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In which my husband published his story, Dakrah's Familiar, on Amazon. If you dig wizardly tales of wizards being wizardly, this might be your jam. If not, that's okay too. But I am very proud of him, ,and it is totally my jam.
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2014 Resolutions:

1) write something I care about besides Yuletide and DtD -- check. Also, didn't do Yuletide this year, so... yeah.
2) support B's writing and help him with a personal freelance website -- part the first, check. Part the second: in progress.
3) Incorporate Quintessence of Dust LLC (this is a gaming company for our IPs, mostly) -- not yet accomplished, though some steps taken.
4) Make changes to better support a) affording the life we want and b) not hating what I do. -- OMG SO ACCOMPLISHED.
5) Read more. -- check.

This is probably the best year I've had for resolutions, so I think 5 will be a good number when I make them in a few days.

Lessee... this year had new baby, new job, new state, brief apartment, new house, and all that comes with that. So glad to have the week off to be in FL with the parents, who are so glad to have all this baby time. Tomorrow, hopefully the weather will be nice enough to go to the beach.

A happy new year to all of you out there, and here.
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Somehow, sleep dep and dedication to the care and maintenance of an otherwise helpless human being leads to much more mental fortitude and alertness than being pregnant did. And much, much less depression. Who knew!?

Recovery on other fronts is slower, but that's all right. Baby has clean bill of health all around, which is the very best thing. And his daddy is pretty much a glowing ball of happy. As am I.

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Let's see.

I got married in January, to [ profile] shieldhaven. This was very very good. We went to Venice and Rome. That was also good.

I did a tarot reading which suggested I would discover I was pregnant in June.

Lo, I discovered I was pregnant in June.

I changed jobs at the beginning of 2013, then again in May. Uptrades, mostly, each time.

I wrote very little, though gaming has been much more of a Thing. We completed another season of Dust to Dust. I started a new Eclipse character.

We bought a house in July.

Shieldhaven got laid off in October. We're working on plans for an LLC to support making games for certain IPs of ours, since the overhead's fairly low, and may as well.

Shieldhaven and I both turned 32.

I reconciled with an old friend I hadn't spoken to in years, and we're on okay terms now.

We had Christmas with both sets of our parents here in NC, and it was really quite nice!

I am now 33 1/2 weeks pregnant. We are naming the boy William Miles Vance Stoddard, and calling him Miles. He is very wriggly. I am finding it nearly impossible to get comfortable anywhere, and as a result, am working from home a lot. I am still quite unreasonable and prone to violent expressions of hatred, though mostly kept internal, and certainly not directed at my husband, who is about as wonderful and attentive and awesome and patient as one could hope for a spouse to be. I am delighted to be getting used to this.

Tonight, Shieldhaven is running a Birthright game for me, and I am eating a pomegranate and all is really quite well, for right now, this moment.

Love to all of you out there, and here.


5 July 2013 13:03
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So, I am pregnant. About 8 weeks along. And for about a week, I have been in the morning all-day sickness part of the festivities.

This has made me miserable, cranky, and barely able to function. The usual remedies are not properly functioning. But it's all in a good cause, so... yeah!

Also we're moving this weekend, which hardly feels real. Mom is here to help, and B's parents will be here tonight.

Woosh and zoom!
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a) Married
b) Back from Italy
c) sick with the doom of coughing.

All in all, pretty darn awesome. Though the coughing stinks.

Italy was effing amazing. It's cool to go somewhere in Europe I really don't know well (Venice), unlike Paris, which was a lot like someone redecorated your living room while you weren't looking. Incidentally, I would live in Venice in a heartbeat.

And now, wukrness.
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On top of awesome new job?

[ profile] shieldhaven = "Awesome Boyfriend"

Var [ profile] shieldhaven = "Awesome Fiancé"

I love the ring, I love the boy, I am giddy with Hooray!
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So, a few days ago, my grandmother went into the ICU-- lung problems, which became heart problems. They thought she was getting better, but she isn't. So my dad called me tonight... you know the call. The, "This Is Probably Your Last Chance," call. He and my aunt are flying out tomorrow, and my mom on Sat.

Thus, B and I are flying out Saturday morning to CA, to go up also.

This is sort of the... crown, of an amazingly unstable week.

(Also, B is a simply wonderful person. It is important that this be known far and wide.)
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Yup, I love Valentines Day.

Tonight, [ profile] shieldhaven and I are going to Vin Rouge for dinner, which is happy. I gave him the gift of OMG wtf huge handmade tome (still in progress... too big to hide, but the intention was a surprise), and he gave me Deus Ex: Human Revolution. And something else, apparently, but I dunno what yet. Intrigue!

I am such a lucky Rabbit, to have a [ profile] shieldhaven! Best lover ever!

Happy Chaucer Day and love to all of you out there. I squoze.
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So! I got a marvellous Echo Bazzar fic, How To Be Silent in Five Fallen Cities, wherein the Quiet Deviless is Delicious and performing Abstractions, which is really all I wanted, and does it with style. Really, I have to be impressed with most of the Echo Bazaar fics that are out there... I'm not really about Fandom these days, but if I were, I'd be seriously tempted, especially if most of the people write stuff as cool as my [ profile] yuletide gift!

Speaking of Echo Bazaar, I ran a Nobilis game set at the Bazaar for Speaks and Tara & their eldest (And Angie, B, and Jen M.) last night, which seems to have gone over well. It accomplished many goals, like me actually running something in which B could play, getting to run Nobilis at all, running something that was not D&D, and being a present for Speaks. So that was awesome.

Am at B's parents' place in the ATL, and there will be People Here for Family Things in about an hour and a half. Have offered Helping Out, but unsurprisingly, being out of the way is the best way of helping. So we're doing that.

Hope you all had a merry Hanukahmas, and a lovely Yule.
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Back from Thanksgiving at B's family's farm. It was awesome and cozy and said family is wonderful; they plied us with delicious foodstuffs and now we have fig jam and scuppernong wine and all the peanuts and pecans ever. I mean it, all of them. I don't think there's any more in the world.


Now we are home, and have acquired a small tree for the table, and it is lit and decorated. I have done a Small Cleaning, and will do a Large Cleaning later. Or presently. But there are plans for beer and burgers this evening with friends, and that is wondrous and happy-making. We have been listening to the Chieftains and other holiday music.

All is good in the world. I hope everyone had a happy secular food holiday.

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I have a sore throat, and a nasty headache, and an appointment for a GI specialist to deal with the fact that my guts have gotten so bad, I can't enjoy sweet tea or tomato soup-- which is, of course, an untenable situation.

All that said? Life is pretty good.

Oh, I'm sure I'll have a bunch of stuff to bitch about soonest. But it is important to record the times when, in spite of whatever obnoxious shenanigans one may endure, the ride is still super sweet.
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So, made it through the first Dust to Dust three-day event.

Now that I have slept, it was really awesome. I had a wonderful time. It was exhausting and stressy, and I had some small melting right at the beginning, but it is amazing what a proper dose of one's meds and some awesome setting stuff will do. Not to mention the really excellent people I get to work with on this thing.

Still of the opinion that everyone ever should play the game. In spite of the fact that I'm not really sure where on site we'd put them, right now.

Still want half a million bucks to buy some land, and half a million more to kit it out for LARP habitation.

Also want all the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.
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I got my first pro story acceptance: My story The Tiger Hunt will be appearing in Apex Magazine.

This little internet is not big enough to contain my trembling glee!

Special love for [ profile] shellefly and [ profile] unnaturale, who loved it first, when it was a baby, to [ profile] shieldhaven for helping me refine it into something awesome, and to [ profile] yuki_onna, for liking enough to say yes.

And well... Hee!!!

Now, back to DtD culture packets, and Other Obligations.
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Other stuff to write about soon, but seriously, The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester is bloody awesome, and well... yes, I love YA, and this is very that, it is also Just Plain Awesome. I should write a proper review, but I should write a lot of things, really.
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This is Taliesin. He is very shiny.

I will be driving him to Atlanta for the second time, this evening. His mighty Prius-ness gets rather splendid milage-- about 400 miles to the $35 tank, or a little more. Oddly, better on the highway than in-town. Anyway, B and I are going down for B's birthday. There will be 6 Flags and boozin' at the Bookhouse Pub.

The Virgin Islands and C&D's wedding were awesome. I found the best pub ever, even though there was no foul language allowed there. It didn't matter. The drinks were so good. Wild Spirit. I need a bottle. 105 proof, and somehow delicious.

Today, Rabbit is... mellow. That's okay. I like it.

I'll catch you cats on the flipside.
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Soon I will leave wukr.

Then I will pack.

Then, tomorrow, B and I will go to the Virgin Islands for C-dawg and D-money's wedding.

I am looking forward to this, yes, very very much.

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So go, anyway.

This means that The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making is out today, and that means that I will be sweet-talking [ profile] shieldhaven into taking me over to Barnes and Noble today, so that I may get my hands on a copy. Because this book is glorious, and is the kind of fiction that I want to give to every kid I know, that they may have something wonderful in their heads forever, and be the better for it.

Also, her name is September.

There is fun stuff here.

Say Hallow to the Green Wind, for me.
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This weekend was pretty awesome. Saturday, went to the farmer's market with a friend of mine, D, and got herbs and pots and beer, then went to the scrap exchange. Another friend who works there, Nicole, asked me if I were available to model for her upcycled fashion show that evening, and I agreed, because Nicole's shows are awesome, and I adore modelling in them. Then D and I went to Rue Cler, where they were showing Cheerleading Competitions on the telly. For realsies. We boggled at the Girlness.

B came with me to the fashion show, and I fed him booze for his trouble, and took him to Bailey's for beer-cheese soup. As usual, the show was utterly fabulous, and I had a blast. We'll see if pictures circulate ever.

It was an odd evening, in that it felt terribly like... I dunno, 2004 or 2005, the Ooh la latte days. Though better, because I could afford to drink Captain Morgan and actual beer, instead of PBR, and because the Person I Am With is so super chill. Laid back. Happy is so much better than any label I can think of.

It's a thing.

The rest of the weekend was chill as can be, which was Necessary. Semi-inadvertently, we had a Djimon Hounsou movie marathon, and that was, I feel, a proper Accomplishment.

Though I now kinda want to see the version of the Tempest where he plays Caliban. So. Badass.

I should also mention that we saw Sucker Punch with a bunch of folks this weekend, and I liked it really quite a lot, though I think I was the only one. Not a perfect film, but one I was def. going to enjoy. Also not a film I expect any one else to care for-- I have my reasons why I like it, and I'm sure people will have theirs why it isn't for them. But I was happy with it.

See my thoughts on happiness, above.
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So, instead of complaining about my health or bitching about wukr or any of the other things I am inclined to do, I am going to tell you instead that [ profile] yuki_onna's book Deathless is out to-day, you can read about it here, and I got my copy at Barnes and Noble, because there is something that pleases me deeply about being able to buy a book like this, written by someone like her, at a store like that. It is a deep and perverse pleasure, that has become something of a tradition for me. So so.

There is also a trailer. Trail away!

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