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Federal Refund: Deposited.

Now it is just to wait for the State, and She can contemplate Barebones Kits (mebbe) for computers, or some other profound gaming computorial solution.

For great justice.
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-Filed state and federal taxes,
-Fullness of dark chocolate, courtesy of [ profile] shieldhaven,
-Tasty Yellow and Blue tea,
-A membership to Wiscon, and time off for it. I now need to see about other time I'd rather like to have off for various and sundry things.

And about hotel reservations, and travel, and yes.

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This morning started out well.

Well as in, waking up at 9:00, at which time I ought, at the very latest, be leaving out of the door for wukr. And then passing my exit way down yonder on teh Great I-40.

But that wasn't what I wanted to talk about this morning.

I wanted to talk about this fire engine that was rocketing down 147 this morning with its sirens going-- and people /would not/ move to the right. I mean, I couldn't get over to get out of the way for a few minutes, because people wouldn't let me over... and there wasn't that many people on the freeway to begin with. But I can't fathom being in front of an emergency vehicle with the sirens going and not getting over, as in OFF THE ROAD.

I swear, what the hell is wrong with people these days!?

(Oh yeah, bailout, nationalism, OH NOES Andrew Ryan is crying in his watery grave, Gordon Brown, yadda yadda blah blah, this hot recession bath is going to taste soooooooooooo good.)
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What one Georgia Democrat had to say about why he voted yes.

Doesn't really change my opinion, but I'm willing to respect his judgment.
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So to celebrate the lack of passage of the Bailout Bill dingus (and Rabbit finding herself in agreement with the Republicans for the most part), we're sitting about in tehs new living room and watching 'The Associate', starring Whoopi Goldberg.

Shana Tovah!
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Yeah, pretty much that.

At least this seems to be something that people on both sides of the fence can agree on. I sent an e-mail to Libby Dole today along the lines of the above, and heard her talking on NPR... for once, she seemed in line with my thoughts on the subject as well.

Getting ready to move is bitches.
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Okay, any policy economist-types out there (I've already tagged one of you but) who can shed some light on what this is all about?

Coz I'm curious.
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Ok, while anyone ever is going on a christian rant about abominations and the like, and things that are "against the bible" (what a useless fucking phrase that is anyway? I'm not even sure what the fuck it means in real terms), why the hell doesn't anyone go off on bloody usury? For Jesus's sake-- and there's one thing it's pretty bloody clear that /he/ didn't approve of either-- now there's an abomination, and it's sure as shit sending this world straight through Dispater Avenue.

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I got ridiculous amounts of money from the federal government today. RIDICULOUS.

The BBC is My Friend. It keeps me giggling at wukr and keeps my wukrmates thinking I am insane. This is very important.

But you have to love the BBC reporters. They're so much more badass than the American news media. And they really go for the random officials of the various governments they talk to and make them look like asses. Like the lady talking to the Sudanese guy today, about civilians killed in Darfur bombings. To paraphrase:

BBC Lady: So, about the civilian deaths-- do you regret them?

Sudan Official: We don't have that information, blah blah blah.

BBC Lady: Yes, but we've reports that civilians have been dying in the areas you've bombed, so do you regret that.

Sudan Official: We're not accepting those reports. They come from the UN-- was the UN there? We don't know any peoples are dying!

BBC Lady (actual quote): But they are!

Sudan Official: We don't believe that. LA LA LA NOT LISTENING!!!!

To sum up, the main lesson one learns from listening to a good deal of the BBC: Why are people in various governments SUCH F***ing MORONS!? And why they be so full of shit? Do they really think they make sense? They all sit around and hemm and haw and either don't say anything at all, while trying to make it look like they're all sincere, when it's painfully obvious they're just... trying too hard. It would be completely tehs Lulz, if it weren't so fucking tragic.

In other news, I <3 theoretical Physicists, especially when they echo the Asimov book I just finished re-reading.
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I have been meaning to link my lovely [ profile] yuletide stories, and now that I mean to, the server is down. Nertz. Soonish.

Though I will say that both of my Legend Fics were Awesome and made of win. Yes, Legend. Like with Tim Curry, Tom Cruise and Mia Sara. Hee.

Though a good thing is finding out that a bunch of Incredibly Unpleasant financial dramawangst from a bit past was not only Not Your Fault but the fault of an Idiot Corporate Entity who must be having mad stupid technical issues. MOST excellent.

Now, bitch betta gimme my $100.79 back.


I have other things to discuss. Many of them. But not now. Now is... a good time. And not for whinging. It is raining, and it is pretty, and this bed is warm.
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I had a rant about 'Ruby', by Francesca Lia Block and Carmen Stanton and what annoyed me about it, but I'm no longer in the mood for any sort of rambling of that nature as my brain has been sucked dry by another hour of stupid post-bankruptcy financial video, which is an eon long and with which I am not yet finished. Still another, like... hour to go. Court date tomorrow, you know.

And I need to go to Ringside, as a friend of mine is hosting a photo shoot and I promised to help out at the door and such.

So so!

Also, BioShock is possibly the best game for the 360 ever. As there don't seem to be any LJ communities for it, the Other started [ profile] cityofrapture, which is good, because this rabbit want icons. So pretty. So disturbing. So the game that really ought to be sitting on the shelf of everyone you know, much like the kill bill movies.

Out of curiosity-- does anyone aside from me /not/ own a copy of American Beauty? It seems like when I've seen the dvd collections of my friends, everyone has a copy of that movie, even if they never watch it ever.

Just out of curiosity.
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It seems that I am going to be the stagemanager for Big Daddy of Ringside's production of Over the Rainbows-- which be a musical written and orchestrated by hissownself. It's quite fabulous.

Did laundry today. Am a little depressed about the sitch... on the one hand, I have this opportunity to try to find something I actually want to do, while I'm collecting unemployment.

On the other hand... what on earth could that be? That I can afford, anyway.


Oh yes-- my teeth suck.

The end.
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Well, this has been a very productive morning.

First, I went to work and got laid off, like everyone else at work. I stayed long enough to file unemployment online, then I left.

Then I went home and did a dance. The Other danced too!

Then we went to the bank, where I deposited my next-to-last two paychecks. I got out enough cash to take to the bankruptcy attorney, where I paid them the last of the money I owe them. I have to go back on Thursday, and they will tell me what hoops are left to jump through.

Then, we went and bought the Other a car. I am a cool notary public.

Now we are home again. The Other is downstairs taking pictures of her new car, Red Sonja, and I am up here watching the cats wrestle. It is the last week of the school semester and I probably can't afford another one. I have a rant to make about Durham Cops from Saturday night. And the homeless. Basically, I had to pull a crackhead off of the Other when he tried to steal her bag. and the cops... let's not speak of them.

Then I spent the rest of my life playing Tales of the World on PSP.

And that is how I spent my summer vacation.
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I would stress about all the stuffs I have to do, and all the things going on right now, but the truth is that I kinda like it.

Though [ profile] marshalmeg got me addicted to Pokémon diamond in the worst way, so is it difficult to overcome the desire to play it for years and forget the rest of the universe? A little.

Did I mention my propensity to think of things as 'after the bankruptcy'? I have a million things I think I might want to do "after the bankruptcy". Too many ideas to actually put voice to any one of them, as we are Brainstorm, pas Plan. Plans are for diabolicals under the pendulum.

Red velvet cake is delicious, and there is no food [ profile] marshalmeg makes which is not delicious. I think it is some law of the universe. I mean... They make lima beans that I adore. I dunno if it is just having them cooked right, if it is my palate being all growed, or... yeah.

Icon = how I feel today; how I have felt since.
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Meh. I need to make money I can actually keep again. There are way too many presents I want to get for peoples on I'll have Christmas, birthdays, Hanukkah, arbour day, and any damn day I feel like it covered for the next few years.

Again, I say meh.

/whining. And Skee-lo references.
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drawing personality

The results of your analysis say:

You tend to pursue many different activities simultaneously. When misfortune does happen, it doesn't actually dishearten you all that much.
You are a thoughtful and cautious person. You like to think about your method, seeking to pursue your goal in the most effective way.
You are creative, mentally active and industrious.
You have a sunny, cheerful disposition.

What does your drawing say about YOU?


Yesterday... well, if there are sometimes mixed blessings, yesterday was the blessings piled in a blinder and mashed on frappé. A million running around, a million things Failing, and a million... pretty good. All the bad wound up obscured by the fact that my dad's EKG results weren't so good (he's been having chronic chest pains for almost a year and FINALLY got it checked out), and was on his way to the hospital for more heart tests, right about when I got offa wukr. So yeah, Worry.

The good was crowned by a girl at 305 South who wants to possibly open a more random and awesome esoteric shop (not the fluffy, deepak-chopra-crystals-and-goddessy-light-goodness crap), at which she'd like me to do regular tarot readings. And even if she doesn't, Michelle wants me to have a sort of stand-thing, where I could do readings on a semi-regular basis... like on the evenings, after this here wukr. I've longed to do that for a long time, so that would be rulership.

Especially since I could use the extra cash. The haus stuff is basically going to put the curb on any and all spending to the extent of no stopping to pick up a bottle of cranberry juice and a candy bar anymore, nor random beers, nor... well, anything save strictly budgeted grocery shopping trips. But one makes ones bed, et al. A little discipline, and I could be out of this desert in as little as 6 months. Assuming one can get rid of the Pit of Sickness called my house. Yeah.

Given all that, it is very pleasant that [ profile] marshalmeg came up the other night with a rather splendid idea for a Mafia-stylez RP called Cement Shoes, which is an excellence as although I have a million stuffs going on, I have missed rping a lot and am much looking forward to this one. I am playing Tom Hagen on the more moderne board, and also some as yet unidentified Private Eye in the Black & White era. And probably one of the main villains. Anyway, for those looking for some fun times with tommy-guns or political machinations, drop on by, apply apply! ([ profile] stauffenberg, I am looking at you in particular. I miss rping with you.)

The fun starts here.

Anyone wanna play, say, Sam Spade or a classy dame with great gams who wants to walk into somebody's office leg-first? Cozya.

You know you wanna.
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I am amused by the icons they let me keep when my paid account ran out the other day. Shall renew mine when I can do so, of course-- ah, the irritant that is timing. What else?

Oh yes-- the ADD. If I had doubted that I had it, last evening proved it to me in horrid ways. Ah, the hellacious fun of being mis-medicated and coming to realise it.

Promised myself I'd submit at least 1 assignment per class today. Time to stop playing the addictive horse racing game on the ps2 and do that instead.


And playing with the ratties & Maus.

I don't know why but I feel horribly ordinary to-day.
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So far, the day seems to be completely made of suck.

To start with, no one seemed to get any sleep last night due to multitudes of nightmares and the like, at least half of which apparently involved Rabbit shouting horrid things in her sleep. Which, among other things, is absolutely mortifying, and unpleasant for Those who sleep next to her.

Secondly, I am at wukr.

The weekend, however, was not too shabby. Yesterday was mine and [ profile] marshalmeg's 1 year Anniversary, which was celebrated with much seafood and movies of hilarious, et cetera. And of course, there was the holiday of the secular and fuud-stuffed, which, as I have mentioned was delicious.

But anything even vaguely having to do with work and/or finances = the definition of suck.
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The essential bills are all paid, so that stuff's not currently at risk. Mostly credit card peoples are annoyed with me. And the lady from whom I'm buying my car, who is a bit of a nutjob, but she has this way of keeping a foot in the grave, so one permits a dying woman a certain amount of eccentricity. Nothing too serious, though.

One's Anxiety Attack moment having passed.

I feel better now.
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O' Lord,
I have very little to say
except that it would be really nice
I mean, most pleasant and fine,
if some of the people we are doing jobs for would pay us
Sometime this life,
So that in return,

Last week was no pay from the vacation time, yes, but this week-- nada. And next week, when I shall be owed two (very large and with overtime) checks, it is dubious.

My [ profile] marshalmeg is moving in a week from tomorrow (!!!!). Blessed and Mighty, I would very much like to still have a home for her to move into. I would like that home to have lights that I may see her, and gas that I may cook for her, and water that all who dwell therein might bathe. I should also like that there be food, to be cooked at all. For this I humbly beseech thee, O' Lord.

Baruch atah Adonai, Elohaynu melech ha'olam, oseh ma-aseh Bereshith, Amen.

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