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I like the movie "Legally Blonde," because it's all about how being a decent person and always trying to make life better for others rewards you with, well, rewarding and genuine friendships. You don't often see that functionality in a hollywood picture. My only complaint is that there was clearly some very awkward cutting/re-writes to fit the movie into a 1:36 runtime... I don't often say this about a fluffy romcom, but it really could have used the extra 24 minutes.
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On the way home from work yesterday, I heard on NPR that Harry Morgan, Colonel Potter from M*A*S*H, had passed away. He was 96.

I bawled all the rest of the way home.

So long, Sherm.
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I have said this before, but I love metal leaf. I love painting with it, and watching things turn gold and copper and silver. And I love painting with the red alcohol that you get when the leaf sits for a while. It's the best color, like the old black and red childrens books on the yellowing cream paper that I read when I was a kid. Splendid.

[ profile] shieldhaven is out of town tonight, in San Francisco for work. I'm working at the dining room table and watching the fourth season of Dexter. It's freezing cold out, and crystal clear, although it was spitting rain earlier.

It's late though, and I should go to bed.

Good night to all of you out there, and here.
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This weekend was pretty awesome. Saturday, went to the farmer's market with a friend of mine, D, and got herbs and pots and beer, then went to the scrap exchange. Another friend who works there, Nicole, asked me if I were available to model for her upcycled fashion show that evening, and I agreed, because Nicole's shows are awesome, and I adore modelling in them. Then D and I went to Rue Cler, where they were showing Cheerleading Competitions on the telly. For realsies. We boggled at the Girlness.

B came with me to the fashion show, and I fed him booze for his trouble, and took him to Bailey's for beer-cheese soup. As usual, the show was utterly fabulous, and I had a blast. We'll see if pictures circulate ever.

It was an odd evening, in that it felt terribly like... I dunno, 2004 or 2005, the Ooh la latte days. Though better, because I could afford to drink Captain Morgan and actual beer, instead of PBR, and because the Person I Am With is so super chill. Laid back. Happy is so much better than any label I can think of.

It's a thing.

The rest of the weekend was chill as can be, which was Necessary. Semi-inadvertently, we had a Djimon Hounsou movie marathon, and that was, I feel, a proper Accomplishment.

Though I now kinda want to see the version of the Tempest where he plays Caliban. So. Badass.

I should also mention that we saw Sucker Punch with a bunch of folks this weekend, and I liked it really quite a lot, though I think I was the only one. Not a perfect film, but one I was def. going to enjoy. Also not a film I expect any one else to care for-- I have my reasons why I like it, and I'm sure people will have theirs why it isn't for them. But I was happy with it.

See my thoughts on happiness, above.
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So, back at wukr today. Still, one of the similarities between working at home and working at wukr is the sheer amount of crap (or classic, whichever) netflix instant movies I wind up consuming. Yesterday's fare being Time Bandits, which I need to watch again because I kept getting distracted, and 2012. And here you learn one of my guilty secrets-- I am a sucker for Disaster movies.

Dunno what it is-- the tension, the resource scarcity, the chance to see people finding sudden and clever ways to survive when their normal tools are taken from them-- something like those. I suspect it's the same thing that made me love Island of the Blue Dolphins, Julie of the Wolves, My Side of the Mountain, The Swiss Family Robinson and the first book of The Boxcar Children when I was younger. Alors.

Let's put aside the completely shitty science for a sec, because really, you've got to. The science isn't the festive part of this film, which really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Now admittedly, I was expecting Armageddon or Volcano levels of awful. And really, when it comes to disaster movies, you can expect the same CGI explosions and terrain destruction, with varying levels of technical acumen, no matter what. The good stuff is in the ancillary goodies. And it's here that 2012 kind of rocks. (And yes, the stuff below the cut is ALL SPOILERS ALL THE TIME. You have been warned.)

What life lessons, for example, can we glean from this hollywood blockbuster? )

So anyway, about [ profile] yuletide. This year, I am actually happier with all of the reading I have done than what I wrote, and I didn't do any yuletide madness. Oh well.

I will belatedly link my own gift story, The Point of Keys, which is really splendid Mirrormask Genfic, done with completely original characters, set in the world. My prompt was what a "normal" day in the mask world was like, and this is what I got. Also, check out her photoshop art for it, which I liked very much, and gives a lovely image of the protagonist. My yuletide Santa is awesome, and I am delighted.

I am disinclined to do recs, considering the absolute flood of them on the community, but I will say that I've read some simply wonderful fics this year, and I'm way stunned by the quality.

And now, I should actually do some work, hien?

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Tonight, I saw Die Hard for the first time.

I am 29 years old.

Clearly, I ain't been living right. I feel as though all the years up till now, in which I had not seen Die Hard, were missing something. I also felt this way after the first time I saw Silence of the Lambs.

The rest of the day (Post-wukr) also pretty good-- hung out with the C-dawg, got home, and had soaky bath whilst reciting the Ariel poems in various growly voices.

So that's a thing.
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Weekend was every kind of win. Two splendid D&D games-- Chessenta yesterday and B's game on Sat, as yesterday we had the day off. B seemed to enjoy his birthdayness, and there was much hanging out with peoples at the Hibernian after the game. The 4th was spent being somehow both useful and lazy at the same time, and also involved watching 1776, as per appropriate media.

I am nominally playing Prototype, though B has usurped it for a bit with my blessing. It is wonderous cathartic, it is-- like someone made a cross between Asassin's Creed & Arkham Asylum, went 20% more over-the-top, Douchefied the protag, and left all the dev cheats on. Oh yes, and set it in Manhattan. With TANKS.

Of course this appeals to me. How could it help but do?

In the realm of media commentary, saw The Karate Kid yesterday afternoon. Was amused at how fully it's endorsed by the Chinese tourism board (or whatnot), but okay. It was neither awful or amazing, but solidly watchable. Perhaps a letdown after the last movies I have seen in the theatre being The A-Team (Which was SO MUCH FUN and I don't care what anyone says, I loved it) and Toy Story 3, but okay.

Continuing to be delighted with how much healing a 4e Bear Shaman generates. Also, haz a tele-bear. All is happiness with a tele-bear, esp. a tele-bear what laughs when the bad guys make it stand in fire.

Further, now have the conundrum of picking a Paragon Path for my Revenant Assassin in B's game. Too many good options. Many worse problems to have. Like finding time to clean apt some more, to work on Dawning Star Game & Other Game, and also to paint minis, and yes.

Apropos of nothing, I think it is possible that I am almost halfway through a Heap Big Proper Novelish-Thing. Juvenile fiction, belike. But is fun.

And! And the best of all! This weekend, B and I are going up to the Philly to see my best good [ profile] shellefly and the [ profile] roughhouser and the FANG! I dance!

It is good to dance, though the co-wukrs look at me oddly.


4 May 2010 00:06
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Here is a good thing, and a lovely thing, and something you should know about.

This Is My Letter To The World is out on Lulu, the first volume Anthology of [ profile] yuki_onna's [ profile] omikuji_project. Of this, I have been a member since inception, which I love dearly, and to which I contributed some lines of the introduction, and the artwork that goes along with my favorite of these tales, Reading Borges in Buenos Aires.

Learn more here.

And now I round out Bad 90's Movie Night with selected scenes from Baz Lhurman's Romeo & Juliet, and a little sleep.

Also, thank the lot of you for the kind comments. Tous, je vous adore.
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So I didn't hate The Watchmen, though to be fair, I didn't expect to hate it. My overall feeling is one of... disappointment. A disappointment I have hitherto only experienced in movie versions of popular musicals, comme those versions of RENT and Phantom of the Opera that they were talking about making a while back, but totally didn't happen really I swearrite?

And she maunders some more. )

But nu, I will certainly watch again-- there's flavour here, if not quite... the right'un? Not what I was expecting. But well intentioned-- so very well intentioned.
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Watching The Watchmen. Never have I heard so many good songs so badly used in such a sort span.

And maunderings. )

Maybe rant more later. Movie's not over.
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So! Apparently it was a victory for the socialists today, though I didn't notice anything that really appealed to my happy Pinko Self, beyond a few rather awesome incidentals. Like the lifting of lifetime limits on health benefits. What I hope this means is that my Dad can get benefits again, since he capped out after his heart surgery a few years ago.

It is a painting evening. I rather hope that I have enough available surfaces on which to paint, and colors of paint. We shall see.

Am watching this movie, Ink, which is kind of amazing. I mean, it's not the best made movie ever, but it has some really cool dream-world stuff in it. Horror-Fantasy, I guess? Nowhere near as mainstreamy as most, has an indie movie feel. Digging it lots.

Went to Dinner and the Mikado with B this weekend, which was all kinds of marvellous. It was a very good weekend.

Story beating against the insides of my head, but it is all tangled up in knots upon knots. I can only get ahold of little pieces of it at a time. Like it is hidden in marble and I have this chisel and am very clumsy at chipping it out. The wrong tap, and it all crumbles to rubble.

Welly well. It is to grit one's teeth and carry on.
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Okay, the craziest shit makes me cry these days. I feel that I get a pass on the part of the Oscars where I got all teary, because it was the John Hughes memorial bit, and I wasn't the only one. Especially since the bit with the music from 'Up' followed.(btw, is that on DVD yet? She must own it.)

Still, that part of 'Juno' where Vanessa is feeling Juno's belly and is talking to the baby and she finally feels it kick... yeah, rivers of waaah.

Was super effective sometime around 1 last night in article re-drafting, figured out where one story which has been sitting dead in the water for years is going to go, and what it's about, and figured also that the problem with another story is that it starts a little bit closer to the middle than it ought to, and I should write it a proper beginning.

(Dear lord, the guy from 'The Ladykillers' who plays the Aryan Brotherhood guy on 'Oz', and also plays Juno's dad saying "Tore up from the floor up," cracks me up like crazy. And I so love this soundtrack.)

I would move away from this couch, away from movies what make me cry and into Moar Productivity, but there is this great fur-covered blackness on my feet, and oh hell, I wanted to finish reading "Wizard of Earthsea" anyway.
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While I have no intention of overmuch Oscar!Spam to-day, I'll just say that I'm happy for you Jeff Bridges, but Morgan Freeman not getting the award in a year that he played Nelson Frigging Mandela makes me very sad. Very sad indeed.

Hiking yesterday has made me very, very sore, and also sleepy. This does not bode well for the various things that I wish to accomplish this evening.
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So, tonight had dinner and went to this coolty in Raleigh with the [ profile] pipistrella. The show was very small, really, so mostly we babbled back to hers and watched Adaptation, which I had not seen before and bowled me over with the meta.

In case you are just joining us here in Rabbit-land, I am All About the Meta. I mean... oh, there's meta? Sign me up. But then I am also the person who would so join tautology club. In a heartbeat. Of course, if I join tautology club, then I will be a member of tautology club.


Also, I now have more books to read! Because you know what I needed? More books to read! But I am happy of this. Gives me impetus to get through the two that I'm in the middle of. OH! And I got This what I ordered in the mail today, which made me very giddy. It's [ profile] s00j-tastic!

This weekend-- finishing up an art project, a recording project, (hopefully) an article, and then a thousand other things. But they will keep, and now is sleep.

Good night wherever you are, and here.
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Snowed in all weekend = awesome.

Tomorrow is supposed to = icy, so work is starting at noon.

This movie is /the/ fucked up, though it has a great soundtrack. If I did fandom anymore, I would be solidly tempted by a May/Dexter crossover.

Well, maybe next yuletide.

Cats clingy. I attend now.
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Back from the ATL for the KG One Day Event, which was a lot of fun and in which I got to play a healthy selection of good NPCs. Afterwards, wound up hanging with some friends until ungodly late (or early in the morning by some measurements), and further missing the Eclipse One Day on Sun. Turns out this was not a bad call, as the rain was such thatwe were nearly swimming back to NC which meant that it took a couple hours longer than normal, and we got home around midnight-ish. Also, it meant that we spent the morning being lazy and watching Casino Royale, which I had not seen. Daniel Craig, I salute you. Well done.

Tonight: Movies, using up some more paper pulp, reading Dawning Star rulebooks, and Eberron character building for an upcoming game. According to the DDi character builder, there's a few mo' different powers for my Tiefling artificer that I had not considered.

Cats = fed and snuggly. I am disappointed in Nice Price for not having a single Ursula K. Le Guin novel, specifically the one I was looking for. And... well, so it goes.

Life is pretty damned okay right about now. Just sayin'.
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It is the exact sort of cold in the office today that it was at the moment when I forced myself out from under my covers and into the morning air.

I have a blanket. My blanket is good.

Ah yes... media. I did have a media comment, which is that I am enjoying Dexter seasons 1 & 2 quite a lot. The soap opera is a bit much-- could we have some female characters who are not having huge power struggles pretty much entirely with each other?-- but there's some really great stuff too, in particular Dexter's girlfriend Rita. It is really a joy to watch her spine grow and stiffen as the show progresses, even for certain parts of Season 2 where Dexter has a (blissfully short) flirtation with effing stupidity.
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Profoundly less ill today, or even afflicted with yon secondary coughing. This whole illness thing, as you can imagine, having contributed to a rather foul and grumpy mood over the past week or so, I have determined something very important.

No matter how depressed one is, how dark things look, or how deep any continuous mental downward spiral-- there is light in the universe. There is one shining and brilliant beacon of hope upon which all can depend, remember, and in remembering be glad-- yea-- rejoice!

That beacon?

That Samuel L. Jackson IS Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Amen, Brothas and Sistas.
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Okay, Okay, I guess you /can/ spoil Avatar.


(Yes, I still enjoyed the movie. But... hee hee hee.)
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So, I'm in Tampa.

This is because the airline offered a hotel room and vouchers for future travel to anyone who'd take a later flight, which I make it a point to accept if at all possible. Thus, I am here in a hotel bed, enjoying free internet and The Wizard of Oz on TNT, though I think I am going to fall over now, as I've got an 7:30 shuttle and an 8:35 plane.

This is the furthest South I have ever been, geographically! Culturally, I'd have to say that would be Richmond, VA, thusfar.

Saw Sherlock Holmes with the parents before the flight, And I'm going to cut for probable spoilers and ranting now, though honestly it was fun and overblown candy, if only... )

I miss the parents already. I had a lovely stay with them, althouh they both came down with the plague. Largely, this meant that mother could not exhaust everyone with Numerous Festive Events, and thus went a little stir crazy, but in a mild sort of way. Dad enjoyed the books that I gave him and finished the longer of them, and we had a lot of really excellent conversation on that and myriad other topics, which we don't get to do nearly enough. And Mother and I got to play a little dress-up, at least, which is not uncommon. She got a necklace from her favorite store (now my new favorite place for certain LARP garb), and gave me a really beautiful necklace as well. And both of them enjoyed the first two seasons of Fame, which was my other present to them, and which we spent much of yesterday watching. All in all, a very relaxing and pleasant trip.

Did I not mention falling over, somewhere above? Right right. Now that I have finished reading my current book (The Winter King, by Bernard Cornwell) I shall see to that immediately.

Bon nuit!

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