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Hopefully, only 2 more weeks of the unrelenting nausea before the placenta takes over and the morning sickness lessens.



5 July 2013 13:03
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So, I am pregnant. About 8 weeks along. And for about a week, I have been in the morning all-day sickness part of the festivities.

This has made me miserable, cranky, and barely able to function. The usual remedies are not properly functioning. But it's all in a good cause, so... yeah!

Also we're moving this weekend, which hardly feels real. Mom is here to help, and B's parents will be here tonight.

Woosh and zoom!
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So, a few days ago, my grandmother went into the ICU-- lung problems, which became heart problems. They thought she was getting better, but she isn't. So my dad called me tonight... you know the call. The, "This Is Probably Your Last Chance," call. He and my aunt are flying out tomorrow, and my mom on Sat.

Thus, B and I are flying out Saturday morning to CA, to go up also.

This is sort of the... crown, of an amazingly unstable week.

(Also, B is a simply wonderful person. It is important that this be known far and wide.)
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I hate being sick (seriously, it's been days now), but three cheers for vpn. Write all the tests. And watch all the episodes of Ru Paul's drag race.
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I have a sore throat, and a nasty headache, and an appointment for a GI specialist to deal with the fact that my guts have gotten so bad, I can't enjoy sweet tea or tomato soup-- which is, of course, an untenable situation.

All that said? Life is pretty good.

Oh, I'm sure I'll have a bunch of stuff to bitch about soonest. But it is important to record the times when, in spite of whatever obnoxious shenanigans one may endure, the ride is still super sweet.
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Ohjoy I am still sick!

Now, the crown to the sick is my back deciding yesterday to Just Die. Like, walking is bad times sort of death. Like, sciatica relapse sort of death. So I am stretching and making friends with the heating pad and trying not to cry and all. Also wukring from home. because why wouldn't I be?

On the other hand, this is a great time to hit me with any bad news at all, because I am pretty effing miserable and so don't have a good mood to ruin.
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So here I am at 29,000 feet, my ears painfully plugged in spite of my chewing gum because I have an awful cold and fever, and I am on teh freakin' intarwebs.

Dude. It's the effing future.
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Sciatica sucks. Just saying.

This weekend was fantastic and full of mass pwnage, mostly of me as I was repeatedly beaten into layers of mud and pine needles by like, six people at once. Held my own pretty okay though, and earned myself a fantastic hangover Sunday Morning. Upon which we promptly went into battle again.

It kinda rocked. Cleared up the hangover PDQ also.

Today, however, I have planned a date with a heating pad, a warm washcloth, a very dark room, and maybe some light music. What I really need is a few more days of sparring/boffer fighting, instead of all this prolonged-sitting.
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She is in a crappy mood and all bored of sick,
Praying for snow in droves, in drives, in a magnificent greatness of buryings under.
The wires in her earphones are giving her little shocks whenever she moves too much. This is kinda tickly.
Oh yea, she longs for snow, for sleep and snow,
for sleep, and snow, and the swift, sure passage of winter,
And all of its goddamn sniffly sneezy achy coughing stuffy-head works.

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Back in Ye Olde Carolina Norte after a trip that was really rather a wonderful time, in spite of the Creeping Crud of Unholy Doom, which hopefully delivered its climactic act last night and is now in the dénoument. Hopefully The combination of clean sheets, beef bullion, vicks cold medicine, orange juice and pineapple slices compel thee, chest congestion serves to aid in that direction. Alors.

First day back at work-- actually got some stuff done. Doing laundry and making friends with the couch the now, and allowing my brain to contemplate great expanses of nothing at all.

Watching Trainspotting now, to be followed I think by Cats. The Boys may well enjoy that, to make up for my prolonged absence.
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good news: I have two new tires on my car!

bad news: I ought to have suspected a problem when I realised that both new tires were on the back-- usually, they put the best tires on the front. The plan being that I would keep the best two of the old ones and replace them in a week or two, next paycheck.

So clearly, they did not check the old tires thoroughly enough, because the tire on the front driver side has the steel belting fibery-ness sticking out all the way around on the inside of the tire-- as I discovered when I heard that alarming knocking as I got up to speed on the ride home. I pulled over to check, and sure enough... fortunately, the tire is still holding air in, but I rather... prayed a lot, till I was finally at the abode. Fortunately, I think my spare is still in better shape than this tire, and I should be able to change it when I get a chance. However, I am... rather extremely annoyed that when I asked the guy, "will these older tires last me another couple weeks?" He was apparently just being concilitory. While I don't like to be sold things I don't need, I would also like to be told if, y'know, I really do need something else, seriously, this is bloody unsafe otherwise. ><

Anyway, as there's pretty much no possible way I can get that car back to Cary for the time being (until and unless I can get the spare back on), I will probably get my next two tires elsewhere.

In the meantime, trying to convince this sore throat to go away, like it did yesterday, and not come back this time. Seasonal Respiratory Gunk for the win!

Anyway, my solution to all of this is Ramen, a just completed call to my mother to whine for a bit, and a large mug of tea with honey in and also Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold which I am happily re-enjoying.

Oh yes-- and the pleasant glow of the Channaukah lights. This too is a lovely thing.
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Fever = Broken!

Netflix instant is my dear, dear friend.

I think Phoebe in Wonderland is one of my new favorite movies.

Now I shall watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, as I have not seen it before.

Oh man, I can tell already that this is gonna be fun.
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Still fever'd.

Obeying doctor and staying home. Got no sleep last night due to aches and being overwarm, in spite of having just a sheet.

Good night.
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So, now that I have been to the doctor and learned that I do not have the flu (swine or otherwise), Ihave been advised that I ought not return to work until 48 hours have passed, or else my fever has reduced to under 100, which has not happened yet. We shall see tomorrow. I have been given some form of inhaler, which is all right, as I am not fond of antibiotics, but still feel that sleep is the best of all tonics. Sleep, bullion, and tea.

Now, if you will permit me to relate a little about my birthday, as it passed, I will say that in spite of the creeping crud, it was most excellent. After the main of the day's events, [ profile] comic_monkey and Cory accompanied me unto a place called Shorty's, which, as I had been informed by [ profile] experimentart deals largely in booze and pinball. We had been told to expect some manner of food there, but were most disheartened to discover that it were only hot dogs and nachos-- not fit fare for geeks as hungry as we.

It is at this point that I must interrupt the narrative to elaborate on a matter-- I had been told by my companions that any manner of dinner I wished for my birthday could be had, and happily. I had expressed a desire for Thai, but had relinquished it in favour of said pinball, and as finding a suitable Thai place would have been annoying, to say the least.

Nevertheless, when we inquired with the bouncer at Shorty's as to a suitable place to get more substantial repast, do you know that right next door was a Thai Restraunt called something like Sparkling Buddah, and that it was truly excellent!? I assure you there was, and that it was, and no words can express my delight at both these circumstances. Or that shorty's had tables made of old pinball machines, decor like unto a carnival tent, and an Addam's Family pinball table. Truly, in spite of the encroaching illness, I was made nearly the happiest of Rabbits.

Now that I have finished reading The Phoenix Guards by Steven Brust, and while I do have other matter to read, I am torn between doing so and returning once more to sleep, though I am certain that I will be satisfied one way or another by either of these options.
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I've got e-mails to respond to, but for the moment, I fear,now that I have returned from Seattle, that I must immediately and instantly pass out. We seemto have gotten the plague, or perhaps bronchitis, and triaminic and cough drops are my bosom companions.

Good night.
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Saw a doctor yesterday, got more prescription, and set-up for proper physical when, y'know, my legs are not rebelling. This is good.

Inglourious Basterds last night, which was worth the pain of sitting for so long in a chair. If you have problems with graphic violence, (and/or/even graphic violence against Nazis of every conceivable rank), then perhaps you should give this one a pass. If, however, you like metamoments, the aforementioned horrendous (I had to turn my head a couple of times) violence, schadenfreude, humor the color of the night with no moon dumped in black paint, german cinema, Mike Myers with an accent not to be believed, and Brad Pitt pronouncing it "Natzees", then this may well be the movie for you.

I was in my cathartic, schadenfreude-tastic element-- EVERYWHERE DEAD NAZIS. SO MANY DEAD NAZIS. DEAD NAZIS TO THE POWER OF CAPSLOCK. Zomgwtfspuh! ^^!

Also, I /really/ want to see Gamer when it comes out. OW, that movie looks like so much pain. So. Much. I have heard some doubt as to the plausibility of the premise, but y'know, I'm willing to suspend disbelief for a mind/body control shtick. Just a little.

Clockwork ball tonight, finally! I don't know how much dancing my body will let me do, but... but. [ profile] dj_mouse is all that is awesome.
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Cut for bullshit annoying health rambling. Yeah, I have that. )

Calling doctors in the morning. The nice property managers sent out a e-mail about the shit that went down last night. I am curling up on top of an ice pack right now with garlic naan and sangria and Slumdog Millionare from netflix and not bawling like crazy.

Oh yeah, Best fucking day ever.

Well, the tacos and Order of the Stick were good, at least.
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Every sound simply echoes through this apartment building! I can hear the people upstairs dance and drop metal bowls in their kitchen, and the front door being right on the other side of the wall from my toes, I can hear people coming and going at all hours. I mind it far less than the cats do, or rather Maus, growling at the invisible strangers as he does.

I have spent the day in bed, except to make tea and eat the frozen edamame dumplings I got from Trader Joe's last night, and more bullion. I feel a little better for this. I have slept, and read, and installed, and deleted, and edited, and written a little, even. I have not properly made anything, though I have wanted to. It always seems that I am missing some vital thing, when I start a new project.

I hope that I will feel better tomorrow. I am a little less warm now than this afternoon.

But now Maussolini has decided to curl himself up on my chest, tuck his head under my chin, and knead my skin through my t-shirt with his claws, so perhaps I ought to stop typing for a while.
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...Wakes Up.
...Feels like hell.
...Takes Temp.
...Curses at Thermometer.
...Fixes a cup of Chicken Bullion.
...Returns to Bed.

Good night.
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Fever of 101.7

I think I am staying home tomorrow.

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