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I went and looked back through this date in all of the 12 years I've had this thing, and I don't care to list the ones where I posted, so no meme there.

Also, I was going to do a meme of posting the first lines of several unfinished stories... but there are so very many. So very.

It is December, but not as cold as it could be. Zzzzzz.
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It seems that I have managed to accomplish not a few things that I had no intention of accomplishing, and have utterly failed at everything I had planned to do. Except packing for Eclipse. Mostly.

Ah well. At least I have a lot of clean laundry.

Today has been a day of a whole lot of mostly harmless and/or niggling yet annoying fail. On a better note, I have completely failed to be bothered by such. So that's all right. Vlad Taltos and I cannot be bothered by the fail.

And now that my itouch is synched, I shall go see if there are any of my cowukrs still at the Bull McCabe.
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Yes, I think nap.

Sorreh, Kittehs.
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I have made quite the habit of failing at Nanowrimo. I mind very little-- I am typically very otherwise productive during the month of November. This November, I... traveled. I made small progress on many things, and went many places, or went to the same place many times, rather. And it was good, that is to say-- I feel this month well used, in the good sense of the term. So that's all right then.

I should also tell you that St. Germain and Chambourd, while somewhat costly for an at-home cocktail, is delicious and well worth it.
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Had a very nice and coma inducing feast with the lovely [ profile] sruna and and friends, and am now home, buried under cats, and delighted by the prospect of a great deal of sleep. I am thankful for all of those things, and here are a modest selection of other things that I am thankful for:

a) having a spare tire that is actually a real tire
b) having parents who are able to walk one through changing a tire over the phone,
c) extremely nice passerby who stop to help one change tires when one has the flat to end all flats,
d) a nearby sheetz where one can fill up the spare, which is badly in need of air, like a criminologist's neck.

There's more, without question, but I list them not. Happy Secular Food Holiday to all of you out there, and here.
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Instead of coming home and passing out like I ought, I realised that I had a) the car with me to-day, and b) no food in the house for either myself or the spider (the catboys and the bird are fine). So I went to get those things, which turned into a huge freaking odyssey as there were three other places out by petco that I wanted to go to look for costuming for my new LARP character and I had to stop by whole foods for milk and meat and, and, and...

And I fail at common sense, and sleep.

At least I have won at beer.

Good Night.
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The scallopped tatters shall have to wait a year: I have no time to complete the pallid mask, or concieve a device upon which to fix the yellow sign.

Fortunately, I have a backup or two.
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So because I am slower than shit, things I didn't notice until this morning, when I took a shower:

My shampoo/conditioner and the pretty little dish on the windowsill in the bathroom, which held my bath soap, are gone.

That's right-- motherfucker from last night? Stole my soap and shampoo. And I didn't notice in time to tell the cops. Not that it's a huge horrible loss-- the dish cost me 25 cents from the Scrap, and the shampoo was a relatively cheap bottle. It's more of an insult to injury thing. What a fucking joker.

This day has already started out AWESOME.

ETA: So I did find the shampoo and soap-- they were removed carefully from the windowsill and placed out of the way on the air boxes. I took pictures and called my property manager.

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So anything I had to say about the Amazon business? Gets said here.

Someone probably had the idea of reducing Amazon's exposure to bad publicity without increasing the site's legal liability. Manual censorship of the rankings would certainly make the service more liable, so the idea was probably a tool that would let the site's users do the work for it. After all, if the community doesn't like it, then, well, US community standards laws apply and you're safe. A group of developers coded it up, and it worked well - for a while.

Either a parameter wasn't quite right, or someone released a new version of a keyword file without testing - and, well, suddenly the GLBT books were off the list. Maybe someone gamed the system, too - it's impossible to tell from outside.

A separate test and operations team would have been likely to spot the underlying flaw before it got released - or at least spotted the first wave of complaints and started to triage them effectively, with a more productive response than "It's a glitch".

So now Amazon has to unwind data that's spread across its distributed application platform, which may be stored in any or all of three different kinds of database, and in at least three different geographies and many more data centres.


It happens in the best of companies, yo. Combined with a Cust. Service dept. that sees 'LGBT' in the initial customer query and assumes that the system is functioning as designed, and this is part of policy. But due to the fact that the initial complaints were, understandably from one single, and fairly limited viewpoint, as are all single-user reports, the cust. service lady totally missed the point, didn't understand the depth or breadth of the issue, and gave a form response that lit a huge storm of shit up.

So Jesus rolled that rock over, took one look at his twitter stream and said, "fuck it, goin' back to bed. Peace."
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I would like to do the Makin' stuff! Meme that everyone is doing, but I know myself, and I am notoriously bad at actually fulfilling those. That is to say, I forget these things, too much.

Yes, I watched it yesterday. Snow meant that home was had by all my wukr, and that was good.

Today: my kingdom for an antihistamine. I r not mr people. Is wukr. Not people.

That is all.
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So apparently the city has to jackhammer up the street in front of our house in order to fix the plumbing problem.

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Fever. Sore throat. Failday.

[ profile] vaukosigan is being sweet and making soup and brought medicines for a rabbit. Hoping she doesn't get sick too. Sigh.

And them's the news.
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Meet Failcat.

Failcat is between names right now, and has a genetic fail. Failcat is a winnar of the Epileptic Hermaphrodite sweepstakes too! What has it won?

Home-living, with us and the other Monsters. And though it's obvious-- yeah, kind of a mindfuck, ain't it? I mean... when you see it, you just might shit bricks.

There really needs to be the motivational poster set-- Never has so much Fail had so much Win.

Much like July 20th.
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Have a fever. They have a fever too. The poison food perhaps was only the catalyst, or else I had the flu to begin with.

Was going to take day off Friday for brakes-doing. Still have to get the other half of the brakes done-- wanted to get in today, but the mechanic is full-- will probably find way to get into wukr though. PTO is a terrible thing to waste.

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Food poisoned. LAME.

The best part is-- and this is where you all fall over rolling around with laughter at the utter fail-- that I threw my back out while retching.

Seriously. At this point, I almost don't notice the feeling sick, because my back is fucking BROKEN.


But here, If laughing didn't hurt, this would make me less sick.


2 July 2008 14:18
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You know what's fun? Attempting to iron cap sleeves is fun. LOADS of fun.

Also: I look damn good in braces. By which I mean suspenders.

Now to find some burn ointment. Damn iron.

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