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I got my [ profile] yuletide story done and in a good half hour before deadline, and at double the required wordcount!

This is a great goodness.

Now there is seared tuna.

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I finally made it to Florida sometime around 1:45 today, due to a number of delays and the like. This was all right, as I was quite shortly plied with food, malbec, pinot grigio and port. I am now very happy and ensconced in an extremely comfortable bed, and looking forward to this pirate parade thing tomorrow.

Provided that I get some sleep, and that I stop sneezing. Frecking sinus allergies.

Also, grandma's new husband is very, very cool. Pretty much as cool as he seemed on facebook. This pleases me. His sense of humor is such that he fits right in with the rest of the family. :D
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It is 10:30-ish on a friday morning and I am sitting in bed under my laptop and a huge helping of [ profile] sruna-made pumpkin pie.

I feel as though a win condition for the day has just been fulfilled.

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Had a very nice and coma inducing feast with the lovely [ profile] sruna and and friends, and am now home, buried under cats, and delighted by the prospect of a great deal of sleep. I am thankful for all of those things, and here are a modest selection of other things that I am thankful for:

a) having a spare tire that is actually a real tire
b) having parents who are able to walk one through changing a tire over the phone,
c) extremely nice passerby who stop to help one change tires when one has the flat to end all flats,
d) a nearby sheetz where one can fill up the spare, which is badly in need of air, like a criminologist's neck.

There's more, without question, but I list them not. Happy Secular Food Holiday to all of you out there, and here.
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I have gotten a ridiculous amount done in terms of chores and laundry, and for dinner, as about half of what was in fridge was hopelessly bad. So after all that was tossed, there was a piece of mochi, some frozen french fries, a half bottle of mead, some frozen chicken breast, half a pomegranate, some feta, and a honeycrisp apple.

So I had apple, feta and pomegranate seed stuffed chicken braised in mead, with fries and mochi.

This was actually quite tasty. Amusingly, mien feline Maussolini seems to think so too.

I had forgotten how bad a movie The Craft is. I am making up for it with Stormy Weather and An American in Paris. C'est bon!
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So I came down to Alivia's tonight for dinner and a bit of staring blankly into my computer in a place where Dead Space and a whole ton of household chores, at least, could not distract me from my purpose. As I walked, I passed one of my favorite restaurants, Anotherthyme, where I thought to stop for their delicious and incomparable raspberry cocotte either before or after dinner. (Dessert first! As they say.)

Only to discover that it was closed, for good. It's last day of operation was September 30th.

I weep for this place, which sold me my first underage martini, which had a lovely bar filled with reasonably priced cocktails, which once served me something blue that knocked me on my ass a full hour after I'd consumed it, which had the best desserts I have ever eaten, where you could get red zinger tea if you were for some reason not feeling alchoholic-- in short, which I loved. I mourn for their passing, the loss of an institution, and for all the raspberry cocotte I cannot now eat.

Hat over my heart, I mourn.
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Things I like about Sacramento International Airport: Utterly Free Wifi. Airports of the world-- learn from this example.

The reunion was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be... it's funny how cool-- in the laid back and un-angsty sense-- people are after 10 years. I have a rediculous number of pictures to upload, barring laziness. And hanging out with Babbit for several days was just what this Rabbit needed.

Also Celestin's. Grio and Kibbeh, baby. Will I be desperately seeking a Triangle Carribean restaurant for more Grio soonest? Yes I thinks I will.

Finished Desideria by [ profile] wirewalking, which was most utterly mad and lovely, and picked up a copy of Rosemary and Rue by [ profile] seananmcguire at the Barnes and Noble that used to be my Place of Escape, when I cut classes my junior and senior years.

And it seems to me that anything else I say about this trip or whatnot will be just so many more wasted words that don't quite sum up what I mean, so the best thing now is to be silent.

But yes, I have had a good time.

Be home soon, North Carolina.

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So, now that I have been to the doctor and learned that I do not have the flu (swine or otherwise), Ihave been advised that I ought not return to work until 48 hours have passed, or else my fever has reduced to under 100, which has not happened yet. We shall see tomorrow. I have been given some form of inhaler, which is all right, as I am not fond of antibiotics, but still feel that sleep is the best of all tonics. Sleep, bullion, and tea.

Now, if you will permit me to relate a little about my birthday, as it passed, I will say that in spite of the creeping crud, it was most excellent. After the main of the day's events, [ profile] comic_monkey and Cory accompanied me unto a place called Shorty's, which, as I had been informed by [ profile] experimentart deals largely in booze and pinball. We had been told to expect some manner of food there, but were most disheartened to discover that it were only hot dogs and nachos-- not fit fare for geeks as hungry as we.

It is at this point that I must interrupt the narrative to elaborate on a matter-- I had been told by my companions that any manner of dinner I wished for my birthday could be had, and happily. I had expressed a desire for Thai, but had relinquished it in favour of said pinball, and as finding a suitable Thai place would have been annoying, to say the least.

Nevertheless, when we inquired with the bouncer at Shorty's as to a suitable place to get more substantial repast, do you know that right next door was a Thai Restraunt called something like Sparkling Buddah, and that it was truly excellent!? I assure you there was, and that it was, and no words can express my delight at both these circumstances. Or that shorty's had tables made of old pinball machines, decor like unto a carnival tent, and an Addam's Family pinball table. Truly, in spite of the encroaching illness, I was made nearly the happiest of Rabbits.

Now that I have finished reading The Phoenix Guards by Steven Brust, and while I do have other matter to read, I am torn between doing so and returning once more to sleep, though I am certain that I will be satisfied one way or another by either of these options.
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Yesterday turned out to be helping a friend move day, finally watching The Dark Knight all the way through day, Tauren day, and microwavable palak paneer day. Also the Last of the Prednazone, which I cannot spell and am certain I will not miss.

D&D tonight, Magic tomorrow, King's Gate LARP as of Friday. Seattle next Wednesday. Must find cat-sitter for Seattle trip, at the very least.

I have a certain amount of the kind of internal contentment that only having eaten a great deal of barbecue can create.

That isn't all, I'm certain that isn't all, but for the moment, that's it.
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I don't think it would be possible to have enough tacos tonight. Jesus Christ, how am I this hungry!?

Well, back to the kitchen.
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Today was a good cooking day, which is nice as yesterday was something of an awful cooking day-- stir fry gone wrong, alas. Today continued the theme of cinnamon coating with cinnamon apple vodka pancakes for brunch, and tonight tomato, basil and cheese tacos, and 'Like Water For Chocolate' with. Delicious. Claudette Maille (Gertrudis) is just unbelievably goregeous. I am still far too fond of that movie. I wish my copy of Frida were not in storage.

Though really, today was a good cinema day too.

And now it is time to sleep.
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Why do I not own a grill? My need for nearly-raw and bloody steaks at this moment is dire. DIRE, I tell you.

Perhaps there would be additional words to add, but my hunger precludes them.
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I want to do the long post of all the My Trip To CA followed by illness and such, but also, I don't. I'll probably do it soonish though. It's been a week, after all.

Last night had [ profile] stauffenberg and [ profile] alliesutherland over for fuudstuffs, as prepared by [ profile] vaukosigan, who produced an amazing spread of overwhelming deliciosity.

I want to go back to sleep. I feel beaten over my head by dreamtime.
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Mimosas spread out over several hours will still kick your ass. Just more slowly.

Fortunately, naan and Chianti salami and goat cheese go specially well with it. As do seasons 7 and 11 of M*A*S*H.

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Huh. So I was sitting here, and all of a sudden just crashingly depressed. So I'm eating haagen daaz vanilla raspberry swirl and [ profile] vaukosigan put on Eddie Izzard, and I think that's good for everyone.
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We have a tree!

I need to take pictures of said tree.

Wendy's sprite frosty float is my friend.

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This is Sheer Fucking Genius.

Now if only locopops would deliver. Though you can also get cupcakes from a vintage airstream trailer.


Also, [ profile] vaukosigan and the failcat are cute.
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At home, waiting for the brakes on my car to get fixed so I can (hopefully) go to work for a half-day. Tomorrow, I shall be almost thirty. Fortunately, I think that the Gay Years conversion applies largely to men. But I /think/ I shall no longer be gay youth, by any stretch of the imagination... it had seemed to me that the upper age limit for 'Youth' keeps expanding year after year. I'm willing to buy that 26 is still youth, but really... there has got to be a line drawn somewhere, and not hardly 30.

The Other is making a cake, which is making me blush quite a bit. White wine cake! And Sneaky, sneaky things. So I am told. Hee.

Yesterday, I achieved a new level of geekery, though it wasn't the brightest idea given that solid food and I were only recently again on first-name terms. As my after-work Thursday magic game was canceled, I was invited by [ profile] technoir to, er, "watch" their Thursday sparring match in the park near the wukr.

Which meant that I was conscripted into the battering about of fellow geeks with large, foam weapons.

I am so unbelievably sore, you have no idea. Ohmigod.

They're likely going to have it again Monday. I need to remember to wear better shoes and also, to stretch.
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Food poisoned. LAME.

The best part is-- and this is where you all fall over rolling around with laughter at the utter fail-- that I threw my back out while retching.

Seriously. At this point, I almost don't notice the feeling sick, because my back is fucking BROKEN.


But here, If laughing didn't hurt, this would make me less sick.
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Down in Florida for Mother's Day, in sort of a kamikaze way, which is to say I didn't know I would be in Florida for mother's day until sometime Wednesday. This is the way my mama roll. It's kinda cool.

Also par for the course, yesterday happened to be the day her museum (she's volunteer coordinator at the Amelia Island Museum of History) had it's grand re-opening, so there was a Party. Which was cool but overwhelming with people, and after went to a couple of galleries owned by mom's buddies and ate a good deal of shrimp. This is rather the place for shrimp, and it is just after shrimp fest. Alora.

Further, my father, it seems, has turned songwriter: he's been doing these prompts for the songwriting competition they have downtown, and he played his two most recent songs for me. They're actually pretty good, serving well to remind me where I got my base melodic taste. He's got an awesome guitar mojo, says I. Which is not just filial loyalty.

Now there is tea: I must needs consume it. Happy mother's day to the mamas here, and there.

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