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Okay, okay, I admit it.

I'm bisexual.

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Not that there are many things.

But I got my supporting membership for Chicon 2012, so that I can nominate things for the Hugos. So, if there's anything I should look at what I may have missed (though I am reading the posts from my F*list writers), let me know!

This year, I am going to try to get the two additional eligible publications I need to qualify for a full SFWA membership, because it's good to have goals.

Also, glair paint, as attempt #3 actually turned out pretty well. See!

The blue/purple and white are all egg tempera, and the burnt sienna is glair... there's also a little green glair in there, but you don't really see it.

Anyway, I've got to use more of it, before it all goes off. As the one bad thing about egg tempera? It seriously starts to stink pretty quick.

ETA: Did one more, and now it's late enough I have to fall over. Next time, I'll see if I can split up the egg whites and yolks in such a way that I can get more mileage out of a single egg.

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"No, you mustn't answer it. You mustn't say hello! There are rules."

--Neil Gaiman, on audience members receiving phone calls during readings.

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I got my first pro story acceptance: My story The Tiger Hunt will be appearing in Apex Magazine.

This little internet is not big enough to contain my trembling glee!

Special love for [ profile] shellefly and [ profile] unnaturale, who loved it first, when it was a baby, to [ profile] shieldhaven for helping me refine it into something awesome, and to [ profile] yuki_onna, for liking enough to say yes.

And well... Hee!!!

Now, back to DtD culture packets, and Other Obligations.
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So go, anyway.

This means that The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making is out today, and that means that I will be sweet-talking [ profile] shieldhaven into taking me over to Barnes and Noble today, so that I may get my hands on a copy. Because this book is glorious, and is the kind of fiction that I want to give to every kid I know, that they may have something wonderful in their heads forever, and be the better for it.

Also, her name is September.

There is fun stuff here.

Say Hallow to the Green Wind, for me.
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So, instead of complaining about my health or bitching about wukr or any of the other things I am inclined to do, I am going to tell you instead that [ profile] yuki_onna's book Deathless is out to-day, you can read about it here, and I got my copy at Barnes and Noble, because there is something that pleases me deeply about being able to buy a book like this, written by someone like her, at a store like that. It is a deep and perverse pleasure, that has become something of a tradition for me. So so.

There is also a trailer. Trail away!
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Seeing the backside of October being one, and being in need of another, you may have here Habitation of the Blessed, by Cathrynne M. Valente, also known as [ profile] yuki_onna, which has escaped from its theoretical kingdom to the troubled lands wthout on this very day. Like Prester John's letter to begin with. As it should be.

Now, I have not yet ordered it, nor obtained a copy, because Silly Barnes and Noble seems to think that the release date is 11/23, and did not have any in stock. So I guess I'm going to Borders tomorrow-ish.

Because you know what gives me great, greater, greatest pleasure?

Being able to go into one of these sweltering, sterile, chain-linked big-box nubbly stores and search through the stacks of various interesting or bland or whatnot for the thing I desire, skip through the letters of the alphabet in anticipation, nervously fingering rejected bookspines till BAM! The Object Itself, something rare and splendind and magical, like this thing here. It verily makes my toes curl, to do such a thing, and I have a bounce, a giddy.

I encourage you, verily, to do something similar.

And if you wish to know what the book is about, and who this Prester John is anyway: (here linked in case the embed disappears again.)

That's wassup.
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Go to This.

But you should. You should go to and through this post or this one for fashion or This one for because it is [ profile] tithenai and yeah, and you should buy tickets, and head up to Boston, and you should have an awesome time.

I will be at a wedding in the ATL, and that will also be awesome. But if you will not be at a wedding in the ATL, and you have any coolty in your soul, (and the means, I cannot pretend the means don't matter-- I mean really) you should go to this. Live the Gypsy life. Eat some fire. Eat some poetry. Juggle knives. Be a Strowler.

So sayeth the Rabbit.
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It is a useful phrase, so versatile. They say it a lot when you have given them something, and they don't understand. It is too abstract, it does not make sense-- it is not for them. And they weep at that, for they tried, oh how they tried. They wanted it, they wanted you. But it was not to be. You are not for them. You are not theirs.

Sometimes they get angry. How dare you be too much for them to handle! Who do you think you are? And then they use words like pretentious, like those matter, like you pretended to be anything with them when what you have offered is your truth, your reality, as best as you can offer it. It can offend, it can hurt. But what they mean is, 'Why did you look so beautiful, like I could get you, like I could swim to the bottom of you and know you inside out-- but you won't admit me! Your words are a locked gate I can't and won't enter. Why did you seem-- why did you pretend you were for me?"

But words, but books, they are not so precise. They offer themselves to everyone, and is it their fault, if you riffle through them, if you have purchased them and are scanning them, if your fingers split them and take their pages between them and you don't fall in love? Did they somehow fail you thus, or do you have it in you to sigh and say, I am sorry text, but this was just not meant to be. You will find another, I will find another. I am so, so sorry.
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So I had a pretty good weekend, and got a very nice longsword, and fought some decent battles, and yeah yeah yeah but none of that matters because what should be happening is that you should be reading Thirteen Ways of Looking at Space/Time by [ profile] yuki_onna, which made me feel very much like my icon in the best possible way, and now I am going to go and do more work until the hours tell me that I can stop for now.

But you, the lot of you, if you want more than that, if this is not enough for you, and you require something to fill your time now, or your hands and tongue are itching for occupation, then you should go to [ profile] melimuses and maybe you should write about bees, or think about honey, or dream of-- you know, whatever.
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So [ profile] shieldhaven and I had a [ profile] pipistrella visiting for the whole weekend, and it was everything awesome. She has just departed back to the ATL, which is a necessary sadness. At least there will be Eclipse soon.

Nap moar now.

(Also, reading Taltos, by Stephen Brust. I am enjoying muchly. And I have got [ profile] shieldhaven reading Prince of Foxes, which satisfies for me a win condition.)
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I write like
Rudyard Kipling

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

As the Just So Stories are a huge part of my literary background, I am really very okay with this. I found it interesting to put the first 10 chapters of the (um... book?) I am working on into this thing, and see what writer each separate chapter is like. So far, Vonnegut, Lewis Carrol, and J.K. Rowling are about tied. Hrm.

ETA: Apparently the chapter I just finished is like James Joyce. WHAT I DON'T EVEN.
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It is amusing to me that my brain now reads, "eyes barely staying open" with "time to write chapterz!"



4 May 2010 00:06
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Here is a good thing, and a lovely thing, and something you should know about.

This Is My Letter To The World is out on Lulu, the first volume Anthology of [ profile] yuki_onna's [ profile] omikuji_project. Of this, I have been a member since inception, which I love dearly, and to which I contributed some lines of the introduction, and the artwork that goes along with my favorite of these tales, Reading Borges in Buenos Aires.

Learn more here.

And now I round out Bad 90's Movie Night with selected scenes from Baz Lhurman's Romeo & Juliet, and a little sleep.

Also, thank the lot of you for the kind comments. Tous, je vous adore.
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So! Apparently it was a victory for the socialists today, though I didn't notice anything that really appealed to my happy Pinko Self, beyond a few rather awesome incidentals. Like the lifting of lifetime limits on health benefits. What I hope this means is that my Dad can get benefits again, since he capped out after his heart surgery a few years ago.

It is a painting evening. I rather hope that I have enough available surfaces on which to paint, and colors of paint. We shall see.

Am watching this movie, Ink, which is kind of amazing. I mean, it's not the best made movie ever, but it has some really cool dream-world stuff in it. Horror-Fantasy, I guess? Nowhere near as mainstreamy as most, has an indie movie feel. Digging it lots.

Went to Dinner and the Mikado with B this weekend, which was all kinds of marvellous. It was a very good weekend.

Story beating against the insides of my head, but it is all tangled up in knots upon knots. I can only get ahold of little pieces of it at a time. Like it is hidden in marble and I have this chisel and am very clumsy at chipping it out. The wrong tap, and it all crumbles to rubble.

Welly well. It is to grit one's teeth and carry on.
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Okay, the craziest shit makes me cry these days. I feel that I get a pass on the part of the Oscars where I got all teary, because it was the John Hughes memorial bit, and I wasn't the only one. Especially since the bit with the music from 'Up' followed.(btw, is that on DVD yet? She must own it.)

Still, that part of 'Juno' where Vanessa is feeling Juno's belly and is talking to the baby and she finally feels it kick... yeah, rivers of waaah.

Was super effective sometime around 1 last night in article re-drafting, figured out where one story which has been sitting dead in the water for years is going to go, and what it's about, and figured also that the problem with another story is that it starts a little bit closer to the middle than it ought to, and I should write it a proper beginning.

(Dear lord, the guy from 'The Ladykillers' who plays the Aryan Brotherhood guy on 'Oz', and also plays Juno's dad saying "Tore up from the floor up," cracks me up like crazy. And I so love this soundtrack.)

I would move away from this couch, away from movies what make me cry and into Moar Productivity, but there is this great fur-covered blackness on my feet, and oh hell, I wanted to finish reading "Wizard of Earthsea" anyway.
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I have Accomplished Much!

Artz & Audio are sent. Article needs more work, but that's par for the course. I have more research to do. Brain assaulting me with way too many additional projects to work on, which, if nothing else, is far better than sitting about like a dribbling idiot devoid of inspiration, motivation, or will.

As has been the satus quo for longer than I care to recall.

Oh yes... I beat Bioshock 2 the other night, which was really excellent. I think the philosophy's a bit off and nowhere near as keen as in the first game, but the ending sequences were much better, and there's some remarkable and awesome stuff therein. The gameplay is like the first game, only you have so much more versatility in setting things up, that defending the little sisters from oncoming splicers is actually kind of fun, instead of brutally obnoxious. It really is the first game, just made better. I approve. As I may have mentioned, the only flaw is that it needs a little Sander Cohen. Okay, a LOT of Sander Cohen. The lack of Sander Cohen makes me terribly, terribly sad. Le sigh.

Now back to Reading 'Game of Thrones', esp since I'm playing in a Song of Ice and Fire Game these days.
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I have, spread on my bed:

--Jorge Luis Borges Selected Non-Fictions, upside down and open to an essay on cyclical time.
--Reading Borges in Buenos Aires,from [ profile] yuki_onna's [ profile] omikuji_project.
--A sketchbook, open to A Beginning.
--A black cat, sprawled upon said Beginning.
--pyjamas in piles
--a letter I should really send to [ profile] unnaturale someday.
--myself, absently writing this ere she makes it up and to Rue Cler for Brunchfast.

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So so, if you want to know how I feel about Valentine's day, look no further than this.

Luff/lerve/love to the lot of you, and bunches of kissy-snugglewumps.
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I have traded away some of my sharper perception and good sense to-day for a double-handful of prettier ideas that have occupied my brain from start to (presumably) finish.

I feel as though I've made a better deal, all told.

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