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Some good, some bad. All crazy.

Yesterday at wukr was a lesson in frustration and drama, and also... oh crap, I should probably try to work on more stuff in preparation for things. Some of this is still true, but it's better.

I have way too much to do, but so does everyone.

One day, I will have thoughts that are not related to some game, wukr, or food, but it doesn't seem terribly likely at the moment.

There are worse things.
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So, I am considering running something semi-regular in addition to my 4e game, in part because I've never run anything non-d&d, and because I want to run something that [ profile] shieldhaven can play in. I haven't ever run a tabletop game that wasn't some edition of D&D though, and the sorts of things I might run... well, let's have a look, shall we?

In no particular order:

1) Nobilis-- B's had this book for some time, and lent it me back in the day because of the Pritty. And man, is it Pritty. Also, Samhaine's Opinions Matter.

2) Changeling: The Lost-- set in the universe of the novel I am writing about a lass named Timothina and many Thousands of Kingdoms. There are fey in the story, and it might map pretty nicely, and be deeply interesting to me.

3) A 4th Age Middle Earth Game-- I am not sure what system I'd use for this, but the idea is that the PCs are Orcs, Southron, or Halflings just after the end of the War of the Ring. Based on the premise that Orcs are twisted mutations of Elves, Ulmo or Illuvitar or someone has wakened the Elvish soul in some of them, those where that part lay sleeping only lightly. This turns them from brutish beasts incapable of order without the control of a tyrant into real, thinking creatures with consciences, interested in getting redemption from themselves, and gaining some form of acceptance in the lands of Middle Earth. There's a bunch of challenges in even setting this up that I'm likely to address more in depth in my gaming blog.

4) Something else that I just haven't thought of, if there's anything that my peeps might wish to play.

Also, I still mean to run my Dawning Star short-run horror game, but [ profile] shieldhaven will be helping me write and run that, rather than playing in it, which defeats some little of the purpose.

Anyway. Poll!

[Poll #1712498]

Cross posting to my gaming blog, but I cannot poll there.
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In case you were wondering what I've been up to recently that I have been so lax in yammering on with various yammers, this is it.

That is to say, the Dust to Dust website and rulebook are finally live. I don't care who you are or where you live, but you should Go and See.

A full and formal post of joy is here, at [ profile] shieldhaven's gaming blog. Discussion is on the Red Button Forums.

B and I were up till 3am last night, working on stuff, and I suspect [ profile] colinmcl was too. Still more to add, because html is hateml. Bugs for me are karmic retribution. My fail this morning was so profound, that I forgot my wallet and keycard, and neglected to take a shower. Fortunately, my ability to interact with humans without ripping their throats out with my teeth has been restored courtesy of the Most Excellent B, who took me out to Little Tokyo for sushi lunch of Restoring Sanity. Helps!

But rejoice with me, for this is possibly the most awesome thing I have ever been involved in.
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There's no better revenge for one's upstairs neighbors fighting half the evening than to play some DDR Universe 3 at 3AM. Now curiously, although it's been months since I last played DDR and I have been feeling slow, out of shape, and trying to avoid illness, I think that was the best round of DDR I've ever done. I'm a little speechless. High Scores for days and days on rediculously hard songs.

One of which was called 'Return of the Machines'.

Which makes up (a little) for the fact that my oatmeal cookies didn't turn out. I think the baking powder had given up the ghost. Le sigh.

Ahhh, Eclipse Floon. There you are.

It's about fuckin' time.
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Today I am:

-Back from Dragon*Con.

Not necessarily in that order.

I really suck at write-ups, so I will tell you now that the Con was really fun, that I had a great time hanging out with the peoples and meeting a bunch of really awesome folks, that [ profile] shieldhaven is really the best possible person to be stuck with in a 3 hour line following a 6 hour drive, that Haran Roeh has come full circle (long story), and that Liquor Strega is really the King in Yellow in a bottle.


Oh! And also? El Pachuco did, indeed, sign my copy of "Zoot Suit."

Hacha! Aw Reet!
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Hope-- it's kind of a thing.

Nothing terribly amazing going on, but it's kind of nice that once the insidious I-Am-Worthless-And-Incompetent depression has started to creep in, a bunch of little things will conspire to at least make a good case for optimism. It's fragile, but it's there, and that's something to look forward to.

As is Dragon*Con.

This Weekend!

I wanna see if Edward James Olmos will sign my DVD of Zoot Suit. ^^.
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So, I have two different character concepts for Dust to Dust, the LARP that [ profile] shieldhaven & [ profile] colinmcl and the rest are starting fairly soon.

One is a homunculus-- a creature created by a Ritualist out of the body parts of the dead-- the bit of arm there with the writing was once part of an angel's face-- what serves said Ritualist. The other is a Returned, which are ancient heroes of yore come back from the graves to battle the Most Foul. I sit and ponder my options, pro & con wise:

So, for a Homunculus;

--I would get to be created in play by [ profile] gollwyn-- always a good time.
--The team I'd be on automatically is awesome.
--The costume. It is so awesome and would be a hell of a lot of fun.
--I really like the other people who are playing homunculi thusfar.
--GRAFTS! CLAWS! So, the Homunculus Racial Power is getting to graft on new body parts-- including animal claws. Getting to use claws, even if they're only dagger-length to start, is kind of a big deal. Among other things (like familiarity from playing a monster for so long), claws can't be disarmed the way held weapons can. I mean... ew.
--Sweet Sweet opportunities for body horror!

--Playing yet another sidekick. There's always the worry that I'd wind up with a character that's too dependent on having her Ritualist in play to be fun... the nice thing about Harper at Eclipse is that, while she is one of those types who defers to her Lord Cousin in all things, she can still have fun when he's not around, and has her own stuff going on. Really, she does, I swear!
-- The makeup. Which doesn't have to be consistent, but I'll get really annoyed at my stitches melting off in the warm seasons. Makeup is kind of a plus and a minus both.
--I have little to no character history, so I'll kind of have a floating, unformed character for a while. This wouldn't be so bad at the start of play, but I've already done that. Harp's pretty formed now, but I made her very Tabula Rasa. It might be nice to have someone with deep roots in the world-- or at least the memory of the World That Was-- to start.

And for a Returned...

--Playing someone With a History. I mean, woah. Now, most of the history would be unknown to them at the start of play, but...
--One of the Cultures is Finland/Ancient Finland. Like, Sariola and Suomi stylez, Old School. So I could play a hero based on Lemmenkainen! And Maybe I could get someone to take Forge Magic and play Ilmarinen and someone else to play Vanaimoinen and, and... SQUEE!
--I've already started writing the Lament for Lost Druma in my head. Because Trochaiac Tetrameter is super sexy.
--Even if I don't get other people to play the rest of the tetrad, I'd have So Much Fun playing Kalevala the Larp in my head. I mean... seriously folks.
--Returned racial powers and setup are flipping sweet. Crazy sweet. Mighty Christ.

--The Costume, while still badass, is not quite as awesome.
--The Makeup is also less awesome, and potentially more annoying.
--Not as certain of my team. I could potentially still be on the same team, but it'd take more work to figure out why and how.
--No claws. :(

I'm pretty sure I'd be able to do hardcore melee one way or the other, which is what I want, and I could potentially be just as happy doing it with a bastard sword (or martial school weapon, if I went that way-- dear lord do I <3 Martial schools) as with claws.

We ponder these things because they are happy, and it is good to think on matters where there are really no horribly bad choices.
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All right, finally, I'm gonna talk about the game I am running in specific. I have five players, all girls, only two of which (not counting myself) are currently playing another tabletop game. Two others have played before, but not for years and not 4e, and one has never played a tabletop game ever. The party makeup is as follows:

Juuntzi -- Shadar-Kai Avenger
Rory -- Halfling Trickster Rogue
Dhalia -- Deva Invoker
Aretha-- Deva Artificer
Dian-- Human Cleric (Strength)

Please to be ignoring unless you like detailed run-downs of someone else's tabletop game. Yeah, I thought so. Also, I wax poetic about the vaunted economy of action. )

Anyway, I want to maunder on the topic of skill challenges some other time, and in the interim, there should be some non-d&d content here... um, sometime.
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Last night was Chessenta, which was awesome, if full of snakes. I mean, there was a temple. To the Snake God. And it was full of snakes. And Draconians. Which might be bullshit. And Salt-Pillars full of poison gas, which are definitely bullshit, but that wasn't actually their fault. That was the rogue's fault. And the fault of some magic gem-lasers.

Also, Big, Powerful, Disguised Red Dragons are apparently prejudiced against Plant People. Or maybe Shamans. Or maybe Shamans in creepy Shaman masks who are also plant people.

Err... anyway.

Apart from that, my wireless router decided to behave in all ways contrary to a wireless router last night, having all the lights on, but nothing doing. A very unnatural sort of all lights on. I am befuddled, and well... just plugged the modem directly into the computer, which was annoying, but I wanted to see the piccys from the DtD shoot! And they are loverly.

And now, Time To Focus.
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This weekend was extremely awesome, and the DtD photo shoot went well. I am sort of giddy about seeing the pictures, when they are done! And as I mentioned before, I ran my D&D game on friday, which I need to muse about a bit more. In the interim, more blather from me about 3rd & 4e stuffage.

So, Instead of the post I was going to originally make, which was a run-down of my problems with 2e and 3.x D&D, I am going to sum those up, and get to a topic about which I actually care a good deal more. To wit, earlier editions do not have 4e's barriers to player entry, obtuse and overwhelming character creation system, or near-necessary online program that pisses you off when you realise you need it after having spent a ton of cash on books. 4e does not have the huge vagaries and limitations of role that previous editions do, and adds economy of action to many different things, healing in particular-- plus you realise from the outset when you've built a character badly, instead of only figuring it out 6 levels later, after you've been convincing yourself this whole time that one day, you'd be awesome, really. Proponents of both systems argue that it is the other one which is actually limiting and frustrating-- I know that I do. So, I have come to the conclusion that it is a matter of A) what one is used to, and what sorts of limitations you are willing to accept in presentation, and b) What tools help you, personally, become immersed in the game. I would like to think that there are ways for those who love the old editions to share their preferred format with those (i.e.-- me) who have become spoiled by 4e, and for those who are skeptical or downright hostile to 4e come into it in such a way that they'll enjoy the new things that are coming out for the system.

And now that I have pissed /everyone/ off: Multi-Edition Maunderings! )

Enough in the way of Disjointed Maunderings for the afternoon. I have Chessenta tonight! But at some point, maybe I'll get into freedom and limitations in each, and getting around them maybe? And also Economy of Action, yet again. Maybe. Dunno. And write up the game I ran Friday, because I am still really excited about it.
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I started a follow up post to yesterday's commentary on 4e and what it doesn't do well-- for yeah, while I love my baby, that doesn't mean I'm blind to its flaws. But I just finished running the first session of my all-girl game, and I am way, way too exhausted to finish said post. Tomorrow is the DtD photo shoot, and we've got a ton of folks coming in from out of town, and yes. Awesomeness is afoot. Geeky, Wonderful, Awesomeness.

Also, the game went well. There is no amount of baked goods which is too much baked goods for a given session, even if we don't eat all of them. I have a headache, but it is a happy headache. Now I am going to eat watermelon and read Mira Grant's Feed or work on this going-better re-write and wait for people to get here.
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So one morning the Rabbit woke from uneasy dreams to find that she had become a giant power gamer. Unlike Mr. Samsa, however, she is not of the opinion that power gaming-- and here I am speaking specifically of tabletop gaming, and more specifically of D&D 4e-- is not the vile cockroach of play, incompatible with Good, Proper RP. In 4e, it's actually very much the opposite, that I have found. And I further have come to suggest a theory, which has a lot to do with why, I think, that 4e turns some players so completely off.

And this is the part where I'm pretty sure I'll get long-winded. )

So, I am running the first session of my game tomorrow, and considering what encounters are going to be like and all. This'll be very different from any game I have ever run or played at this point, but I don't think in a bad way. This one will be very rp oriented from the outset, and I have never seen 4e run as a straight dungeon crawl before, so that'll be fun! There's a lot of stuff from my old setup that just doesn't convert-- rods & wands are implements, not Things What Contain A Spell, and while there are some that give a specific power bonuses, the ones I've got won't work quite for that... but oddly enough, some of the 4e item rules make my old items a lot cooler than they were before.

But that's a topic for not right now.
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Super Cool is driving back from a really good D&D session with the radio on and they play "What's the Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest, and your brain rolls back to the early 90's and you're just chill.

You're thinking about how much you like playing 4e Shaman, because you feel incredibly useful even when you can't roll for shit, like I couldn't tonight. And you're happy because you spent a good evening with people you like and with your awesome boyfriend, and also because you really love all of the characters in all of the games that you're playing, and you wish you had some sort of parallel timeline running right above or below the regular world that you could put all the gaming in. You in both realities would be vaguely aware of the other, but when you paused for a bit you could remember everything that had happened in whichever you were focusing on as a solid narrative. That way, you could do all the rest of the stuff you want and need to do, and play the metric ton of other games that you really want to play when they start, or the Other Games you want to start yourself.

Like right now, when you think about how you want to get together all of the pictures you've drawn of your various PCs and scan 'em, but you're so relieved and happy to be lying in a clean bed with clean sheets and no fleas, flies, foes or fums. And even better, it looks like Your Destructive Orange Nemesis has actually decided to use the litterbox while you were gone. Sure, you can tell because he decided to cover with things like your stuffed Mickey Mouse and an old 2009 planner, but you're actually too amused by the irony there to be upset. And happy that your place seems to have overcome the infestation of the doomed and the damned.

And that's good, it's really really good.

It's Super Cool.
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Oh In Nomine sourcebook, you have served me well. Your abilities as a fly-swatter, assisting me in destroying the unholy hordes of ginormous green-black bastards invading my sanctum this previous eve has earned you great renown within my realm-- as such, I do solemnly swear that I shall devote at least a portion of my day to reading your rules, instead of just bashing you against the insidious plagues of horrible insects like a blaster in Galaga.

It is the least I can do.
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This weekend was Planescape, which was really awesome-- I feel like I am finally getting a handle on playing a Psion, and the whole power points mechanic. On which I should really post soon, because it /is/ odd, and I don't think a lot of people have much of a handle on it. Though I adore psionic source characters as a matter of course.

The plan this week is to edit the magic items and terrain features of my Dungeon for the new campaign (I don't really like any of the names that spring to mind for the game itself), finish up custom background feats and Pantheon details, /maybe/ look at more possibilities for the Dawning Star Campaign (The Truth in Yellow, or To Catch the Conscience of the King), and get a chapter or two more done of the Heap Big Thing I am writing. Now, that one is probably going to wind up being called the Thousand Thousand Kingdoms, but I dunno.

If one has suggestions for names for a story about a little girl who can get to various magical kingdoms by going outside and screaming, I might be interested to hear them!

Now, I am looking forward to the frontline with which I have assaulted the kittehs having killed off the evil flea creatures, and my apt being a much more tolerable place. Also, I am looking forward to Eberron tomorrow.

And maybe also a nap.

Mmmm... nap.
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So, had our first introduction to Paragon tier 4e D&D last night. As I had hoped, [ profile] colinmcl did an excellent write up of it here, and I've some reflections about this aussi, as well as D20 in general, just at the moment.

Move, Minor. Standards. )

So anyway, I'm going to be spending (hopefully) much of this evening looking at stat blocks and the Other Side of the Fence on 4e gaming, which should be interesting. There's a lot to convert, but also a lot of ways to make things like magic items way more useful than they were before. At the risk of making them too useful.

And now that I have weighed my brain down way too far with disorganized maunderings, well, we'll see what happens.
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Weekend was every kind of win. Two splendid D&D games-- Chessenta yesterday and B's game on Sat, as yesterday we had the day off. B seemed to enjoy his birthdayness, and there was much hanging out with peoples at the Hibernian after the game. The 4th was spent being somehow both useful and lazy at the same time, and also involved watching 1776, as per appropriate media.

I am nominally playing Prototype, though B has usurped it for a bit with my blessing. It is wonderous cathartic, it is-- like someone made a cross between Asassin's Creed & Arkham Asylum, went 20% more over-the-top, Douchefied the protag, and left all the dev cheats on. Oh yes, and set it in Manhattan. With TANKS.

Of course this appeals to me. How could it help but do?

In the realm of media commentary, saw The Karate Kid yesterday afternoon. Was amused at how fully it's endorsed by the Chinese tourism board (or whatnot), but okay. It was neither awful or amazing, but solidly watchable. Perhaps a letdown after the last movies I have seen in the theatre being The A-Team (Which was SO MUCH FUN and I don't care what anyone says, I loved it) and Toy Story 3, but okay.

Continuing to be delighted with how much healing a 4e Bear Shaman generates. Also, haz a tele-bear. All is happiness with a tele-bear, esp. a tele-bear what laughs when the bad guys make it stand in fire.

Further, now have the conundrum of picking a Paragon Path for my Revenant Assassin in B's game. Too many good options. Many worse problems to have. Like finding time to clean apt some more, to work on Dawning Star Game & Other Game, and also to paint minis, and yes.

Apropos of nothing, I think it is possible that I am almost halfway through a Heap Big Proper Novelish-Thing. Juvenile fiction, belike. But is fun.

And! And the best of all! This weekend, B and I are going up to the Philly to see my best good [ profile] shellefly and the [ profile] roughhouser and the FANG! I dance!

It is good to dance, though the co-wukrs look at me oddly.
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B & I are in Marietta, and I have a new LJ icon. Courtesy of Something Positive.

Signing off, with thunkage.
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This is a signal-thing. Whereby I am saying that I have not dropped off of the face of the earth,
That they seem to have mostly-fixed the leak in my ceiling,
That work is going reasonably well (though adjusting to perma 10-hour days 4 days a week is slow. Half-day on Fridays helps),
And that I am not sure what to talk about, when I am staring into this box. It's as though there is all too much, and then nothing at all.

What am I doing? What aren't I doing! I am going to ATL this weekend for a game, and playing in four 4e D&D games here in Durham, and they are all unbelievably awesome. I am playing, in no particular order:

A 10th level Revenant Asassin in [ profile] shieldhaven's game.
A 4th level Aasimar Psion in Planescape,
A 4th level Tiefling Artificer in Eberron,
And a 4th level Wilden Shaman in Chessenta.

I have come to really, /really/ love 4e D&D. I have probably babbled some about how much, but it bears repeating. The game I am playing this weekend is Arcana Evolved, which is fun in its own way-- largely because I am playing a 10th level Magister with an ungodly high INT, which means that the PH is pretty much my spellbook, and I do unholy buckets of damage. UNHOLY. BUCKETS. OF DAMAGE.

Anyway, I have been painting minis and working on other projects and collecting dunnys and seeing really awesome theatre movies and generally keeping myself occupied.

I have many opinions on various topics. If you ask me for some, I might even give them to you.
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I want to go dancing in the worst way. Like mad craving sorts of ways.

Legends is having 80's night tonight. 2.75 vodka well drinks, 2.50 guinness.

I am too lazy to go out to Raleigh, and have to work too long tomorrow, and am going to a party tomorrow evening besides. Also it's a Kitty Attention night.

I will probably watch films noirs and drink opalo, and feed sugar to the Dandelion Wine, which will not be ready for some months yet, but that's okay.

Also, Tabletop Withdrawal. We haven't had any D&D in two weeks.

Dear Lord, I am Over this week like no other.

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