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Soon I will leave wukr.

Then I will pack.

Then, tomorrow, B and I will go to the Virgin Islands for C-dawg and D-money's wedding.

I am looking forward to this, yes, very very much.

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In case you were wondering what I've been up to recently that I have been so lax in yammering on with various yammers, this is it.

That is to say, the Dust to Dust website and rulebook are finally live. I don't care who you are or where you live, but you should Go and See.

A full and formal post of joy is here, at [ profile] shieldhaven's gaming blog. Discussion is on the Red Button Forums.

B and I were up till 3am last night, working on stuff, and I suspect [ profile] colinmcl was too. Still more to add, because html is hateml. Bugs for me are karmic retribution. My fail this morning was so profound, that I forgot my wallet and keycard, and neglected to take a shower. Fortunately, my ability to interact with humans without ripping their throats out with my teeth has been restored courtesy of the Most Excellent B, who took me out to Little Tokyo for sushi lunch of Restoring Sanity. Helps!

But rejoice with me, for this is possibly the most awesome thing I have ever been involved in.
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Seeing the backside of October being one, and being in need of another, you may have here Habitation of the Blessed, by Cathrynne M. Valente, also known as [ profile] yuki_onna, which has escaped from its theoretical kingdom to the troubled lands wthout on this very day. Like Prester John's letter to begin with. As it should be.

Now, I have not yet ordered it, nor obtained a copy, because Silly Barnes and Noble seems to think that the release date is 11/23, and did not have any in stock. So I guess I'm going to Borders tomorrow-ish.

Because you know what gives me great, greater, greatest pleasure?

Being able to go into one of these sweltering, sterile, chain-linked big-box nubbly stores and search through the stacks of various interesting or bland or whatnot for the thing I desire, skip through the letters of the alphabet in anticipation, nervously fingering rejected bookspines till BAM! The Object Itself, something rare and splendind and magical, like this thing here. It verily makes my toes curl, to do such a thing, and I have a bounce, a giddy.

I encourage you, verily, to do something similar.

And if you wish to know what the book is about, and who this Prester John is anyway: (here linked in case the embed disappears again.)

That's wassup.
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Go to This.

But you should. You should go to and through this post or this one for fashion or This one for because it is [ profile] tithenai and yeah, and you should buy tickets, and head up to Boston, and you should have an awesome time.

I will be at a wedding in the ATL, and that will also be awesome. But if you will not be at a wedding in the ATL, and you have any coolty in your soul, (and the means, I cannot pretend the means don't matter-- I mean really) you should go to this. Live the Gypsy life. Eat some fire. Eat some poetry. Juggle knives. Be a Strowler.

So sayeth the Rabbit.
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I had a really amazing day today.

Boy is amazing. Game and Gamer Girls are amazing. Lady Grace is amazing. Dancing at the Pinhook is amazing. The Whole World... well, you get the idea.

I...really have nothing else to say. There are things that could be better for me. There are so, so many things that could be worse. But right now, right this moment, I am feelin' good.

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So [ profile] shieldhaven and I had a [ profile] pipistrella visiting for the whole weekend, and it was everything awesome. She has just departed back to the ATL, which is a necessary sadness. At least there will be Eclipse soon.

Nap moar now.

(Also, reading Taltos, by Stephen Brust. I am enjoying muchly. And I have got [ profile] shieldhaven reading Prince of Foxes, which satisfies for me a win condition.)
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It's a good thing to say when one is terribly happy, by way of expressing gratitude to teh Universe for, in spite of this or that which is annoying or frustrating, being forthcoming with the awesome and the yay.

And that is how I feel today.

And this evening, there will be PHILLY!

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Weekend was every kind of win. Two splendid D&D games-- Chessenta yesterday and B's game on Sat, as yesterday we had the day off. B seemed to enjoy his birthdayness, and there was much hanging out with peoples at the Hibernian after the game. The 4th was spent being somehow both useful and lazy at the same time, and also involved watching 1776, as per appropriate media.

I am nominally playing Prototype, though B has usurped it for a bit with my blessing. It is wonderous cathartic, it is-- like someone made a cross between Asassin's Creed & Arkham Asylum, went 20% more over-the-top, Douchefied the protag, and left all the dev cheats on. Oh yes, and set it in Manhattan. With TANKS.

Of course this appeals to me. How could it help but do?

In the realm of media commentary, saw The Karate Kid yesterday afternoon. Was amused at how fully it's endorsed by the Chinese tourism board (or whatnot), but okay. It was neither awful or amazing, but solidly watchable. Perhaps a letdown after the last movies I have seen in the theatre being The A-Team (Which was SO MUCH FUN and I don't care what anyone says, I loved it) and Toy Story 3, but okay.

Continuing to be delighted with how much healing a 4e Bear Shaman generates. Also, haz a tele-bear. All is happiness with a tele-bear, esp. a tele-bear what laughs when the bad guys make it stand in fire.

Further, now have the conundrum of picking a Paragon Path for my Revenant Assassin in B's game. Too many good options. Many worse problems to have. Like finding time to clean apt some more, to work on Dawning Star Game & Other Game, and also to paint minis, and yes.

Apropos of nothing, I think it is possible that I am almost halfway through a Heap Big Proper Novelish-Thing. Juvenile fiction, belike. But is fun.

And! And the best of all! This weekend, B and I are going up to the Philly to see my best good [ profile] shellefly and the [ profile] roughhouser and the FANG! I dance!

It is good to dance, though the co-wukrs look at me oddly.
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Many Happy Returns of the Natal Day to my super-rockstar Boy, [ profile] shieldhaven, who is 29 today, and thus numerically older than I for the next couple of months. All that is awesome unto you, Mio Caro.
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Ah, the Post-LARP soreness and sleepiness and comedown! It is well and overwhelming, and yes. I have just spent the weekend indulged in space-samurai neo-Victorian quasi-fascism, and so that was awesome. The pacing on this event was very good, and my character got a chance to feel Real In The World, which is very important when one is going around whacking people with foam weaponry.

Also, I was just commanded to do something Surreal RIGHT NOW.

So it is pretty much like every other day.
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So it is very much to wish a Happy Natal Daze to my best and most wonderful and awesomest [ profile] shellefly; long may she Reign!
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Sciatica sucks. Just saying.

This weekend was fantastic and full of mass pwnage, mostly of me as I was repeatedly beaten into layers of mud and pine needles by like, six people at once. Held my own pretty okay though, and earned myself a fantastic hangover Sunday Morning. Upon which we promptly went into battle again.

It kinda rocked. Cleared up the hangover PDQ also.

Today, however, I have planned a date with a heating pad, a warm washcloth, a very dark room, and maybe some light music. What I really need is a few more days of sparring/boffer fighting, instead of all this prolonged-sitting.
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The ability to have a long-running argument about whether or not Batman can breathe in space.

Also, Song of Ice and Fire game tonight. I expect [ profile] shellefly and [ profile] yagathai to be extremely amused by this. I play a Bravossi Water Dancer for hire. It is kind of awesome.
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Hat-tip to [ profile] technoir:

Anti-Gay Calif. Politician Cited for DUI--After Leaving Gay Bar.

The best part? This was in Sacramento, and the bar was Faces. Seriously. FACES. Anyone on my f*list who is a Sacramentan realizes how hilarious this is. I mean, who goes to Faces and doesn't expect everyone will know their business the next day? When we were 16, we knew what went on at Faces last night. But seriously folks, the nostalgia is a little crazy here. Faces was the gay bar, the Earth around which the Mercantile and the Depot circled like little moons. I never went, because my parents used to hang out there back in the day, coz the dancing was best there, and coz my mom's best friend was gay. And I thought it would be a little weird, to hang out at the gay bar your (straight) parents used to frequent.

Some days, I really, really miss my Hometown.
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*sniff* It's so beautiful...

I think I might cry. Now that's an MMO that deserves cake.
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So so, if you want to know how I feel about Valentine's day, look no further than this.

Luff/lerve/love to the lot of you, and bunches of kissy-snugglewumps.
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I had the most wonderful and terrifying superhero-style dream last night, about a tower of black glass and a monorail and a dreadlocked man in a black armoured stealth-suit defeating a room full of robotic guardians, who were attacking him with lasers. And the room! A huge dome-shaped cavern in black full of monitors displaying subliminal messages that you saw with your mind instead of your eyes. So black it was inside of the room that you could nearly see stars in the ceiling and walls, as he crept by in the dim glow of the exit lights and destroyed his enemies with claw and boot.

It was fantastically awesome. It would also make a killer comic.
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Federal Refund: Deposited.

Now it is just to wait for the State, and She can contemplate Barebones Kits (mebbe) for computers, or some other profound gaming computorial solution.

For great justice.
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-Filed state and federal taxes,
-Fullness of dark chocolate, courtesy of [ profile] shieldhaven,
-Tasty Yellow and Blue tea,
-A membership to Wiscon, and time off for it. I now need to see about other time I'd rather like to have off for various and sundry things.

And about hotel reservations, and travel, and yes.

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I am mad crazy in love with Blue Roses right about now. I mean... the whole self titled album is fantastic. There are few enough bands where I adore pretty much every song on the album that I rather feel the need to crow about it when I do encounter such a one. Holy hell.

On that note, I usually like covers of Modest Mouse better than the originals, but the song 'Dramamine' (youtube link) is not one of those, and I am sort-of unhealthily obsessed with this song the now. That makes this and '3 inch horses, 2 faced monsters' the two Modest Mouse originals I actually enjoy. I mean, I love 'Tiny Cities Made of Ashes', but only the Sin Kil Moon version. Huh.

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