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My yuletide gift was completely amazing this year: Like a Rock into Waking, which is She-Hulk with a really brilliant frisson of The Good Wife in there, that you will miss if you blink. Whatevs. It is so, so perfect, I squee.

Also, home-Christmas was awesome in the sauce. Overwhelmed the baby happily. Yay!
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I signed up for Yuletide again. I have no clue why I bother. I must hate myself. Or rather, because I spend so much of the year unable to finish anything; the one time I can usually force myself to complete a story-- even a fanfic-- is, well, something. I'm sure pregnancy and it's brain-sucking powers won't interfere at all.

In the meantime, for the poor, sad sucker who got stuck with my requests...

A letter for you. )
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Finished reading "The Souls of Black Folk" by WEB Du Bois. It's excellent on a number of levels, particularly seeing how many of today's racial issues were predictable over a hundred years ago, and how some non-racial ones... allowing corporations to substitute profit for rightness did kind of happen. It's quite frustrating to see the country now just getting to the place we ought to have been just after emancipation.

Completely unrelated: an odd side effect of the Les Mis movie is that my ancient fanfic has suddenly started getting comments and hits again. This amuses me greatly.

At a still greater remove: I have obtained a quantity of dandelions from the local schoolyard today, and shall presently turn them into dandelion wine. I missed it last year, which is terribly sad, but this year, oh this year, there shall be dandelion deliciousness! Though I should really go ahead and let it age the full year, as it is really better that way.

Having now also planted this spring's goodies on the porch, I think I shall very much want to go to the farmer's market this weekend and obtain some chocolate mint for the hanging planters. Yes.
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Dear [ profile] yuletide Santa:

A very short letter. )

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For Yuletide, I got Awesome 'I, Robot' Donovan and Powell fic!


Also, for regular christmas stuff, I got the amazingness. I am going to sit here and read Comic Book Tattoo forever now (Little Amsterdam story = WIN). But the best thing?

A 36 KEY ELECTRIC KEYBOARD! And Fallout Three! And STUFF! Heen.

Time for more fire in the fireplace now.

Happy Holy-Daze, kids!
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So not only did I get a very fun one of the things I offered for [ profile] yuletide, I'm fairly certain I can write /all/ of the fandoms requested. And would enjoy it.

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Let us do away with this Gary Stu nonsense. The idealised male is ever called Jack. So has it been, so shall it be, forever. Amen.
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Got most of the homework finished last night to the tune of insanely late, and also an all-day Buffy Season 6 marathon. Or early, depending on how you look at it. Either way, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Word to the wise, passing out just after Buffy & Tara get shot is probably not the best idea, for actually having restful sleep. Yeah.

New computer at wukr. Downloading spybot S&D and other such essentials. Why won't gmail work?

These are the questions, the ties that bind.

And finally, Fistful of Boomstick is as good a ps2 game as I remember. Holyfuck.
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If I ever start a theatrical company, I shall call it 'the Theatre of Understatement'. There is a very annoying trend in modern theatre and media to overdoing it, that's almost silent-film in its extremity, only... well, with a blaring soundtrack and much screaming. Every emotion must be despair, fury, or ecstacy. There is no place for the deadpan, the blank, the subtler expressions that create suspense and keep it. Everyone must maintain this cracking tension that, frankly, overwhelms and exhausts. I like it not. I miss the late thirties up till the 70's protest movies that I grew up on-- the flavour of Hair and the original Jesus Christ Superstar, when audiences that would peruse the material were expected to get the irony, and exaggeration had it's carefully orchestrated, somewhat subtil point as well. Oh, there are still movies and things that capture it, but really, it's all part of something that comes from the focus on lush sets and special effects making the-- y'know, acting-- secondary. Yes, the imagrey is lush and cool, but really... really.

Shaking your head in imperious 'shame-shame' disappointment and knocking people on the floor is not acting.

Also, I'm not liking the OMG-Ebil!Judas, not to mention the pantomime subplot of Judas betraying Jesus because he's jealous of Mary and has total (somewhat) unrequited lust for Jesus.

I mean... Really.

ETA: OMG... the Pilate... KILL ME NOW. Herod is supposed to be the comic relief, not you. You are not British, and cannot do Roman. I don't care if you have the cool Sidney Godolphin vocal range. You blow. Off of my screen, Sir!

...Herod's cool though.
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So. This one was slow and low and all the fireworks rang outside my window and the like, but that's really okay. I can wait for my fireworks. Until tomorrow, anyway.

But. The [ profile] yuletide Reveal. I wrote Fondest, Blindest, Weakest, the 1602 fanfic. Which I know, but hadn't written in before, as I have never dealt with Daredevil in anything. Carlos Javier on the other hand is fairly easy; for me he's always fallen somewhere personality-wise betwixt my Mike and my Stephen.

And a million thank yous to the magnificent [ profile] mazily, who wrote me And the Rockets Red Glare, which so totally made my world glow.

The dreams I had last night were somewhat serious but somewhat auspicious, I think, for New Years dreams. Dreams of crowns and coming into a lot of money in spite of dangerous odds. I wonder... a shadow of the year's theme, perhaps. 2005 being the Year of Transformation-- and how. We'll see, boys.

Now a shower, to finish the 'sountrack of the year' meme, and yes.

Bon Année, mes copains!
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One is-- or rather, two are-- in Delaware, about to leave for Philadelphia and portray the undead. [ profile] shellefly makes herself all Mata Hari-like, and St. Germain wears far too much gaudy jewelry.

Say nothing.


I dreamed last night about Army of Darkness, except with Mal instead of Ash.

This, and I havent' even seen Serenity yet.

We're doomed.
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I mean, the whole entry is beautiful and awesome, but what specifically amused me about the comments to this post by [ profile] yuki_onna, is the following, which went through my head:

So Two Obscure Fandom Icons Walk! Into! A BAR! and the two Fangirls sitting nearby, one of them says to the other, "OMG TheirLoveIsSoMeta!"

And the other one goes and makes a colorBAR!

And like, five people got it, because My Fandom is Spiritually Pure.
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I'm home, sneazing, coughing, dripping, and otherwise miserable. I am dropping myself into bed like a bloody great sack and dying melodramatically.

You know, kind of like my Evil Namesake, here crucio-ed.

Now, let me explain something about my name. I love my name, w hich is marvellously appropriate to a dead'un like me. I cherish it, I keep it holy. I do not invoke it save in cases of necessity, nor do I generally suffer others to do so.

I should not have gone looking to see what sort of Mary Sues have defiled it. No no no. This was bad and Wrong, and I am now utterly, utterly sorry. The end.

*drips away*

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