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Today was spent, by and large, helping the Scrap Exchange move their stuff out of the newly condemned building in which they'd been habitating for a while, across the street into the minor league baseball offices. Which would have been all well and good, except that I lost my keys somewhere in the process, and, as the breaks on my car are dead, was driving [ profile] shieldhaven's vehicle. Which meant that I had to get someone to drive me back to Cary, then to my car again. And that we had to go get new keys made.

Super fun.

Anyway, if you're in the Triangle, you should go and donate to the scrap to help them get a permanent home, help them move stuff, of just donate $10 tomorrow and go get whatever you want of the stuff they can't take to their warehouse. It's a great opportunity to get some neat junk-- they just won't be able to get everything out in the time that they have. Also, go see the new space-- it's very bright and cheerful, even if it is all temporary and stuff.

So now that I've mostly de-stressed, I am still finding the writing I need to do this evening to get ready for the Dust to Dust World Event really bloody difficult to wrap my head around. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, mebbe.

Also, it looks like I'll be Perm instead of Contract at my wukr starting on the 31st. Which is awesome, and I am a fan. So I am feeling better about all of that.

And that's the news.
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This weekend was pretty awesome. Saturday, went to the farmer's market with a friend of mine, D, and got herbs and pots and beer, then went to the scrap exchange. Another friend who works there, Nicole, asked me if I were available to model for her upcycled fashion show that evening, and I agreed, because Nicole's shows are awesome, and I adore modelling in them. Then D and I went to Rue Cler, where they were showing Cheerleading Competitions on the telly. For realsies. We boggled at the Girlness.

B came with me to the fashion show, and I fed him booze for his trouble, and took him to Bailey's for beer-cheese soup. As usual, the show was utterly fabulous, and I had a blast. We'll see if pictures circulate ever.

It was an odd evening, in that it felt terribly like... I dunno, 2004 or 2005, the Ooh la latte days. Though better, because I could afford to drink Captain Morgan and actual beer, instead of PBR, and because the Person I Am With is so super chill. Laid back. Happy is so much better than any label I can think of.

It's a thing.

The rest of the weekend was chill as can be, which was Necessary. Semi-inadvertently, we had a Djimon Hounsou movie marathon, and that was, I feel, a proper Accomplishment.

Though I now kinda want to see the version of the Tempest where he plays Caliban. So. Badass.

I should also mention that we saw Sucker Punch with a bunch of folks this weekend, and I liked it really quite a lot, though I think I was the only one. Not a perfect film, but one I was def. going to enjoy. Also not a film I expect any one else to care for-- I have my reasons why I like it, and I'm sure people will have theirs why it isn't for them. But I was happy with it.

See my thoughts on happiness, above.
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I had a really amazing day today.

Boy is amazing. Game and Gamer Girls are amazing. Lady Grace is amazing. Dancing at the Pinhook is amazing. The Whole World... well, you get the idea.

I...really have nothing else to say. There are things that could be better for me. There are so, so many things that could be worse. But right now, right this moment, I am feelin' good.

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Being that my +20 Frost Resistance hoodie needs to be washed after soaking up tobacco smoke at the Bull McCabe last night, today I seem to be wearing my Death Cab For Cutie hoodie over my KMFDM t-shirt.

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So I came down to Alivia's tonight for dinner and a bit of staring blankly into my computer in a place where Dead Space and a whole ton of household chores, at least, could not distract me from my purpose. As I walked, I passed one of my favorite restaurants, Anotherthyme, where I thought to stop for their delicious and incomparable raspberry cocotte either before or after dinner. (Dessert first! As they say.)

Only to discover that it was closed, for good. It's last day of operation was September 30th.

I weep for this place, which sold me my first underage martini, which had a lovely bar filled with reasonably priced cocktails, which once served me something blue that knocked me on my ass a full hour after I'd consumed it, which had the best desserts I have ever eaten, where you could get red zinger tea if you were for some reason not feeling alchoholic-- in short, which I loved. I mourn for their passing, the loss of an institution, and for all the raspberry cocotte I cannot now eat.

Hat over my heart, I mourn.
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It has been a busy news week, and now it is today. Today has no news in it, and do you know, I don't mind? It has been a day of walking around downtown Durham, getting materials for Scrap Exchange Projects For Next Week and now, sitting in the library because there's internet here, and that's an important thing for Rabbits to have-- especially because for some reason, seems to be blocked at work, and that's just unacceptable. I am lost without my design fix.

Arkham Horror is a game which is so terrible, it is awesome. I think I would like to play it 90 times more.

There is a book open on the table with me called American Elves: An encyclopedia of Little People from the Lore of 380 Ethnic groups of the Western Hemisphere, and a book on the shelf up there entitled, You Eat What you Are. This convinces me that I picked the right corner in which to nestle myself and my tinyputer, for the time being.

Happy Sunday wherever you are, and here.
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Hrm. The connection here at Francesca's is being crap, so before it craps out again, I will just say that I had a magnificent 4th of july with co-workers who came into Durham and frolicked with me and other lovely people at [ profile] ghettonqueen and Harris's place and at the Bull McCabe, and yes.

Now, I have finished my Limonata and the internet still seems to be sketchy, so I think that I will go browse and sigh at the Ox and Rabbit, then perhaps go home and watch 1776. Or maybe more Oz. Or both. Whichever!

(also, happy belated nativity to [ profile] theferrett and to [ profile] redbaroness2! Recovery and lovely all around.)
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Scrap Exchange event this morning, which was oddly speedy and surreal for a Scrap Event. T'was the 4th of July Parade at Durham Central park, which meant that breakfast was farmer's market watermelonade and a doughnut-muffin. Yea, verily so.

We were there largely to provide materials for people to decorate their bikes and scooters and strollers before the Event, and the Central Park committee provided what was probably a good deal more than 99 Red Balloons for the participants, and yes. An elderly gent dressed as Ben Franklin elicited snickers from myself and my compatriot about spyhilitic french hookers, though not within earshot of him or of small children, necessarily.

And now, as the internet at the Crash Site seems to be no more, I am sitting at Francesca's, having finished some rumination on the Sewer Creature of R'leigh, some e-mails and a bowl of curried vegetable soup which was actually kind of amazing.

Oh, you're still stuck back at the whole sewer creature bit? You are curious about potential tentacles? Well, see for yourself...

I swear, the fabric of reality is wearing mighty thin, these days.
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So about 20 odd people doing the electric slide in the CCB plaza in Downtown Durham to the tune of "Thriller" and "Billy Jean"?

Complete. Fucking. Win.

(Also, the main reason there wasn't the actual Thriller dance bit is no one remembered it. But there was a lady there what heads up the local Beaver Lodge, and wants to do a fully choreographed staging of it. Yeah, I'm down.)
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The following is a list of things which are good in life:

--Friday night's shindig at [ profile] shieldhaven's, in which I got to have a goodly amount of quality natter with [ profile] pipistrella.
--The Swap-o-Rama at the Armoury yesterday, where I started my first real upcycled dress. Pictures once I finish it-- perhaps.
--Dinner at Rue Cler, where I treated a non-existant Wolf to a three course prix fixée and a glass of rosé. He did not like the crepe of the day that they offered for dessert, but at some point I shall either return there for fruit crepes specifically, or else shall take him to Another Thyme, which has the always delectable raspberry cocotte (his favorite), as well as inexspensive cocktails.
--proseco and orange juice. Also, chocolate wrapped crepes from whole foods. Only 69 cents!

And also, you.
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Beltane party at friends' house last night, which was blast. Meg didn't come though, and I didn't keep my phone on me and lost track of time, so there was some badness once I realised how late it was and how many times she'd tried to call me, mais alors. Feel quite poorly over how worried she was. Still had a pretty good time. See how stuff goes.

Attempting to finish knitting project, hating double-pointed needles, Fallout 3 being all seductive over there. Small Kainthing being a fuzzy pillow behind shoulder.

Absinthe is much better when you don't have to smell it the next morning.
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A large accident, climbing up the entrance to 147 off of Roxboro Rd. They weren't blocking the whole entrance, but shattered glass made the going a bit tricky. There were 2 ambulances and a firetruck, and seven men in bright yellow gear crowded about what was probably a rather badly wounded person.

Across the street, on Roxboro proper, a rather dark man in a blue hoodie stood behind a wheelchair full of another fellow, a thin, twisted little nut-brown fellow in jeans, an old flannel button down, and a pair of worn white terry cloth bunny slippers. The man in the wheelchair gesticulated wildly at the firemen and the accident scene, writhing nearly out of his chair. I think that the man behind had paused not only to watch the fracas, but also in fear that his charge would writhe himself right out of the wheelchair.

But it was the bunny-slippers, really. Those bunny slippers will stay with me for quite a while, I think.
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Due to previously mentioned circumstances, I'm not going to be in town for the Durham holiday parade this weekend, but I went to the scrap exchange costume making thingy yesterday and made a very cool, 3 piece poinsettia queen costumey thing that I now wish I had taken pictures of. Hopefully, someone will like to wear it on Saturday, though the trouble with it being... well, it would really work better in warm weather. Alas.

In the series of things that make me randomly happy, For some reason, I find this t-shirt image completely awesome.
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Some pictures from the Scrap Exchange Fashion show! Facebook'd by the fabulous Lauradarling:

The white shoes are SUCH THE SEX. )
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So tonight at the Scrap Exchange, I am modeling in a fashion show done by the frabjous Nicole and Eli, showing off their awesome upcycled, reconstructed threads. Muy excited for this... I had quite a lot of fun at their outer space show way back in the day. Which I would link, but alas, I cannot find but anyway.


Photos if they happen.
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via everyone:

Take a picture of yourself right now. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture. Post that picture with NO editing. Post these instructions with your picture.

So here I yam. )

There are a number of adorable kitteh pictures I ought to post too, but perhaps in another post. Oh, you know what else I did today? PLAYED MAGIC! Which I've been doing nearly every Thursday with the co-workers. Lorwyn & Morningtide draft.

Yes, this makes me insanely happy. Now to post before my laptop dies.
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This is Sheer Fucking Genius.

Now if only locopops would deliver. Though you can also get cupcakes from a vintage airstream trailer.


Also, [ profile] vaukosigan and the failcat are cute.
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So tehs birfday is off to a start both ripping, and not so ripping.

The ripping part is that I got a bunch of watercolor pencils and an absolute stack of books on creative journaling from the Mother-in-Law, who rocks. And from the Other, I got a brand spanking new Sewing Machine-- I have wanted one for Ages!-- and also ROCK BAND.

Now I, too, can lose 8000 fans!


The not so ripping part.

Water is fracking STREAMING OUT OF the light fixture in my living room ceiling, so we cannot play teh Rock Band. The Rock Band is covered so it will stay dry. The buckets are an excercise in futility, yet are present. And the landlord? He says nothing can be done till Monday.


So there are many things it is hard to overstate today.

I'm going to go listen to Benny Benassi now.

Edit: Ah, the Landlord decided to come on down, now that the rain is less. So we'll see what happens with that. If I don't like what happens, Some people might like to see the pictures of the fracas.

Btw, mine is the building behind the tree in the far left of that picture.
caudelac: (*facedive*) On Saturday, the guy who is responsible for the huge "We Want Oprah!!!" sign downtown and also the 'Urban Center', about half a block from my house, was shot and killed in the latter. The details as they stand are here.

For those of you who who are like, "huh wha...?" Here's a rather shamefully hotlinked pic of the fellow's greatest landmark:

It's one of those 'dunno what to say,' moments, so I'd best be gettin' my tail to-wards wukr.
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It seems that I am going to be the stagemanager for Big Daddy of Ringside's production of Over the Rainbows-- which be a musical written and orchestrated by hissownself. It's quite fabulous.

Did laundry today. Am a little depressed about the sitch... on the one hand, I have this opportunity to try to find something I actually want to do, while I'm collecting unemployment.

On the other hand... what on earth could that be? That I can afford, anyway.


Oh yes-- my teeth suck.

The end.

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