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So, this past weekend was the 6th event of that LARP I help run. In it, I handed out a hand-written, hand illuminated text prop, which was perhaps the most intensive project I have embarked on to date. So... you might want to see some pictures.

illustrations from the Vita Agiae

looky here! )

And now I need to figure out what project I undertake next!
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It is markedly different from 29. And a world away from 28.

Funny how, although all through one's teenage years one did not expect to be the same person that one was two years ago, it is surprising to be a different person now. Not in every way, but in a lot of them. I am no longer hyper-metabolism-chick; my body... feels different than it did. It is thicker and slower, and hurts more. Though the thick and slow are not so bad. I can always do without pain.

And we've passed the Dust-to-Dust First Event Singularity. Plus le change...

...Plus le travailler.
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So, made it through the first Dust to Dust three-day event.

Now that I have slept, it was really awesome. I had a wonderful time. It was exhausting and stressy, and I had some small melting right at the beginning, but it is amazing what a proper dose of one's meds and some awesome setting stuff will do. Not to mention the really excellent people I get to work with on this thing.

Still of the opinion that everyone ever should play the game. In spite of the fact that I'm not really sure where on site we'd put them, right now.

Still want half a million bucks to buy some land, and half a million more to kit it out for LARP habitation.

Also want all the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.
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Stupid shit going screwy at wukr means being in obscenely early. Which is better than having to go in at 9 last night. I shouldn't be so outraged. But weariness makes me outraged. Oh well. I have cranberry juice.

World Event this last weekend was so awesome. It had little christmas lights of awesome all over it. Which is to say that it was super sweet for a Very First One-Day.

Next one is 28 May. Three cheers for Memorial Day Weekends! This means no SCARABFest and no Wiscon, but that's all right. Dust to Dust is fight.

Also, poor LJ. DDoS attacks are not fight.
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The nice thing about my brain, is that crashingly depressed, although when it's on, it's hard to remember ever feeling any other way, does go away soonish, and that's all right. Having a nice time so far in the ATL, though I went out very quickly in poker. Am now listening to people discuss what they think is going on with various aspects of Dust to Dust, philosophically speaking.

This makes me so happy.

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In case you were wondering what I've been up to recently that I have been so lax in yammering on with various yammers, this is it.

That is to say, the Dust to Dust website and rulebook are finally live. I don't care who you are or where you live, but you should Go and See.

A full and formal post of joy is here, at [ profile] shieldhaven's gaming blog. Discussion is on the Red Button Forums.

B and I were up till 3am last night, working on stuff, and I suspect [ profile] colinmcl was too. Still more to add, because html is hateml. Bugs for me are karmic retribution. My fail this morning was so profound, that I forgot my wallet and keycard, and neglected to take a shower. Fortunately, my ability to interact with humans without ripping their throats out with my teeth has been restored courtesy of the Most Excellent B, who took me out to Little Tokyo for sushi lunch of Restoring Sanity. Helps!

But rejoice with me, for this is possibly the most awesome thing I have ever been involved in.
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I am all bored of moody, so Hey Bootstraps. And what's going on here.

Next weekend, I am moving in with the Boy. This means moving to Cary. And cardboard. Lots of cardboard. Fortunately, you know where the best place to find cardboard is?


Seriously though, I am happy of this, and also nervy. Both things. Lots and lots.

...too much to do. DtD writing deadlines are fight. Hopefully things will seem something other than dumb to-day.

Wukr is still nuts, but starting to make more sense.

And yeah.
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I got rather a lot of writing done today, and cleaning too.

The writing being a little different from the norm for me, as I get to be on the Campaign Committee for the Dust to Dust LARP, which makes me very happy.

That said, I am up to chapter 15 in That Long Story, and partway into 16, and I need to update the setting log from my D&D game last Friday, and the Chessenta game Monday was /really/ good-- it is not easy to run my Shaman just clean out of healing, and Eclipse this weekend, and, and...

And whew, but that's a run on.

And I should sleep now.
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So, I have two different character concepts for Dust to Dust, the LARP that [ profile] shieldhaven & [ profile] colinmcl and the rest are starting fairly soon.

One is a homunculus-- a creature created by a Ritualist out of the body parts of the dead-- the bit of arm there with the writing was once part of an angel's face-- what serves said Ritualist. The other is a Returned, which are ancient heroes of yore come back from the graves to battle the Most Foul. I sit and ponder my options, pro & con wise:

So, for a Homunculus;

--I would get to be created in play by [ profile] gollwyn-- always a good time.
--The team I'd be on automatically is awesome.
--The costume. It is so awesome and would be a hell of a lot of fun.
--I really like the other people who are playing homunculi thusfar.
--GRAFTS! CLAWS! So, the Homunculus Racial Power is getting to graft on new body parts-- including animal claws. Getting to use claws, even if they're only dagger-length to start, is kind of a big deal. Among other things (like familiarity from playing a monster for so long), claws can't be disarmed the way held weapons can. I mean... ew.
--Sweet Sweet opportunities for body horror!

--Playing yet another sidekick. There's always the worry that I'd wind up with a character that's too dependent on having her Ritualist in play to be fun... the nice thing about Harper at Eclipse is that, while she is one of those types who defers to her Lord Cousin in all things, she can still have fun when he's not around, and has her own stuff going on. Really, she does, I swear!
-- The makeup. Which doesn't have to be consistent, but I'll get really annoyed at my stitches melting off in the warm seasons. Makeup is kind of a plus and a minus both.
--I have little to no character history, so I'll kind of have a floating, unformed character for a while. This wouldn't be so bad at the start of play, but I've already done that. Harp's pretty formed now, but I made her very Tabula Rasa. It might be nice to have someone with deep roots in the world-- or at least the memory of the World That Was-- to start.

And for a Returned...

--Playing someone With a History. I mean, woah. Now, most of the history would be unknown to them at the start of play, but...
--One of the Cultures is Finland/Ancient Finland. Like, Sariola and Suomi stylez, Old School. So I could play a hero based on Lemmenkainen! And Maybe I could get someone to take Forge Magic and play Ilmarinen and someone else to play Vanaimoinen and, and... SQUEE!
--I've already started writing the Lament for Lost Druma in my head. Because Trochaiac Tetrameter is super sexy.
--Even if I don't get other people to play the rest of the tetrad, I'd have So Much Fun playing Kalevala the Larp in my head. I mean... seriously folks.
--Returned racial powers and setup are flipping sweet. Crazy sweet. Mighty Christ.

--The Costume, while still badass, is not quite as awesome.
--The Makeup is also less awesome, and potentially more annoying.
--Not as certain of my team. I could potentially still be on the same team, but it'd take more work to figure out why and how.
--No claws. :(

I'm pretty sure I'd be able to do hardcore melee one way or the other, which is what I want, and I could potentially be just as happy doing it with a bastard sword (or martial school weapon, if I went that way-- dear lord do I <3 Martial schools) as with claws.

We ponder these things because they are happy, and it is good to think on matters where there are really no horribly bad choices.
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Last night was Chessenta, which was awesome, if full of snakes. I mean, there was a temple. To the Snake God. And it was full of snakes. And Draconians. Which might be bullshit. And Salt-Pillars full of poison gas, which are definitely bullshit, but that wasn't actually their fault. That was the rogue's fault. And the fault of some magic gem-lasers.

Also, Big, Powerful, Disguised Red Dragons are apparently prejudiced against Plant People. Or maybe Shamans. Or maybe Shamans in creepy Shaman masks who are also plant people.

Err... anyway.

Apart from that, my wireless router decided to behave in all ways contrary to a wireless router last night, having all the lights on, but nothing doing. A very unnatural sort of all lights on. I am befuddled, and well... just plugged the modem directly into the computer, which was annoying, but I wanted to see the piccys from the DtD shoot! And they are loverly.

And now, Time To Focus.
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I started a follow up post to yesterday's commentary on 4e and what it doesn't do well-- for yeah, while I love my baby, that doesn't mean I'm blind to its flaws. But I just finished running the first session of my all-girl game, and I am way, way too exhausted to finish said post. Tomorrow is the DtD photo shoot, and we've got a ton of folks coming in from out of town, and yes. Awesomeness is afoot. Geeky, Wonderful, Awesomeness.

Also, the game went well. There is no amount of baked goods which is too much baked goods for a given session, even if we don't eat all of them. I have a headache, but it is a happy headache. Now I am going to eat watermelon and read Mira Grant's Feed or work on this going-better re-write and wait for people to get here.
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Ah, the Post-LARP soreness and sleepiness and comedown! It is well and overwhelming, and yes. I have just spent the weekend indulged in space-samurai neo-Victorian quasi-fascism, and so that was awesome. The pacing on this event was very good, and my character got a chance to feel Real In The World, which is very important when one is going around whacking people with foam weaponry.

Also, I was just commanded to do something Surreal RIGHT NOW.

So it is pretty much like every other day.
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I just had the girliest dream ever in life.

I was following about through a shopping mall after this kingly guy (played stereotypically by [ profile] comic_monkey with a freaking Uber Beard), all in chain armor, off to slay some monsters. When I get distracted by this carousel (like they have in malls), only the horses are all real pegausi and kirin and the like. I wind up snuggled between the pair of kirin, feeding them lemons and sugar, and the mother kirin is singing 'Donught Hole' by Tori Amos and nuzzling her babies, and the girl who tends them normally is rolling her eyes and warning me that they will slobber all over me, and that they are very emo with their Tori singing ways, and then I woke up.

So yeah. Wow. Girly times whut.

In the meantime, happy Oestara/Easter/Passover/Yay!

B is sitting at his computer, reading me old 3rd edition Nero rules and looking for cool verbals. The single-use packets, that have to have a mark on them saying what spell they are terrify me. I had been told that once spell packets were made of cornstarch and tissue, but yeesh! Either way, these verbals are pretty darned awesome.

Good morning wherever you are, and here.
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Sciatica sucks. Just saying.

This weekend was fantastic and full of mass pwnage, mostly of me as I was repeatedly beaten into layers of mud and pine needles by like, six people at once. Held my own pretty okay though, and earned myself a fantastic hangover Sunday Morning. Upon which we promptly went into battle again.

It kinda rocked. Cleared up the hangover PDQ also.

Today, however, I have planned a date with a heating pad, a warm washcloth, a very dark room, and maybe some light music. What I really need is a few more days of sparring/boffer fighting, instead of all this prolonged-sitting.
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Here is me as my Eclipse character, Pallas Ivar Harper Kell:

I'm not entirely sure what I am giggling at here, but I have some ideas.
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Weekend = good.
Drive to georgia and back (though I didn't have to do any of the driving) = long.
Company on said drive & getting to see teh Georgia-way folks = awesome.
playing a pc at a LARP instead of monstering= interesting, quite. I enjoyed it. My character, Harper, is a whole barrel of fun (and yea, she is indirectly named for [ profile] tithenai. :D )

Good night, lovies.
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Back from Georgia,
Far more bruised,
From damned evil camp beds,
Than from the pummeling.

Mmmm... pummeling.
Lo! I miss the pummeling.
I miss the...the...

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So, [ profile] theferrett asked a rather worthy question, for those of you (and I know there are some few about on my f*list!) who play RPGS, of the tabletop or live variety:

What's your [RP] archetype? Do you know what need it satisfies?

Meaning, specifically, a unifying type or trope that all of your RP characters share. Now I generally prefer the GM or NPC roles, but upon reflection, I found that the main of my characters (there could certainly be exceptions), seem to be those who either are easily underestimated, but ought not to be, or are there to distract your attention so you'll underestimate their buddy, who will then make you sorry.

As for why... an excellent question. I think it betrays a belief in the idea that Still Waters Will Fuck You Up.

So... how 'bout you guys?

ETA: [ profile] ethylamine had an extremely interesting addendum-- what is the weakness you CAN NOT hang on your characters? Are there any weaknesses that the idea of playing either makes you uncomfortable, or just seems unpleasant to the point of not being interesting?

Personally, I think I am more uncomfortable with the whole Deeply Scarred By Past Trauma thing than with any other... PTSD sucks, and it isn't really a fun thing to put on a character that one intends to play hardcore. For writing purposes, it's a little more okay, but it still deeply bugs me, and I am usually more about what happens in the story than dwelling on the character's old wounds.
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Back from a Million Travels Part the First, it seems I will actually have a weekend in NC coming up. Novel!

The King's Gate Event rocked like rolling. When we roll (or get rolled), we roll deep. Oh yes. Blasts were had by all. Wounds taken to every limb. Unless one had a dodge left. And I still seem to be afflicted by incomprehensibility, as sleep was something not had near enough. As per usual.

Am delighted by the fact that I will actually get to go to [ profile] yuki_onna's wedding at the end of the month, and am considering going to NPC at Eclipse, as I have not yet had my fill of beat down just yet.

The next clockwork ball will apparently be on New Years Eve, and so that, methinks will be what I am doing for that merry day. I strongly suggest that others with a passing interest in steampunkery (whether local or no) attend as well, because... well, awesome.

Finally, I love Wikipedia because it's only a short trip from The King in Yellow to Non-Euclidian Geometry to Omar Khayyam.

Just sayin'.
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Verison DSL is frustrating and full of doom. As is my back. I'm going to sleep now. I will growl at it more in the morning.

I spent the weekend being a fairy, a shark, and a frog. It was awesome.

I spent this evening making friends with WoW and hydrocodone.

Good night.

I think it would be a horrible thing if the movie for which I know Michael Caine best remains Bewitched.

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