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Our offer was accepted on the house we went for.

I also have a new-and-better job, which kind of fell in my lap and which I jumped on a) because it's perfect for me, and b) because I'm not really into sticking around to be the pot of petunias again.

So all manner of change all at the moment. And there's one more thing to hope for, soon, and well...

...well, we'll see if I'm right or no.

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I am happy today, because yesterday was good. There were games and parties. There was sangria and eggnog and deliciousness and talk awhile of Dust to Dust. There were people I love and adore, and a boy I love more than that. These are all very great sources of joy to a Rabbit.

Soon, we shall go and have lunch with B's folks, though there is a blowing snow falling. It does not seem to be sticking at all, so that's all right. I wouldn't mind sticking snow, but we are in GA, as you might have guessed, and must return to NC this evening. Being stuck in the snow in SC or anywhere between appeals not at all.

For those who may have wished to comment on my last post, I thank you for your intention. The reason that I disabled comments, however, was that while it was a very sad thing, it was also... I didn't feel bad, and I wasn't depressed. I was mourning, and I needed to mourn, and I mourned till I was done, and there wasn't anything to say to me, really. It was all sad, but it was good too. I will add only that I really wish many of you could have met my godfather. Really, everyone who knows me at all should have known him. For some people, you can meet their parents and you see how they came from this combination of folk. For me, you might be able to get that somewhat from my parents, but you'd really need to also know Warren to get the full picture.

And now I have said what I wanted to say, which is that, and also that I am happy. It's a fine thing. There are other, troublesome and worrisome and ugly things about, it is true and cannot be denied. But I am here, and thinking about different things, and B is working on a Harbinger of Doom blog post that I am eagerly waiting to read, and all of that is good, and I am, right now this minute, content.
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-Slept in.
-Obsessively checked Dust to Dust Forums.
-Printed a fuckton of stuff at Kinkos for New Jobthing.
-Ate a Starburst. Then Another.
-Spat out one of my back teeth with the second starburst.
-Pocketed tooth. Managed not to cry.
-Realised, on the way back to B's, that I had forgotten to print one of the docs I needed.
-Said fuck it.
-Signed and filled out fuckton of forms
-Plugged in B's HP all-in-one, for the scanner works, although the printer has not worked in over a month.
-Discovered that the printer had miraculously fixed itself.
-Wished that I had discovered this /before/ going to kinkos and paying them for my printing.
-Realised that if I hadnot gone to kinkos, the printer would probably have never gotten up the gumption to fix itself.
-Printed out the forgotten doc, and one of the forms that I'd fucked up.
-Reflected on Irony.
-Declared that tonight was Sushi Night.
-Went out to Sushi with B, who afterwards got me listerine and ice cream.
-Returned, levelled my Pally up to 58 and his Druid up to 54 in WoW.
-Obsessively Checked Dust to Dust forums some more.
-And Wrote this LJ Post.

Good night to all of you out there, and here.
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I believe in luck, you know. Quite strongly, in fact. I believe that sometimes cumstances conspire to do things that are good or bad or annoying or useful or seemingly random but not really. I believe that these things are put in front of us-- I am not talking about the things we do, or how we react to them, but the things themselves-- because they are funny. Looked at correctly, they are stupid hysterical. Ironies are funny, even if you are the one at their mercy.

That is how I feel today. A listing ship in a sea of hilariously conditional good luck. Well, and a huge piece of bad that is probably my fault, but hell if I know what I did to fuck up my back /now/.

You know, I would probably eat popcorn at my own execution.

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So, Rob Brenzy, in his infinite wisdom, has suggested that those of us answering to the Sign of Virgo take a Vacation from Having Opinions this week. That being relaxed and groovy is more important than Holding Forth or Pontificating on any one of the tons of topics about which one could, can, or would otherwise be inclined to do so. Be said topics political, personal, familial, religious, or whatnot. I, myself, am tempted to agree. It's an interesting idea.

It also makes it a very bad week to have started a gaming blog (on Advice), but there you go. So far it's mostly re-posts of 4e stuff from this LJ, but yeah. So so.

Let's see how this goes.

I still reserve the right to have Certain Opinions if it proves that the reason my car won't start is /not/ the battery, but some other Doom.

And also to be happy about the fact that they've gone and put Zombieland and Up on Netflix Instant, so I can go ahead and finally see the one, and re-enjoy the other.
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I had a really amazing day today.

Boy is amazing. Game and Gamer Girls are amazing. Lady Grace is amazing. Dancing at the Pinhook is amazing. The Whole World... well, you get the idea.

I...really have nothing else to say. There are things that could be better for me. There are so, so many things that could be worse. But right now, right this moment, I am feelin' good.

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Hope-- it's kind of a thing.

Nothing terribly amazing going on, but it's kind of nice that once the insidious I-Am-Worthless-And-Incompetent depression has started to creep in, a bunch of little things will conspire to at least make a good case for optimism. It's fragile, but it's there, and that's something to look forward to.

As is Dragon*Con.

This Weekend!

I wanna see if Edward James Olmos will sign my DVD of Zoot Suit. ^^.
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I can't seem to work up a good misery right now, during this, yet another stretch of unemployment. No matter how I try, wanting to get it out, I find that I'm too damn busy, or something else cool happens. Everytime I start, I wind up either typing words into The Novellything, or cleaning, or mini painting, or more Python, or finding something ok to apply for, or whatever. Go figure.

I think it is that, ultimately, my life is pretty good. I have Winningest Boyfriend what ever Won at Boyfriend, and lots of games, and LARP and DragonCon coming up, and friends to hang with, and this Work in Progress that I am still working on in spite of unemployment, which is traditionally awful for writing. There is still some apt-stress and feline stress, but still. Also, there is my BEST SOPHIA EVER, who sent me wonderful goodies that arrived in the mail just a little bit ago, and dear lord do I need to get to the post office and send her the package that's been in my car for /months/ at this point and needs to be sent to her, even without the Long and Meaningful Letter I've wanted to include. Cozya. I r lamestest.

Though I have discovered that writing works best late at night, when I'm mostly exhausted, after having sobered up from drinking. Then I can usually get past wherever I was stuck, for some odd reason. The only problem with it is that I can't last very long before my eyes won't stay open and I am accidentally hitting all the keys at once.

So, um, awkward, but I am wanting to think of best way to offer Le Story up for Reading to People What Might Be Interested. I dunno. I sort of warble. Feedback, I need it, but... well yeah. So. Also, I wish I could be content with a name for the damn thing.

But nu, I have this bathroom that is beckoning me to come and assault it with cleaning supplies and sponges, and I cannot resist its sudsy siren call.
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So I had a pretty good weekend, and got a very nice longsword, and fought some decent battles, and yeah yeah yeah but none of that matters because what should be happening is that you should be reading Thirteen Ways of Looking at Space/Time by [ profile] yuki_onna, which made me feel very much like my icon in the best possible way, and now I am going to go and do more work until the hours tell me that I can stop for now.

But you, the lot of you, if you want more than that, if this is not enough for you, and you require something to fill your time now, or your hands and tongue are itching for occupation, then you should go to [ profile] melimuses and maybe you should write about bees, or think about honey, or dream of-- you know, whatever.
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So, today was, in a lot of ways, made of complete shit. I mean, what wasn't agonizing and frustrating was disgusting and frustrating, largely involving incontinent cats and pernicious fleas, and the invasion of my now former-couch.

You know what? None of that ultimately matters. No matter how crap and frustrating and maddening all of that shit is, I am okay, and things will be okay. I mean, I still don't know what the right decision is, or how to solve the underlying problems re: apt and cat issues, but that's okay too. It'll all work out one way or the other. Coz you know what works well? Needing help, acutally managing to ask for it, and someone wanting to help, doing it, and you know... it's okay. It helps. And the dark things may be dark, but they seem managable somehow.

That's what love is, I think.

And I'm really a very lucky Rabbit, in spite of my disads.
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It's a good thing to say when one is terribly happy, by way of expressing gratitude to teh Universe for, in spite of this or that which is annoying or frustrating, being forthcoming with the awesome and the yay.

And that is how I feel today.

And this evening, there will be PHILLY!

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I have moved a lot, over the past 10 years. The longest I have lived in any place was about two and a half. That's a lot of residences... 8, actually, if you don't count the 6 months that I technically was renting Lancaster, but effectively living on Hale with my GF at the time. It's frustrating and exhausting, and gives me cardboard allergies. I don't like it.

So what I'm saying is that I don't want to move again. Not out of necessity, anyway, and not to anyplace where I'm just going to wind up moving again soon after for one reason or another, most likely that I settled for whatever I could find quickly that was cheap. I have been delighted by the whole job thing because it means that I don't /have/ to move for financial reasons, among other things. But if these people won't fix my ceiling, when the rain has resulted in streams of water down my wall and puddles on my floor, then I will have to look for somewhere else. And I seriously, desperately, do not want to. I like this nice, inexpensive place what has washer and dryer and is in my favorite neighborhood in all of Durham, perhaps the triangle. If I move from here, I don't want it to be because of a burning throat and soggy cats and mold, but because I am, in fact, choosing to move somewhere better and more awesome in good ways. Just sayin.

Thanks for your time.

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I have traded away some of my sharper perception and good sense to-day for a double-handful of prettier ideas that have occupied my brain from start to (presumably) finish.

I feel as though I've made a better deal, all told.
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good news: I have two new tires on my car!

bad news: I ought to have suspected a problem when I realised that both new tires were on the back-- usually, they put the best tires on the front. The plan being that I would keep the best two of the old ones and replace them in a week or two, next paycheck.

So clearly, they did not check the old tires thoroughly enough, because the tire on the front driver side has the steel belting fibery-ness sticking out all the way around on the inside of the tire-- as I discovered when I heard that alarming knocking as I got up to speed on the ride home. I pulled over to check, and sure enough... fortunately, the tire is still holding air in, but I rather... prayed a lot, till I was finally at the abode. Fortunately, I think my spare is still in better shape than this tire, and I should be able to change it when I get a chance. However, I am... rather extremely annoyed that when I asked the guy, "will these older tires last me another couple weeks?" He was apparently just being concilitory. While I don't like to be sold things I don't need, I would also like to be told if, y'know, I really do need something else, seriously, this is bloody unsafe otherwise. ><

Anyway, as there's pretty much no possible way I can get that car back to Cary for the time being (until and unless I can get the spare back on), I will probably get my next two tires elsewhere.

In the meantime, trying to convince this sore throat to go away, like it did yesterday, and not come back this time. Seasonal Respiratory Gunk for the win!

Anyway, my solution to all of this is Ramen, a just completed call to my mother to whine for a bit, and a large mug of tea with honey in and also Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold which I am happily re-enjoying.

Oh yes-- and the pleasant glow of the Channaukah lights. This too is a lovely thing.
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I finally made it to Florida sometime around 1:45 today, due to a number of delays and the like. This was all right, as I was quite shortly plied with food, malbec, pinot grigio and port. I am now very happy and ensconced in an extremely comfortable bed, and looking forward to this pirate parade thing tomorrow.

Provided that I get some sleep, and that I stop sneezing. Frecking sinus allergies.

Also, grandma's new husband is very, very cool. Pretty much as cool as he seemed on facebook. This pleases me. His sense of humor is such that he fits right in with the rest of the family. :D
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I have made quite the habit of failing at Nanowrimo. I mind very little-- I am typically very otherwise productive during the month of November. This November, I... traveled. I made small progress on many things, and went many places, or went to the same place many times, rather. And it was good, that is to say-- I feel this month well used, in the good sense of the term. So that's all right then.

I should also tell you that St. Germain and Chambourd, while somewhat costly for an at-home cocktail, is delicious and well worth it.
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Had a very nice and coma inducing feast with the lovely [ profile] sruna and and friends, and am now home, buried under cats, and delighted by the prospect of a great deal of sleep. I am thankful for all of those things, and here are a modest selection of other things that I am thankful for:

a) having a spare tire that is actually a real tire
b) having parents who are able to walk one through changing a tire over the phone,
c) extremely nice passerby who stop to help one change tires when one has the flat to end all flats,
d) a nearby sheetz where one can fill up the spare, which is badly in need of air, like a criminologist's neck.

There's more, without question, but I list them not. Happy Secular Food Holiday to all of you out there, and here.
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Instead of coming home and passing out like I ought, I realised that I had a) the car with me to-day, and b) no food in the house for either myself or the spider (the catboys and the bird are fine). So I went to get those things, which turned into a huge freaking odyssey as there were three other places out by petco that I wanted to go to look for costuming for my new LARP character and I had to stop by whole foods for milk and meat and, and, and...

And I fail at common sense, and sleep.

At least I have won at beer.

Good Night.
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I actually got quite a lot of it, but unfortunately, lucid dreaming does not register as rest in the realm of those who sleep. So I had, instead, a keen awareness of being knee deep in a scenario I've had a couple of times before, of perpetual Game Theory. Some sort of class warfare thing with carnival games in for prizes, and a city made out of too much grey concrete.

By the way-- I'm sure I'm not the only one who, upon realising that they are dreaming and lucidly, makes sure they have an arsenal of weaponry strapped to them, but somehow manages to keep forgetting shoes.

ETA: This is all probably the fault of having Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulée ice cream for dinner last night. Still-- so worth it.
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As I was taking the empty cardboard boxes out to recycle, I forgot that the cinnamon had come open and spilled all over the inside of one of them. Naturally, the one with the large, rectangular gap in the bottom.

I am now utterly covered in cinnamon, as is my kitchen.

Well, it smells nice, at least.

(Also, anyone who listens to WUNC happen to catch Back Porch Music last night around 9:30-ish? There was a lovely version of Short Time of Trouble thereupon, and it doesn't seem to be listed on the site playlist. Alas!)

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