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On top of awesome new job?

[ profile] shieldhaven = "Awesome Boyfriend"

Var [ profile] shieldhaven = "Awesome Fiancé"

I love the ring, I love the boy, I am giddy with Hooray!
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Back from Thanksgiving at B's family's farm. It was awesome and cozy and said family is wonderful; they plied us with delicious foodstuffs and now we have fig jam and scuppernong wine and all the peanuts and pecans ever. I mean it, all of them. I don't think there's any more in the world.


Now we are home, and have acquired a small tree for the table, and it is lit and decorated. I have done a Small Cleaning, and will do a Large Cleaning later. Or presently. But there are plans for beer and burgers this evening with friends, and that is wondrous and happy-making. We have been listening to the Chieftains and other holiday music.

All is good in the world. I hope everyone had a happy secular food holiday.

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Had a lovely weekend in PA, hanging out with [ profile] shellefly, [ profile] roughhouser, [ profile] shieldhaven and the Godfang. We played Arkham Horror and You've Been Sentenced, among other things, because there must always be board games, and yes. They had a Bastille day celebration in downtown Media, including a mock storming of the Bastille, and a George Washington actor (you could tell it was him because he was 20 stories tall and made of radiation) making a speech to an actor playing Lafayette, telling him and us all how cool Lafayette is. Which I thought was pretty darn cool, myself. Lafayette is awesome.

Sunday, went to the Tyler Arboretum, made gnome houses, climbed up into a treehouse-airship, made a racket, listened to a bunch of small children arguing metamagic rules, went to a butterfly house, played with the wizard and fairy costumes, and became sundrowsy. After which Houser induced food comas by plying us with corn and steak. Basically just sentient enough to roll to the airport and be carted home; and now here I am at the wukr.

Only trouble? Once again, eyes staying open is not a thing that wants to happen. Eyes want all the sleep.

(Also, [ profile] outlawcoon? Can haz Philly shot glass. :)
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It's a good thing to say when one is terribly happy, by way of expressing gratitude to teh Universe for, in spite of this or that which is annoying or frustrating, being forthcoming with the awesome and the yay.

And that is how I feel today.

And this evening, there will be PHILLY!

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I am mad crazy in love with Blue Roses right about now. I mean... the whole self titled album is fantastic. There are few enough bands where I adore pretty much every song on the album that I rather feel the need to crow about it when I do encounter such a one. Holy hell.

On that note, I usually like covers of Modest Mouse better than the originals, but the song 'Dramamine' (youtube link) is not one of those, and I am sort-of unhealthily obsessed with this song the now. That makes this and '3 inch horses, 2 faced monsters' the two Modest Mouse originals I actually enjoy. I mean, I love 'Tiny Cities Made of Ashes', but only the Sin Kil Moon version. Huh.
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Profoundly less ill today, or even afflicted with yon secondary coughing. This whole illness thing, as you can imagine, having contributed to a rather foul and grumpy mood over the past week or so, I have determined something very important.

No matter how depressed one is, how dark things look, or how deep any continuous mental downward spiral-- there is light in the universe. There is one shining and brilliant beacon of hope upon which all can depend, remember, and in remembering be glad-- yea-- rejoice!

That beacon?

That Samuel L. Jackson IS Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Amen, Brothas and Sistas.
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So wukr sent us to see Avatar today.

I will not cut for spoilers. There are no spoilers. There is no possible way one could be spoiled for this movie. For there to be spoilers, there would have to be surprises. You know... plot-twists. Ones you don't see coming a million miles away, as if, you'd say... seen this story before. Or maybe about a thousand times.

That said, there is a huge amount of Pretty, and the language is interesting. Also, James Cameron REALLY REALLY loves his Night Elf Hunter. Night Elf Hunters are apparently Just Plain Better people than you are. Also, yay the Outlands! For my part, I was entertained. But if you put Battlemechs in a movie, I am very likely to be quite thoroughly entertained.

And! When we got out of the theatre, it was snowing.

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It is 10:30-ish on a friday morning and I am sitting in bed under my laptop and a huge helping of [ profile] sruna-made pumpkin pie.

I feel as though a win condition for the day has just been fulfilled.

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So... the weekend, the wedding. The wonderful.

The meeting of [ profile] xhollydayx and [ profile] cynic51, who allowed [ profile] yagathai and I to crash at their domi.

The kidnapping of the [ profile] yuki_onna and while [ profile] tithenai and I had cool falcon (her) and luchadore snidley whiplash (me) makes-up done by [ profile] s00j, and we all ( [ profile] regyt, [ profile] rosefox, [ profile] roomette, [ profile] pretendpeterpan and [ profile] xhollydayx wore twirly mustaches and cackled and did the ulalations taught by the unbelievable [ profile] tithenai.

The subsequent party at [ profile] theferrett and [ profile] zoethe's, where [ profile] justbeast arrived in the company of numerous gents (including [ profile] yagathai and [ profile] scathedobsidian and [ profile] kylecassidy took many pics, and, and... zomg my lj user tag brain is broked) and won back his bride, and yes. [ profile] tithenai and [ profile] stealthcello played 'The Girl and Her Tales' in prep for the processional and I still owe them a dance to it.

[ profile] hps_sterling contributed to the festivities in marvelous ways. There was magic card g33k with [ profile] theferrett and Miriam Makeba g33k with [ profile] bec76, and queerness g33k with [ profile] puckathon, who rocks a tux like no other, by the by. And the wedding itself! So many of the people linked here have described it so much better than I, but anything that involves so much love, vodka, pickled herring and dancing, where the dancing begins with Welcome to the Muppet Show Tonight and ends with the Manuhm Manuhm song, where Gogol Bordello's Start Wearing Purple kills the sound system, where I get to waltz with Her [ profile] tithenai-ness and swing with Bridetastic [ profile] yuki_onna and with the exquisite [ profile] roomette (who I have known online since frigging diaryland, and who lives in [ profile] experimentart's neck of the woods and y'all should hang out), where I got to watch [ profile] s00j and [ profile] omnisti dance together, which is a flat-out celebration of joy. And, and, and... well and. So much and.

I have pictures that I have to upload going back from before October, and I need to upload them. Somewhere around 7 or 8 Sunday evening, my brain short circuited from Awesome, my head screamed A Pomba Gira! And trying to recall everything threatens to do it again.

All I know is that I am blessed as bacon that I have gotten to go to two most beautiful, delightful, shiny, love-filled and flam-tastic weddings ever to happen in the world within a month of each other. Guh.

(also, [ profile] shellefly! Guess whose cutlass was used to cut the wedding cake!? :D )

ps-- I am looking forward to WisCon, as I have SO MANY REASONS to go next year!
pps-- title of post is the line that started in my head sometime Saturday evening, and still aten't quit.
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To North Carolina I have returned!

Numerous awesome people to f*list are added!

Lovely and amazing bubblebath taken! Seriously, I nearly passed on this apt because I thought the bathtub was too small. That would have been a grevious error. It is an amazingly comfortable tub and looks gorgeous when one is bathing in it, and the water is all bubbly.

Felines are happy I am home, and are informing me that it is time for sleep.

It is early for sleep, but somehow sitting for 4-ish hours in an airport is muy exhausting. I fail to comprehend exactly how.

Love love love.
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My parents sent me postcards of the Virgin Mary from Italy!

Which is where they are right now, for their 30th anniversary.

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So, thanks to the awesomeness of Co-Worker-With-truck (AKA Ian), I have fulfilled the Cromwell-Cat's greatest wish, and brought his old friend the Couch From Queen Street into the apartment. It is very large, and a sagey green, and comfortable and sturdy, unlike my little red velvet loveseat-- I have slept on it and can vouch, but the main of people are kind of afraid to sit on it. Alors.

Two kinds of iced tea are chillin' in the fridge.

I am very pleased with to-day.
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Hrm. The connection here at Francesca's is being crap, so before it craps out again, I will just say that I had a magnificent 4th of july with co-workers who came into Durham and frolicked with me and other lovely people at [ profile] ghettonqueen and Harris's place and at the Bull McCabe, and yes.

Now, I have finished my Limonata and the internet still seems to be sketchy, so I think that I will go browse and sigh at the Ox and Rabbit, then perhaps go home and watch 1776. Or maybe more Oz. Or both. Whichever!

(also, happy belated nativity to [ profile] theferrett and to [ profile] redbaroness2! Recovery and lovely all around.)
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I have wanted nothing so much all day as to be curled up in bed and reading books, so that is what I am doing. The sky agrees, and insists it's time to unplug all the computers against possible lightning or power surges.

In the meantime-- yes books, and curling, and watching the cats watch the sheet lightning flash against the window, and my little herb garden out front rejoice in the deluge.
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Star Trek ROCKED. I had only one complaint, and that was, SPOILER )

Also, a great big Snuggle and Squee of awesome to whoever it was who anonymously got me the year of paid time. You are my hero.

The Broken Steel DLC for Fallout Three is out! And I had just enough xbox live points left to get it! Which is wonderful, as I was one tick away from level 20. So... bonus!

I just can't explain all the glee.
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So, Easter.

So, movies and snuggles.

So good.
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You know what's good for the soul?

listening to every recording of Didn't Leave Nobody but the Baby that Rhapsody has to offer. Yum.
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I can't really talk about my work and what I do. What I can talk about it how utterly delighted I am by the fact that I got to wear jeans and t-shirts ALL WEEK LONG, and if I wanted to, I could do it again NEXT WEEK! And the geekier the t-shirt, the better.

Now I feel comfortable enough to wear more fun and less slouchy things, but you really have no idea how important this kind of freedom is, and how happy this makes me.

By the grace of god, may I never work another job with a "professional" dress code again.
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you know why the whole going to work thing yesterday (and today) was awesome?



This is thrilling. Utterly.
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I now own this, which makes me squee with all manner of happiness and glee.

Also, I fail at guitar hero. Merf.

Also... went to mcdonalds today for the chicken nuggets, and was in for a shock and surprise.


Oh joy of joys! Oh dream of dreams! Oh overwhelming deliciosity!

Finally, if you give a care for rock band/guitar hero at all, and you're not reading My Name is Never Was, you need to like.... concentrate on rocking. this is the best thing ever.

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