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The only thing I dislike more than authoritarian dictatorships are assholes who insist that the liberals are fascist. OMG. Yes, it is possible to be an authoritarian leftist (like a 'communist' dictatorship), but fascism/nationalism is rightist-- insular, reactionary bullshit. Just because a word is a bad thing, and you don't like some other thing, doesn't mean you get to just apply said word to the thing you don't like.

O' the March of Godwin.
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Bush = GODWIN'D!

Ok, not that it's anything new... except that it's still a bit of a blink and a shake when anyone mentions Bin Laden's name again. Y'know, remember him? He was at the forefront of everyone's mind when we were invading iraq...

...wasn't he?

Though geez Hillary, that's all very well and good... if you hadn't been a million alarmist about Iran just last week.

But seriously, if Bush wants us to remember as far back as the 30's, He ought not be challenged to remember as far back as the 50's, to Senator McCarthy, to the House Unamerican Activities committee and the execution of the Rosenbergs. Seriously, he should just come right out with it and say he frigging agrees with Sen. McCarthy. We all know it. Mighty Christ.

And, shutting upnow.

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