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So, made it through the first Dust to Dust three-day event.

Now that I have slept, it was really awesome. I had a wonderful time. It was exhausting and stressy, and I had some small melting right at the beginning, but it is amazing what a proper dose of one's meds and some awesome setting stuff will do. Not to mention the really excellent people I get to work with on this thing.

Still of the opinion that everyone ever should play the game. In spite of the fact that I'm not really sure where on site we'd put them, right now.

Still want half a million bucks to buy some land, and half a million more to kit it out for LARP habitation.

Also want all the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.
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So many unpacked boxes.

So much html.

So much wukr training course.

I feel very much like whining, but cannot decide on what to whine about.

Tea, maybe.

I could whine about tea. Though that's not very nice to the tea, which likes me well, I think.

Yes, tea, before I am compelled to unpack more. My hatred of cardboard has nearly achieved its bloody vengeance.
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It is amusing to me that my brain now reads, "eyes barely staying open" with "time to write chapterz!"

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So I got home at about 6:30, after being barely able to keep my eyes open at work for the three hours previous. So I lay down for a nap.

And woke up half an hour ago.

Gonna go back to sleep for the next hour and a half before I must needs get up, coz alls I'm seeing on the internet are links to articles that will piss me off. My dreams were much better.

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While I have no intention of overmuch Oscar!Spam to-day, I'll just say that I'm happy for you Jeff Bridges, but Morgan Freeman not getting the award in a year that he played Nelson Frigging Mandela makes me very sad. Very sad indeed.

Hiking yesterday has made me very, very sore, and also sleepy. This does not bode well for the various things that I wish to accomplish this evening.
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So, I'm in Tampa.

This is because the airline offered a hotel room and vouchers for future travel to anyone who'd take a later flight, which I make it a point to accept if at all possible. Thus, I am here in a hotel bed, enjoying free internet and The Wizard of Oz on TNT, though I think I am going to fall over now, as I've got an 7:30 shuttle and an 8:35 plane.

This is the furthest South I have ever been, geographically! Culturally, I'd have to say that would be Richmond, VA, thusfar.

Saw Sherlock Holmes with the parents before the flight, And I'm going to cut for probable spoilers and ranting now, though honestly it was fun and overblown candy, if only... )

I miss the parents already. I had a lovely stay with them, althouh they both came down with the plague. Largely, this meant that mother could not exhaust everyone with Numerous Festive Events, and thus went a little stir crazy, but in a mild sort of way. Dad enjoyed the books that I gave him and finished the longer of them, and we had a lot of really excellent conversation on that and myriad other topics, which we don't get to do nearly enough. And Mother and I got to play a little dress-up, at least, which is not uncommon. She got a necklace from her favorite store (now my new favorite place for certain LARP garb), and gave me a really beautiful necklace as well. And both of them enjoyed the first two seasons of Fame, which was my other present to them, and which we spent much of yesterday watching. All in all, a very relaxing and pleasant trip.

Did I not mention falling over, somewhere above? Right right. Now that I have finished reading my current book (The Winter King, by Bernard Cornwell) I shall see to that immediately.

Bon nuit!
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So, in a semi-predictable way, I did get some inspiration and in fact some aid in at least one Yuletide Madness fic-- which went far longer than I had planned, and which I only /now/ have finished, and so will not be able to upload until they open the archive for NYR fic uploads. Ah well! I'm... not entirely displeased with this one, and the recipient managed to get a comment through on the one I wrote for her, which was lovely.

In the meantime, the story I recieved, In Which Tazendra Catches a Thief, pleased and made me giggle to no end. No end, I tell you! It does the Steven Brust language quite well, and is satisfyingly Gen. Though it reminds me that I need to read the Vlad Taltos novels, in faith.

Anyway. Out I must pass. Nightall, and Happy Yuletide, Merry Christmas, and all of those swell and jolly things!
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This is a brief missive to tell you all, I shall tell you all,
That I am in Fernandina Beach, FL, for the next week.
Having surprised the Father with my arrival, as Mother had let him think
I was not arriving until next week
(Wednesday, to be precise)--
I shall remain through until the weekend next.
In the meantime,
I ache for sleep,
And now I shall have it.

Goodnight to all of you what are not Prince Hamlet,
Nor meant to be.
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Back from Georgia,
Far more bruised,
From damned evil camp beds,
Than from the pummeling.

Mmmm... pummeling.
Lo! I miss the pummeling.
I miss the...the...

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It is pleasant to not be sick, and indeed, to have returned to the regularly scheduled work-a-day routine. I had very nearly missed it.
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Verison DSL is frustrating and full of doom. As is my back. I'm going to sleep now. I will growl at it more in the morning.

I spent the weekend being a fairy, a shark, and a frog. It was awesome.

I spent this evening making friends with WoW and hydrocodone.

Good night.

I think it would be a horrible thing if the movie for which I know Michael Caine best remains Bewitched.
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Awake. I am a sore and bruised post-LARP Rabbit, and there are many many f*list posts, and reading them in the morning would be a better idea than now, and spuh. Kittehboys seem to agree. I should listen to them.

O' bedz which are thicker than a matzoh, you mah only friend.
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Last night was first session of [ profile] alexandraerin's 4ed D&D game, which shows that... well, I am not actually upset with the changes they made to the mechanics at all. It's very much a different game than previous editions of D&D, but it is a lot more clear and straightforward in combat, and, as I am playing a cleric, I did not feel completely useless... even though I did not draw my mace once. So that was all well and good.

Uncommonly sleepy and hurty this morning. I think my back wants to secede. Or maybe just my right kidney.

Yeah, apart from looking forward to playing magic tonight, that's about it.

This blanket is warm. My super says I can have a papasan at my desk instead of this chair, as long as I don't fall asleep in it.

I think I can do that, perhaps.
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I am unbelievably sleepy, but today was unbelievably productive. My parents rock like no other, and I miss them already, though they're not goin' till mornin'.

But yes, and hee, and you have no idea how many times I've had to retype words in this post because by jove, my eyes keep crossing.

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Well, all of the Stuff is moved or in storage. And I am reasonably ensconced in my temporary berth, with cats and french movies.

Tinyputer is making a very odd grindy noise. This worries me somewhat.

Much more cleaning tomorrow.

And so much love to [ profile] technoir, [ profile] shieldhaven and [ profile] aetatis, for being awesome as all hell and helping out today, and to [ profile] ghettonqueen and her darling, for providing the digs. There are no words for the rockstar-awesome. None.

Still waiting to find out the final weight of the stuff that went to storage. This also worries me somewhat.

alors, et bon nuit.
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So, first day of nu-wukr: Pretty okay. My legs feel like they did when I ran cross country, and I smell like pitt bull, but that's all right. Employment is tasty and good for the soul. I no longer feel like a waste-paper cut out of space that could be occupied by something worthwhile. Sort-of. Yeah. And my brain wants to work too.

funny how you mostly think of a million interesting things to write, blog, or wonder about when you're wukring. And playing with puppies and kitties is not soul-killing, not at all. You know, in the way repetitively copy-pasting the same line of info 500 non-hyperbolous times is.

And on that note:

I was in a band, Memesheep. )

Also, cozya: Happy Chanukah!
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drawing personality

The results of your analysis say:

You tend to pursue many different activities simultaneously. When misfortune does happen, it doesn't actually dishearten you all that much.
You are a thoughtful and cautious person. You like to think about your method, seeking to pursue your goal in the most effective way.
You are creative, mentally active and industrious.
You have a sunny, cheerful disposition.

What does your drawing say about YOU?


Yesterday... well, if there are sometimes mixed blessings, yesterday was the blessings piled in a blinder and mashed on frappé. A million running around, a million things Failing, and a million... pretty good. All the bad wound up obscured by the fact that my dad's EKG results weren't so good (he's been having chronic chest pains for almost a year and FINALLY got it checked out), and was on his way to the hospital for more heart tests, right about when I got offa wukr. So yeah, Worry.

The good was crowned by a girl at 305 South who wants to possibly open a more random and awesome esoteric shop (not the fluffy, deepak-chopra-crystals-and-goddessy-light-goodness crap), at which she'd like me to do regular tarot readings. And even if she doesn't, Michelle wants me to have a sort of stand-thing, where I could do readings on a semi-regular basis... like on the evenings, after this here wukr. I've longed to do that for a long time, so that would be rulership.

Especially since I could use the extra cash. The haus stuff is basically going to put the curb on any and all spending to the extent of no stopping to pick up a bottle of cranberry juice and a candy bar anymore, nor random beers, nor... well, anything save strictly budgeted grocery shopping trips. But one makes ones bed, et al. A little discipline, and I could be out of this desert in as little as 6 months. Assuming one can get rid of the Pit of Sickness called my house. Yeah.

Given all that, it is very pleasant that [ profile] marshalmeg came up the other night with a rather splendid idea for a Mafia-stylez RP called Cement Shoes, which is an excellence as although I have a million stuffs going on, I have missed rping a lot and am much looking forward to this one. I am playing Tom Hagen on the more moderne board, and also some as yet unidentified Private Eye in the Black & White era. And probably one of the main villains. Anyway, for those looking for some fun times with tommy-guns or political machinations, drop on by, apply apply! ([ profile] stauffenberg, I am looking at you in particular. I miss rping with you.)

The fun starts here.

Anyone wanna play, say, Sam Spade or a classy dame with great gams who wants to walk into somebody's office leg-first? Cozya.

You know you wanna.
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Today begins like one of my random epic-y dreams. So.

I'm driving back from taking temps to one of the jobsites, when the people on WKNC start rambling on about some oddness to the tune of-- I swear, some dance mix version of an old Steve Winwood song. And then there's this cat in the roadway, and as I come closer I notice that it's kneeling over a dead animal, and it looks up at me and then it runs away with a big ass piece of roadkill in its mouth. And I'm just sort of blinking and I keep driving back to work.

Turns out, the dance mix is actually called 'Call Me', is by Eric Pryz, and yep, it's sampled from Steve Winwood's Valerie. Though for some reason, it is not on the wknc studio logs to-day. Muh.

Today I am speaking Spanish with an Italian accent.

Autumn is really the best of all seasons. Says Hades. All Be-hosed.

But aren't we all?
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Grandiose plans for a day
Always fall prey to
Introspection and jigsaw puzzles.
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Rip Van Winkle is so my Hero.

Princess Aurora, close runner-up.

This would be gravy, except the stupid phone keeps ringing.

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