other.
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Today I feel somewhat displaced, as though I am sitting perhaps a half foot to the left of where I actually am.

I will play WoW and expect nothing different, really.
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I seem to have misplaced my wallet, sometime between when I put it in my back pocket at lunch yesterday and (probably) returning from lunch, since it is not at work. I did not notice that it was missing until we left work last evening. Called the restauraunt where we had luunch; they had not seen it. No odd charges on my card thusfar, so... hm.

The weird part is that this only started really bugging me /now/; probably because the bank won't be open till monday, so I cannot do anything about my card & the like till then.

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It is the exact sort of cold in the office today that it was at the moment when I forced myself out from under my covers and into the morning air.

I have a blanket. My blanket is good.

Ah yes... media. I did have a media comment, which is that I am enjoying Dexter seasons 1 & 2 quite a lot. The soap opera is a bit much-- could we have some female characters who are not having huge power struggles pretty much entirely with each other?-- but there's some really great stuff too, in particular Dexter's girlfriend Rita. It is really a joy to watch her spine grow and stiffen as the show progresses, even for certain parts of Season 2 where Dexter has a (blissfully short) flirtation with effing stupidity.
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She is in a crappy mood and all bored of sick,
Praying for snow in droves, in drives, in a magnificent greatness of buryings under.
The wires in her earphones are giving her little shocks whenever she moves too much. This is kinda tickly.
Oh yea, she longs for snow, for sleep and snow,
for sleep, and snow, and the swift, sure passage of winter,
And all of its goddamn sniffly sneezy achy coughing stuffy-head works.

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I think my fanfic muscle is severely impaired, all sudden.

It is yuletide madness, and I look through all of the double-thousand requests, and have no inspiration whatever. Huh. Maybe what I need is a good crossover or something. Alors.

Though this year, yuletide madness is open even to people who did not sign up for [ profile] yuletide, so if something there inspires you-- go! Fic it up!

I have a little more shopping to do to-day, and... yay! Christmas Eve!

Once again, chances are I will get struck by Ideas somewhere around 9 tonight. :D
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Direct to Netflix Instant is the new Direct to DVD. Sheesh.
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The scallopped tatters shall have to wait a year: I have no time to complete the pallid mask, or concieve a device upon which to fix the yellow sign.

Fortunately, I have a backup or two.
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There was a marvelous and aromatic rare steak in my dream and I woke up before getting to try even a bite.

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Sleepy, vaguely depressed. Overwhelmed by cardboardand too many dishes in too small a space.

I think I'ma go to bed.
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I had a long and odd musikky post, but when said post takes over a week to try to work out... well, meh.

Frugal Joe's Ordinary Beer is quite tasty. Especially at under $5 for a six pack.

I need a sewing machine in the worst way.
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So, among my new years resolutions, one of 'em I think is going to be content. You know, actually having some, apart from random links for great lulz. Not that there's anything wrong with lulz, of course. But they aren't everything.

I don't really like talking much about what's going on in my life anymore, especially when it's in a state of flux, like right now. Suffice it to say I was working at a dog kennel and quit cause I was sick of working a shit job for shit pay where I literally got to spend all my days dealing with-- you guessed it-- animal shit. No thanks.

So now I'm with a Temp Agency more Chapel Hill ways, and am apparently going to start a 2-3 month long job with UNC medical for substantially more monies. So that's all right.

Also, the other resolution that I hope I'll keep is the one about writing. Writing more, all the time, just to make sure I do it. Collaborative writing is still good and going very well in fact, but for the rest... I was trying to write... you know, for stuff, but that hasn't worked at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. So now I mean to just write, or try to write, more like I used to.

We'll see what that translates into for this forum, but... well yeah.

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