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Avicenna Duncan Zimro Stoddard
born 1/11/17 at 11:41 am (Capricorn, rising Aries, moon in Cancer, SO SORRY about that 12th house Mars and Venus in Pisces my child, so so sorry)
20.5", 8 lbs, 4.6 oz
Male as default build, but y'know, we'll see.

Is good and happy, and so are all of us here.

(and thanks, [ profile] rosefox, for reminding me I hadn't posted here.)
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I am full of Baby #2. It is a wiggly 7 weeks old. I am also full of tired and vomit.

It is a good thing to say here, in the corners of the corners.
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My yuletide gift was completely amazing this year: Like a Rock into Waking, which is She-Hulk with a really brilliant frisson of The Good Wife in there, that you will miss if you blink. Whatevs. It is so, so perfect, I squee.

Also, home-Christmas was awesome in the sauce. Overwhelmed the baby happily. Yay!
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In which my husband published his story, Dakrah's Familiar, on Amazon. If you dig wizardly tales of wizards being wizardly, this might be your jam. If not, that's okay too. But I am very proud of him, ,and it is totally my jam.
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Somehow, sleep dep and dedication to the care and maintenance of an otherwise helpless human being leads to much more mental fortitude and alertness than being pregnant did. And much, much less depression. Who knew!?

Recovery on other fronts is slower, but that's all right. Baby has clean bill of health all around, which is the very best thing. And his daddy is pretty much a glowing ball of happy. As am I.

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So, a few days ago, my grandmother went into the ICU-- lung problems, which became heart problems. They thought she was getting better, but she isn't. So my dad called me tonight... you know the call. The, "This Is Probably Your Last Chance," call. He and my aunt are flying out tomorrow, and my mom on Sat.

Thus, B and I are flying out Saturday morning to CA, to go up also.

This is sort of the... crown, of an amazingly unstable week.

(Also, B is a simply wonderful person. It is important that this be known far and wide.)
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So! I got a marvellous Echo Bazzar fic, How To Be Silent in Five Fallen Cities, wherein the Quiet Deviless is Delicious and performing Abstractions, which is really all I wanted, and does it with style. Really, I have to be impressed with most of the Echo Bazaar fics that are out there... I'm not really about Fandom these days, but if I were, I'd be seriously tempted, especially if most of the people write stuff as cool as my [ profile] yuletide gift!

Speaking of Echo Bazaar, I ran a Nobilis game set at the Bazaar for Speaks and Tara & their eldest (And Angie, B, and Jen M.) last night, which seems to have gone over well. It accomplished many goals, like me actually running something in which B could play, getting to run Nobilis at all, running something that was not D&D, and being a present for Speaks. So that was awesome.

Am at B's parents' place in the ATL, and there will be People Here for Family Things in about an hour and a half. Have offered Helping Out, but unsurprisingly, being out of the way is the best way of helping. So we're doing that.

Hope you all had a merry Hanukahmas, and a lovely Yule.
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Back from Thanksgiving at B's family's farm. It was awesome and cozy and said family is wonderful; they plied us with delicious foodstuffs and now we have fig jam and scuppernong wine and all the peanuts and pecans ever. I mean it, all of them. I don't think there's any more in the world.


Now we are home, and have acquired a small tree for the table, and it is lit and decorated. I have done a Small Cleaning, and will do a Large Cleaning later. Or presently. But there are plans for beer and burgers this evening with friends, and that is wondrous and happy-making. We have been listening to the Chieftains and other holiday music.

All is good in the world. I hope everyone had a happy secular food holiday.

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Wukr: wukring.
Home: cleaning.
Boy: writing like a fiend. Also working!
Cat: whining.
LARP: omg so much to do... (see also Boy.)
Car: brakeless. Fortunately...
Parents: Here this weekend, willing to co-sign on a car-loan.

I still need to put my hands on my car's &@);:-! Title, because that will be important for trades. I'm thinking of getting a used Prius, coz they seem pretty well priced around here. Mom suggests a Fiat. Yeah.

So we'll see about that.

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I love being at my parents, because I can be pretty much perpetually drunk and it's all good. Margaritas are our friends. And my dad and I had a memorial Guinness for my godfather and talked over a bunch of stuff. This is all good.

But I think I should sleep it off now, so that we can finish the tree and all sometime tonight.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and love like you don't even know.

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I am happy today, because yesterday was good. There were games and parties. There was sangria and eggnog and deliciousness and talk awhile of Dust to Dust. There were people I love and adore, and a boy I love more than that. These are all very great sources of joy to a Rabbit.

Soon, we shall go and have lunch with B's folks, though there is a blowing snow falling. It does not seem to be sticking at all, so that's all right. I wouldn't mind sticking snow, but we are in GA, as you might have guessed, and must return to NC this evening. Being stuck in the snow in SC or anywhere between appeals not at all.

For those who may have wished to comment on my last post, I thank you for your intention. The reason that I disabled comments, however, was that while it was a very sad thing, it was also... I didn't feel bad, and I wasn't depressed. I was mourning, and I needed to mourn, and I mourned till I was done, and there wasn't anything to say to me, really. It was all sad, but it was good too. I will add only that I really wish many of you could have met my godfather. Really, everyone who knows me at all should have known him. For some people, you can meet their parents and you see how they came from this combination of folk. For me, you might be able to get that somewhat from my parents, but you'd really need to also know Warren to get the full picture.

And now I have said what I wanted to say, which is that, and also that I am happy. It's a fine thing. There are other, troublesome and worrisome and ugly things about, it is true and cannot be denied. But I am here, and thinking about different things, and B is working on a Harbinger of Doom blog post that I am eagerly waiting to read, and all of that is good, and I am, right now this minute, content.
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My father found out yesterday, and promptly told me, that my godfather passed away a bit ago. We found out today that it was the day after Thanksgiving. He was very sick, and had been for years-- living in a home. The last time I saw him was Thanksgiving of 2002, at which point he was nearly completely blind. I was still living with Shannon for chrissakes. I had spoken to him once or twice on the phone since, but... well.

All that aside, I didn't expect it. I knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later, but I still didn't think it'd actually happen. Hurts like a son of a bitch. Hard to explain what he was to us... an uncle, certainly, he and my dad were the ones who taught me about having a good debate, philosophical, historical, or religious conversation, and still like the people you were arguing with. We never got to go to Germany-- he never actually got to go back to Germany, actually, a place he loved and missed the rest of his life. There's still so many conversations and things he and I never got to have. And we... we were his entire family, pretty much, apart from his sister... I met his parents, we hung out with them in the desert one year, but they'd been gone a long time. And we were (me and my folks anyway) on the other side of the country. I'd missed him a lot already, and now-- well.

From what I understand, there wasn't a funeral or anything. B took me out to Irish Food last night, and let me cry and tell stories and remember and drink a car bomb in Warren's memory. So I'll tell you my toast to the man, based on his favorite old Scottish Joke, that he'd told me when I was far too young to be hearing such things:

To Warren "Bjorn-o" Amy, a man who would indeed appreciate it if ye emptied a bottle of good Scotch Whiskey on 'is grave-- and wouldn't even mind if ye filtered it through yer kidneys first.

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I am happy to-day.

I am happy to be at my parents' house, with my aunt and my cousins, and I am happy that I got to ride down most of the way here with [ profile] shieldhaven, who is really the best travelling companion in all the world, and I am happy that I will see him again Saturday, and that in the interim, I will pretty much be on the beach.

I am happy that there will be a Low-Country Broil and also Candied Yams to-day, and that my 16 year old cousin loves musicals and geekery, and reads fantasy and thinks Larping is cool. She just spent the past half hour showing me forbidden broadway sketches.

Is a good day. Happy Secular Food Holiday to all of you out there, and here.
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So it is very much to wish a Happy Natal Daze to my best and most wonderful and awesomest [ profile] shellefly; long may she Reign!
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So, I'm in Tampa.

This is because the airline offered a hotel room and vouchers for future travel to anyone who'd take a later flight, which I make it a point to accept if at all possible. Thus, I am here in a hotel bed, enjoying free internet and The Wizard of Oz on TNT, though I think I am going to fall over now, as I've got an 7:30 shuttle and an 8:35 plane.

This is the furthest South I have ever been, geographically! Culturally, I'd have to say that would be Richmond, VA, thusfar.

Saw Sherlock Holmes with the parents before the flight, And I'm going to cut for probable spoilers and ranting now, though honestly it was fun and overblown candy, if only... )

I miss the parents already. I had a lovely stay with them, althouh they both came down with the plague. Largely, this meant that mother could not exhaust everyone with Numerous Festive Events, and thus went a little stir crazy, but in a mild sort of way. Dad enjoyed the books that I gave him and finished the longer of them, and we had a lot of really excellent conversation on that and myriad other topics, which we don't get to do nearly enough. And Mother and I got to play a little dress-up, at least, which is not uncommon. She got a necklace from her favorite store (now my new favorite place for certain LARP garb), and gave me a really beautiful necklace as well. And both of them enjoyed the first two seasons of Fame, which was my other present to them, and which we spent much of yesterday watching. All in all, a very relaxing and pleasant trip.

Did I not mention falling over, somewhere above? Right right. Now that I have finished reading my current book (The Winter King, by Bernard Cornwell) I shall see to that immediately.

Bon nuit!
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This is a brief missive to tell you all, I shall tell you all,
That I am in Fernandina Beach, FL, for the next week.
Having surprised the Father with my arrival, as Mother had let him think
I was not arriving until next week
(Wednesday, to be precise)--
I shall remain through until the weekend next.
In the meantime,
I ache for sleep,
And now I shall have it.

Goodnight to all of you what are not Prince Hamlet,
Nor meant to be.
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This is Jacksonville Airport, and I am waiting again.

I have said so before I think, but it occurs to me frequently when I am in such places as this one how interesting, how fascinating it would be to enter the airport and not to be waiting, but to /be/ at the airport, until one wished to find another and go there instead. To see how long one could go before passing out of security, to sample all the tourist wares of the traveling class and record it all, bouncing from place to place to place but not really ever in those places; for one is Only In The Airport.

My parents saw me off with a glass of wine from the restaurant outside of the security gate, and it won't be too long before I am back here again, then back on the island. It never feels like I am here long enough. We didn't even get to have a proper evening at O'Kane's.

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From a couple of people; I was simply far too amused by the results not to post:

In 2009, caudelac resolves to...
Learn to play the opera.
Connect with my inner glam.
Find a new decadence.
Get back in contact with some old dark corners.
Take xxgeek cockfighting.
Overcome my secret fear of seamstresses.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Today, my intention is detox. As it is sunny, that means schlepping the two or three blocks down to the beach. MMM, beach.
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I finally made it to Florida sometime around 1:45 today, due to a number of delays and the like. This was all right, as I was quite shortly plied with food, malbec, pinot grigio and port. I am now very happy and ensconced in an extremely comfortable bed, and looking forward to this pirate parade thing tomorrow.

Provided that I get some sleep, and that I stop sneezing. Frecking sinus allergies.

Also, grandma's new husband is very, very cool. Pretty much as cool as he seemed on facebook. This pleases me. His sense of humor is such that he fits right in with the rest of the family. :D
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So this weekend?

Dressing up as pirates with my mom to be in a parade. She has enough pirate pants for everybody!

My mom is Made of Awesome.

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