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I have friends who are still stuck on freeways in Atlanta this morning, from their attempts to get home yesterday. You see, ATL traffic is always bullshit; tolerating the foibles of people who don't know how to drive in snow is like introducing a fully laden camel to a deluge of straw. A bunch of them had to abandon cars on the freeway and walk home last night also.

On the other hand, tons of people, who are awesome, offered food, shelter, and warmth to friends of friends and strangers last night. Home Depot and target let people sleep in aisles, teachers stayed overnight with kids who were stranded.

So people are awesome, and icy roads are bullshit.
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"...There has grown up in the minds of certain groups in this country the notion that because a man or corporation has made a profit out of the public for a number of years, the government and the courts are charged with the duty of guaranteeing such profit in the future, even in the face of changing circumstances and contrary to public interest. This strange doctrine is not supported by statute nor common law. Neither individuals nor corporations have any right to come into court and ask that the clock of history be stopped, or turned back."

From Life-Line by Robert Heinlien, 1939.

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This weekend has been Philly (read: Media), which is awesome. I am chillin' on the couch with the [ profile] roughhouser and the Tiny Viking and [ profile] shellefly. There's some Alkatraz going on, which is cool. I am so sleepy, though that's just coz I am... the bebbeh has actually been really good and done much night-sleeping, which makes his parents super happy.

Hee! Small people are super awesome. The sad thing about this visit is that I do not get to see my Godfang, as he's with his dad this weekend. B is down in GA with his folks, and seems to be having a splendid time, so while I miss him muchly, that is not so sad.

Heading back home tonight, back to the grind, and Eclipse next weekend. Artz maybe in the meantime.
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Not that there are many things.

But I got my supporting membership for Chicon 2012, so that I can nominate things for the Hugos. So, if there's anything I should look at what I may have missed (though I am reading the posts from my F*list writers), let me know!

This year, I am going to try to get the two additional eligible publications I need to qualify for a full SFWA membership, because it's good to have goals.

Also, glair paint, as attempt #3 actually turned out pretty well. See!

The blue/purple and white are all egg tempera, and the burnt sienna is glair... there's also a little green glair in there, but you don't really see it.

Anyway, I've got to use more of it, before it all goes off. As the one bad thing about egg tempera? It seriously starts to stink pretty quick.

ETA: Did one more, and now it's late enough I have to fall over. Next time, I'll see if I can split up the egg whites and yolks in such a way that I can get more mileage out of a single egg.

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Back from Thanksgiving at B's family's farm. It was awesome and cozy and said family is wonderful; they plied us with delicious foodstuffs and now we have fig jam and scuppernong wine and all the peanuts and pecans ever. I mean it, all of them. I don't think there's any more in the world.


Now we are home, and have acquired a small tree for the table, and it is lit and decorated. I have done a Small Cleaning, and will do a Large Cleaning later. Or presently. But there are plans for beer and burgers this evening with friends, and that is wondrous and happy-making. We have been listening to the Chieftains and other holiday music.

All is good in the world. I hope everyone had a happy secular food holiday.

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Those of you who can and who love cool, creepy fairy tales and dance things, please to be donating to this now:

Into the dark wood!

It will be lovely and awesome, and I have many friends involved in it.

Resharing encouraged!
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So, made it through the first Dust to Dust three-day event.

Now that I have slept, it was really awesome. I had a wonderful time. It was exhausting and stressy, and I had some small melting right at the beginning, but it is amazing what a proper dose of one's meds and some awesome setting stuff will do. Not to mention the really excellent people I get to work with on this thing.

Still of the opinion that everyone ever should play the game. In spite of the fact that I'm not really sure where on site we'd put them, right now.

Still want half a million bucks to buy some land, and half a million more to kit it out for LARP habitation.

Also want all the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.
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Soon I will leave wukr.

Then I will pack.

Then, tomorrow, B and I will go to the Virgin Islands for C-dawg and D-money's wedding.

I am looking forward to this, yes, very very much.

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So go, anyway.

This means that The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making is out today, and that means that I will be sweet-talking [ profile] shieldhaven into taking me over to Barnes and Noble today, so that I may get my hands on a copy. Because this book is glorious, and is the kind of fiction that I want to give to every kid I know, that they may have something wonderful in their heads forever, and be the better for it.

Also, her name is September.

There is fun stuff here.

Say Hallow to the Green Wind, for me.
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This weekend was pretty awesome. Saturday, went to the farmer's market with a friend of mine, D, and got herbs and pots and beer, then went to the scrap exchange. Another friend who works there, Nicole, asked me if I were available to model for her upcycled fashion show that evening, and I agreed, because Nicole's shows are awesome, and I adore modelling in them. Then D and I went to Rue Cler, where they were showing Cheerleading Competitions on the telly. For realsies. We boggled at the Girlness.

B came with me to the fashion show, and I fed him booze for his trouble, and took him to Bailey's for beer-cheese soup. As usual, the show was utterly fabulous, and I had a blast. We'll see if pictures circulate ever.

It was an odd evening, in that it felt terribly like... I dunno, 2004 or 2005, the Ooh la latte days. Though better, because I could afford to drink Captain Morgan and actual beer, instead of PBR, and because the Person I Am With is so super chill. Laid back. Happy is so much better than any label I can think of.

It's a thing.

The rest of the weekend was chill as can be, which was Necessary. Semi-inadvertently, we had a Djimon Hounsou movie marathon, and that was, I feel, a proper Accomplishment.

Though I now kinda want to see the version of the Tempest where he plays Caliban. So. Badass.

I should also mention that we saw Sucker Punch with a bunch of folks this weekend, and I liked it really quite a lot, though I think I was the only one. Not a perfect film, but one I was def. going to enjoy. Also not a film I expect any one else to care for-- I have my reasons why I like it, and I'm sure people will have theirs why it isn't for them. But I was happy with it.

See my thoughts on happiness, above.
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So, instead of complaining about my health or bitching about wukr or any of the other things I am inclined to do, I am going to tell you instead that [ profile] yuki_onna's book Deathless is out to-day, you can read about it here, and I got my copy at Barnes and Noble, because there is something that pleases me deeply about being able to buy a book like this, written by someone like her, at a store like that. It is a deep and perverse pleasure, that has become something of a tradition for me. So so.

There is also a trailer. Trail away!
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The nice thing about my brain, is that crashingly depressed, although when it's on, it's hard to remember ever feeling any other way, does go away soonish, and that's all right. Having a nice time so far in the ATL, though I went out very quickly in poker. Am now listening to people discuss what they think is going on with various aspects of Dust to Dust, philosophically speaking.

This makes me so happy.

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I am happy today, because yesterday was good. There were games and parties. There was sangria and eggnog and deliciousness and talk awhile of Dust to Dust. There were people I love and adore, and a boy I love more than that. These are all very great sources of joy to a Rabbit.

Soon, we shall go and have lunch with B's folks, though there is a blowing snow falling. It does not seem to be sticking at all, so that's all right. I wouldn't mind sticking snow, but we are in GA, as you might have guessed, and must return to NC this evening. Being stuck in the snow in SC or anywhere between appeals not at all.

For those who may have wished to comment on my last post, I thank you for your intention. The reason that I disabled comments, however, was that while it was a very sad thing, it was also... I didn't feel bad, and I wasn't depressed. I was mourning, and I needed to mourn, and I mourned till I was done, and there wasn't anything to say to me, really. It was all sad, but it was good too. I will add only that I really wish many of you could have met my godfather. Really, everyone who knows me at all should have known him. For some people, you can meet their parents and you see how they came from this combination of folk. For me, you might be able to get that somewhat from my parents, but you'd really need to also know Warren to get the full picture.

And now I have said what I wanted to say, which is that, and also that I am happy. It's a fine thing. There are other, troublesome and worrisome and ugly things about, it is true and cannot be denied. But I am here, and thinking about different things, and B is working on a Harbinger of Doom blog post that I am eagerly waiting to read, and all of that is good, and I am, right now this minute, content.
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Tonight, I saw Die Hard for the first time.

I am 29 years old.

Clearly, I ain't been living right. I feel as though all the years up till now, in which I had not seen Die Hard, were missing something. I also felt this way after the first time I saw Silence of the Lambs.

The rest of the day (Post-wukr) also pretty good-- hung out with the C-dawg, got home, and had soaky bath whilst reciting the Ariel poems in various growly voices.

So that's a thing.
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Seeing the backside of October being one, and being in need of another, you may have here Habitation of the Blessed, by Cathrynne M. Valente, also known as [ profile] yuki_onna, which has escaped from its theoretical kingdom to the troubled lands wthout on this very day. Like Prester John's letter to begin with. As it should be.

Now, I have not yet ordered it, nor obtained a copy, because Silly Barnes and Noble seems to think that the release date is 11/23, and did not have any in stock. So I guess I'm going to Borders tomorrow-ish.

Because you know what gives me great, greater, greatest pleasure?

Being able to go into one of these sweltering, sterile, chain-linked big-box nubbly stores and search through the stacks of various interesting or bland or whatnot for the thing I desire, skip through the letters of the alphabet in anticipation, nervously fingering rejected bookspines till BAM! The Object Itself, something rare and splendind and magical, like this thing here. It verily makes my toes curl, to do such a thing, and I have a bounce, a giddy.

I encourage you, verily, to do something similar.

And if you wish to know what the book is about, and who this Prester John is anyway: (here linked in case the embed disappears again.)

That's wassup.
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The last two weeks can choke on a bag of dicks.

The last two weekends, on the other hand, have been lovely.

Went to a wedding in the ATL, which was super cool, and got to do some excellent hanging out and Dust to Dust plotty stuff.

Some traditions were upheld. As in, if I stand for the bouquet, I am going to bloody catch that fucker. 6 in a row now. Heh. Yes, I lunged for it, but only coz it would have fallen short and hit the ground otherwise. We were a bit huddled back there.

Kermit's aim with the garter, however, was something to behold. How it rocketed through to the back to nail B in the chest like a certain dehydrate packet at the last King's Gate I'll never know. Heh.

I rather wish that my hoodie were not... unfortunately soiled, so that I were not shivering in this ice-box of an office.

Being somewhat allergic to coffee (apparently that is the term for my intolerance), I am hoping that this hot chocolate will wake me up. Hasn't worked yet. Mebbe another cup.

Yeah, that's the ticket.
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Go to This.

But you should. You should go to and through this post or this one for fashion or This one for because it is [ profile] tithenai and yeah, and you should buy tickets, and head up to Boston, and you should have an awesome time.

I will be at a wedding in the ATL, and that will also be awesome. But if you will not be at a wedding in the ATL, and you have any coolty in your soul, (and the means, I cannot pretend the means don't matter-- I mean really) you should go to this. Live the Gypsy life. Eat some fire. Eat some poetry. Juggle knives. Be a Strowler.

So sayeth the Rabbit.
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I had a really amazing day today.

Boy is amazing. Game and Gamer Girls are amazing. Lady Grace is amazing. Dancing at the Pinhook is amazing. The Whole World... well, you get the idea.

I...really have nothing else to say. There are things that could be better for me. There are so, so many things that could be worse. But right now, right this moment, I am feelin' good.

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Today I am:

-Back from Dragon*Con.

Not necessarily in that order.

I really suck at write-ups, so I will tell you now that the Con was really fun, that I had a great time hanging out with the peoples and meeting a bunch of really awesome folks, that [ profile] shieldhaven is really the best possible person to be stuck with in a 3 hour line following a 6 hour drive, that Haran Roeh has come full circle (long story), and that Liquor Strega is really the King in Yellow in a bottle.


Oh! And also? El Pachuco did, indeed, sign my copy of "Zoot Suit."

Hacha! Aw Reet!

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