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For [ profile] yuletide I wrote a game-format Fallen London fic called Seducing a Certain Delicious Prospect. When I write fic about games, for the most part I like to use the format in question, so next time I offer Fallen London, I should recall that I will generally insist on coding the damn thing. This being the second time, really. :P

Either way, it was a lot of fun and bears, and yay. Today, B and I are watching Lord of the Rings marathon of the extended versions, and I am thinking of writing or painting but have no specific thing I wish most to do. So... perhaps a little illumination. We shall see!
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The droid you're looking for is below the cut )

And so, there you are, and I hope this shant be too onerous. My fic-- all of it that's any good, anyway-- is on either the yuletide site or Ao3 already, and you can safely assume that I write the kind of stuff I like to read. So, well, yes. Congrats, and I'm sorry.
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So! I got a marvellous Echo Bazzar fic, How To Be Silent in Five Fallen Cities, wherein the Quiet Deviless is Delicious and performing Abstractions, which is really all I wanted, and does it with style. Really, I have to be impressed with most of the Echo Bazaar fics that are out there... I'm not really about Fandom these days, but if I were, I'd be seriously tempted, especially if most of the people write stuff as cool as my [ profile] yuletide gift!

Speaking of Echo Bazaar, I ran a Nobilis game set at the Bazaar for Speaks and Tara & their eldest (And Angie, B, and Jen M.) last night, which seems to have gone over well. It accomplished many goals, like me actually running something in which B could play, getting to run Nobilis at all, running something that was not D&D, and being a present for Speaks. So that was awesome.

Am at B's parents' place in the ATL, and there will be People Here for Family Things in about an hour and a half. Have offered Helping Out, but unsurprisingly, being out of the way is the best way of helping. So we're doing that.

Hope you all had a merry Hanukahmas, and a lovely Yule.
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I signed up for [ profile] yuletide again. And now for my traditional, singularly unhelpful letter to my poor, long-suffering yulegoat.

And here's the illusory cut, which implies that there's actually useful information for you beneath it. This is deeply unlikely. I apologize. )

This past weekend having been Eclipse, and this upcoming weekend being Thanksgiving (my first with B's family), I want to go get some more sleep.
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So, back at wukr today. Still, one of the similarities between working at home and working at wukr is the sheer amount of crap (or classic, whichever) netflix instant movies I wind up consuming. Yesterday's fare being Time Bandits, which I need to watch again because I kept getting distracted, and 2012. And here you learn one of my guilty secrets-- I am a sucker for Disaster movies.

Dunno what it is-- the tension, the resource scarcity, the chance to see people finding sudden and clever ways to survive when their normal tools are taken from them-- something like those. I suspect it's the same thing that made me love Island of the Blue Dolphins, Julie of the Wolves, My Side of the Mountain, The Swiss Family Robinson and the first book of The Boxcar Children when I was younger. Alors.

Let's put aside the completely shitty science for a sec, because really, you've got to. The science isn't the festive part of this film, which really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Now admittedly, I was expecting Armageddon or Volcano levels of awful. And really, when it comes to disaster movies, you can expect the same CGI explosions and terrain destruction, with varying levels of technical acumen, no matter what. The good stuff is in the ancillary goodies. And it's here that 2012 kind of rocks. (And yes, the stuff below the cut is ALL SPOILERS ALL THE TIME. You have been warned.)

What life lessons, for example, can we glean from this hollywood blockbuster? )

So anyway, about [ profile] yuletide. This year, I am actually happier with all of the reading I have done than what I wrote, and I didn't do any yuletide madness. Oh well.

I will belatedly link my own gift story, The Point of Keys, which is really splendid Mirrormask Genfic, done with completely original characters, set in the world. My prompt was what a "normal" day in the mask world was like, and this is what I got. Also, check out her photoshop art for it, which I liked very much, and gives a lovely image of the protagonist. My yuletide Santa is awesome, and I am delighted.

I am disinclined to do recs, considering the absolute flood of them on the community, but I will say that I've read some simply wonderful fics this year, and I'm way stunned by the quality.

And now, I should actually do some work, hien?

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So, I've signed up for yuletide. Let the sympathy for those who have received my requests begin!

In case you were wondering... )
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So, in a semi-predictable way, I did get some inspiration and in fact some aid in at least one Yuletide Madness fic-- which went far longer than I had planned, and which I only /now/ have finished, and so will not be able to upload until they open the archive for NYR fic uploads. Ah well! I'm... not entirely displeased with this one, and the recipient managed to get a comment through on the one I wrote for her, which was lovely.

In the meantime, the story I recieved, In Which Tazendra Catches a Thief, pleased and made me giggle to no end. No end, I tell you! It does the Steven Brust language quite well, and is satisfyingly Gen. Though it reminds me that I need to read the Vlad Taltos novels, in faith.

Anyway. Out I must pass. Nightall, and Happy Yuletide, Merry Christmas, and all of those swell and jolly things!
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I think my fanfic muscle is severely impaired, all sudden.

It is yuletide madness, and I look through all of the double-thousand requests, and have no inspiration whatever. Huh. Maybe what I need is a good crossover or something. Alors.

Though this year, yuletide madness is open even to people who did not sign up for [ profile] yuletide, so if something there inspires you-- go! Fic it up!

I have a little more shopping to do to-day, and... yay! Christmas Eve!

Once again, chances are I will get struck by Ideas somewhere around 9 tonight. :D
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I got my [ profile] yuletide story done and in a good half hour before deadline, and at double the required wordcount!

This is a great goodness.

Now there is seared tuna.

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As per usual, I will be finishing my [ profile] yuletide at the very last moment on the very last day. This is very nearly a tradition, at this point.
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Dear [ profile] yuletide Santa:

A very short letter. )

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This morning, I take out the trash and collect wood for the fireplace, and [ profile] vaukosigan makes corned beef. I think about what sort of thing I would like to resolve for this year, and I decide, ultimately, to emulate Gregor Vorbarra: Let's-See-What-Happens!

For [ profile] yuletide this year, I wrote Woe For the Two Thousand Year Reign of the Fish! (Additional Runes appending the Kalevala), for [ profile] gileonnen, who had some of the most awesome requests I've ever seen in a yuletide requesty-thing. But words cannot express how delighted I was to get this request, and also, Trochaic Tetrameter is Fun!!!

Mebbe 'Are You Being Served' now.
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All right. So, because I for some reason never link before the reveal...

The two fics I received for yuletide were the delightful Folly, by Tanith and Fierce and Free by Alianora, both Oona POV fics from Legend. Which, admittedly, if I do much as far as fanfic this year, that's one I think I might want to write in. Largely for exercise, as I found, writing fic for [ profile] yuletide treats, that writing was actually something I was able to do for a bit. Yes. I have been having trouble. Like literary impotence. Or something. But that's not what i'm about today. The fics I wrote for [ profile] yuletide were:

Dream's Labyrinth-- a Pan's Labyrinth/Sandman crossover, written for [ profile] ravenbell's main story this year. From the point of view of the boy, Ofelia's brother.

A word about that right here. Having seen Labyrinth and Pan's Labyrinth, I was struck by the damn similarity, especially in this throwaway boy who is everybody's Object. As you know if any of you have seen my laby fic on, Prince of Night Places, I have sympathy for this boy. Now I kinda want to have Toby and Ofelia's brother go off on an adventure. Maybe I'll work him into the latter fic, if/when I pick it back up.

Also, it warmed my cockles that this one got rec'd and commented on a bunch. So hee.

Eyn Sof-- For Adrienne. Um... Foucault's Pendulum fic. Someone requested it! I couldn't say no! Seriously, as this is my favorite book, it almost felt sinful writing this, but... well, hell. I'm glad everyone who commented now wants to read the Pendulum over again, because it is always to go read the pendulum.

The Dancing Master-- For Farasha Silversand. Phantom of the Opera, actually Musical/Movie stylez (I usually write book), a Meg-centric riff on the fairy tale, "the red shoes". If it seems truncated, I was writing it as a treat in recordtime, so yeah... not one of my better fics, imho, but it was kinda fun. Also, just as a thing, I did intend to leave it open as to Meg and Erik's actual relationship at the end of it. I don't really see them as a pairing, you understand. What I do see, however, is Christine as the biggest twit in twitdom. I like her better as a castrato.

The Mere Shadow of a Man-- 1776 John Dickenson/James Wilson pr0n. Why is it that subs are so often named James Wilson? Anyway, this was written for my Other Half, and yesh, and it's utterly ridiculous and damn did I have fun writing it, and also not letting her know what I was giggling about while I was writing it. Heee.

And that is that. I am going to go and get more pink champagne.
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I have been meaning to link my lovely [ profile] yuletide stories, and now that I mean to, the server is down. Nertz. Soonish.

Though I will say that both of my Legend Fics were Awesome and made of win. Yes, Legend. Like with Tim Curry, Tom Cruise and Mia Sara. Hee.

Though a good thing is finding out that a bunch of Incredibly Unpleasant financial dramawangst from a bit past was not only Not Your Fault but the fault of an Idiot Corporate Entity who must be having mad stupid technical issues. MOST excellent.

Now, bitch betta gimme my $100.79 back.


I have other things to discuss. Many of them. But not now. Now is... a good time. And not for whinging. It is raining, and it is pretty, and this bed is warm.
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Stupid camera = ze bwoke.

X-mas = one of ze best evah.

Rabbit = one passin' out thingamajig.

I have loads of [ profile] yuletide Recs, including my four (!?) gift stories, which were every one of them an orgy of awesome and Yes. I mean.... twp 1776 bits, Chrestomanci/Wizard Howl crossover, and Dante Gabriel Rosetti/Francis Thompson.


Also: I have Terrance and Philip action figures. And a roll-up electric piano. And pronouns.

And a should-pass-out-ness.

Mad at the camera. Everyone needs to see the engagement ring I got [ profile] marshalmeg. Hardcore.

God bless us, everyone.

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Tomorrow, there will be pictures. I say: There will be pictures tomorrow.

To-day, there is nada, or tonight rather. Though I will explain my absences, one of which was due to work-fu, and the other was due to the death of my Lafayette's power cord, and the wait for a new one, as I burned out the battery struggling to finish my [ profile] yuletide fic. Which, I am embarrassed to say only got finished tonight. But my recipient /did/ get a pinch hit story, so she will have two stories! Which is the cool, because my recipient is the sort where, mrr, I'm very glad she is getting two, so if she hates mine, she will at least have some backup awesomeness. Y'know, one of those Fandom Legends, in the fandom wherein I wrote her story.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

It is Christmas Eve. I'm sure there's some Garrison Keillor in the world, somewhere. If there is, I am going to listen to him.

Or else, I am going to play Meteos on the Nintendo DS which [ profile] marshalmeg got me for Channukah.

Y'know, whichever.

Much love for you all.
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Yes yes, I signed up for [ profile] yuletide this year, again. As ever. And, as I have some new fandomy things on my list, and as I am... well... anyway. Here's my wishes, for the unlucky person bequeathed with my requests:

Dear Yuletide Santa,

all I want for x-mas... )

As for me, I am absolutely delighted by my assignment. I even have an idea of what to do for it. It is a challenge, mais alors, I like a challenge. So so.
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Best church sign ever was viewed July 4th on a presbyterian church in downtown Kentucky:

"mind the gap."

With god as my witness and a couple of other maunderings about les films. )
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Randomly trolling [ profile] yuletide, I came upon Knock on All Doors And Enter Nowhere-- a Narnia fic, which I don't usually read, but this is just altogether... Yes. Wow. Lovely and painful and...

Yeah, I am reccing a fic. f34(2.

[ profile] shellefly and my favorite little Consecutive Number arrived safely last night, and now His Majesty Lord Archer has decreed that we will watch My Little Pony movies this morning. This resolution was passed by the Estates to the great amusement by the Absolute Monarch, who seems to think it is cute how they think they have power. Cookie Monster also ate the Puppet Government of Cardinal Mazarin in a single satisfying chomp. Said Cookie Monster, "That's a Good Cookie!"

He has also decided to give up his life of petty tyranny and enter the church, where he expects to swiftly advance in position. He already has his Court referring to him as 'Cardinal Fang.'

The world-- not to mention the Church-- trembles.

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