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I r rabbit what got no sleepz.
Rabbit of Tosses and Turns--
Itchy Rabbit jumping at all noises.

Now is must be wukrtime.
Catz think bad idea.
Catz say,
"Can Rabbitz wukrs with no zzzzzs?
Should stay and petz. Mebbe zzzzzs come."

Rabbits say,
"iz not so great actshully. But--
We do what we must, because we can."

Goez nao.
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My ambitions for the day are simple-- get through wukr, go home, eat tacos maybe, read more Desideria, drink mead, and play a metric shitton of WoW.

It's the little things, really.
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This morning started out well.

Well as in, waking up at 9:00, at which time I ought, at the very latest, be leaving out of the door for wukr. And then passing my exit way down yonder on teh Great I-40.

But that wasn't what I wanted to talk about this morning.

I wanted to talk about this fire engine that was rocketing down 147 this morning with its sirens going-- and people /would not/ move to the right. I mean, I couldn't get over to get out of the way for a few minutes, because people wouldn't let me over... and there wasn't that many people on the freeway to begin with. But I can't fathom being in front of an emergency vehicle with the sirens going and not getting over, as in OFF THE ROAD.

I swear, what the hell is wrong with people these days!?

(Oh yeah, bailout, nationalism, OH NOES Andrew Ryan is crying in his watery grave, Gordon Brown, yadda yadda blah blah, this hot recession bath is going to taste soooooooooooo good.)
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Everyone I know is at DragonCon.

I am not at DragonCon.

I am annoyed that the LJ HTML editor puts automatic <p> tags instead of <br> tags with a carriage return these days,
And that there is a guy on a ladder outside,
Painting the bedroom window.

I want to play moar videeo gamez, plz.
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It is day!
i nuzzle it.


the second weekend of the month always rocks at Ringside, for that is when we host the exquisite [ profile] dj_mouse, and also, last night for 80's, there was [ profile] sixinchesback who is way too cool. Friday was Dracula's Daughter Gothic Pyjama party, though I missed the memo and did sweeping velvet gown stylez. Nonetheless, smashing. Mouse is one of the very few regular djs we have who actually shows up /before/ 10, which would make her aces in my book even if she didn't play groovy tunes that made me squee and shake my thang, which she does with a vengeance. I'm hoping more people come out to this, as she works incredibly hard to promote this, and it is well worth it.
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This morning is like someone punched a great big hole punch in my brain with one of those rusty school-styles hole punchers. I hate feeling hungover when I had nowt to drink last night. Mehcore.

Also, today the customers have names that would not be out of place as witnesses in a Phoenix Wright case.

Fear the sketchy cuteness of my new defaulticon.
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So I walked into wukr today, and the Bosslady took one look at me, heard me cough, and told me to go home and take care of myself, and that I was going to get paid anyway but no one else needed to get sick from me.

So here I am.

I slept most of the afternoon & evening yesterday, which is why I was incommunicado ([ profile] stauffenberg, for one).

Attempting now both to rest & look after the [ profile] marshalmeg, so she can get to her work to-day.

Also, raise kicked in on paycheck.

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Today begins like one of my random epic-y dreams. So.

I'm driving back from taking temps to one of the jobsites, when the people on WKNC start rambling on about some oddness to the tune of-- I swear, some dance mix version of an old Steve Winwood song. And then there's this cat in the roadway, and as I come closer I notice that it's kneeling over a dead animal, and it looks up at me and then it runs away with a big ass piece of roadkill in its mouth. And I'm just sort of blinking and I keep driving back to work.

Turns out, the dance mix is actually called 'Call Me', is by Eric Pryz, and yep, it's sampled from Steve Winwood's Valerie. Though for some reason, it is not on the wknc studio logs to-day. Muh.

Today I am speaking Spanish with an Italian accent.

Autumn is really the best of all seasons. Says Hades. All Be-hosed.

But aren't we all?
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Today is the last day of September.

I think there are people being prideful somewhere else in town to-day. Joshmonster tonight. Materialism now.

That's all I have to say right now.
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My dear [ profile] marshalmeg having been turribly ill this weekend, it was largely spent with Rabbit excercising her skills of a nurse, or rather, a hovering person who provides broth and asprin. This was quite all right, especially as she seems to be doing some deal better. Mrrr.

For my part, I want to go back to sleep, as work today seems to entail copying the same piece of information into about 40+ subfolders, repeat to fade. Joy.

Enjoy an early morning katamari reference instead of content.

Which is like enjoying an ice cold, refreshing coca-cola, only it won't rot your teeth so much.
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Purrs for all of yesterday's natal love, my dears, in comments and calling. Thou art snuggled by this rabbit. For there was yesterday aging, and today: turbocad.

Though yesterday contained many marvellous things, beginning with delicious fried rice from the skillet of the [ profile] marshalmeg, who kicks some chinese restaurant ass, a nummly berry cobbler which I will eat much more of on my lunch break to-day, and nicec smelling bath salts from the Silvara. Also, the Meg and went to Northgate for movies and rode on the carousel, being as I got caught in the omgwtfGROWN!?... thing. I rode a zebra. Zebra cavalry!

Then there was much watching of Anchorman, Pocahontas, and Silent Hill (in that order), garnished with expensive beers and gummy bears. Rabbits passed out like woah, but happily.

Now she is at work, but groggily.

And that's the news.

Stay classy, livejournal.
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This morning I was thinking about what I would like to be, if I could be anythng at all. And I think I should like to be myself.

Only, you know. With a rocket launcher and maybe payess.
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So-- day three of training. Been pulling 7:30-5, which would be lovely if I were not absolutely allergic to crawling out of bed before 7. Which doesn't mean I don't do it, it just means I break out in hives until 8.

Title is a quote from the BossMan in the course of training. I believe this to be true.

Trig had practical application at work today. No really, I had to find the length of the side of a right triangle from having the length of one side. Fortunately, I rolled a success in my 'look up how to do math again online' skill. Up up, one skillpoint in teh maths. Sine is my bitch.

Back to inventing new ways to lose at CAD.
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Today I took Jean Cocteau to breakfast (warm berries, cheese grits, and iced blackberry tea at Whole Foods), and he told me, among other things, that Genius was the furthest extreme of the practical. I liked that, for a lot of reasons.

I don't get randomly euphoric the way I used to, and I sort of miss that. What I do get, on the other hand, is a feeling of profound, "Damn, my life is Quite Good, and I am Rather Pleased" from time to time, and that's almost as good. I don't get as profoundly and spontaneously bitter and destructive the way I used to either. Ah the profound middle-ing of age.

Speaking of age, May is OVER. Done. Finis.

And if I really needed a reason for my bliss... well, there you go.
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>RUN Shower.exe

bad command or file name.


Spent the past couple of days mainlining the entire body of, which is good for mking all of one's internal dialouge sound like a webcomic and look photoshopped. This one is worth it for the punchline. Hardcore.

I've gone round and round about re-starting my old zine, Asphodel, about a hundred times, to the point where I sincerely doubt if I'll get to it. I mean, the sucker's been sitting on my plate for the last nigh-on six years, in a profound state of half-formed like a frozen fetus in a stasis-held uterine replicator. What I think I may do, if I get acess to teh Scanning Technology or something, is an online collection of Red Rabbit/Ded Rabbit Comix. For the two of you who know about those. Because hey, if devoting a couple of days a week to drawing homicidal stick figures worked for Jhonen Vasquez...

...and mine have cool bunny-ears and chain saws.

Mmm... wild orange tazo.

Passing Out = FALSE

>RUN shower.exe

Loading... please wait.
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And chocolate chip cookies = breakfast of pWnage.
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so I have some small part-time employment, not much vis-a-vis hours, but technically 50 cents more than the last job. It's better than nothing, either way.

I start today.

That was fast, eh?

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