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It is a useful phrase, so versatile. They say it a lot when you have given them something, and they don't understand. It is too abstract, it does not make sense-- it is not for them. And they weep at that, for they tried, oh how they tried. They wanted it, they wanted you. But it was not to be. You are not for them. You are not theirs.

Sometimes they get angry. How dare you be too much for them to handle! Who do you think you are? And then they use words like pretentious, like those matter, like you pretended to be anything with them when what you have offered is your truth, your reality, as best as you can offer it. It can offend, it can hurt. But what they mean is, 'Why did you look so beautiful, like I could get you, like I could swim to the bottom of you and know you inside out-- but you won't admit me! Your words are a locked gate I can't and won't enter. Why did you seem-- why did you pretend you were for me?"

But words, but books, they are not so precise. They offer themselves to everyone, and is it their fault, if you riffle through them, if you have purchased them and are scanning them, if your fingers split them and take their pages between them and you don't fall in love? Did they somehow fail you thus, or do you have it in you to sigh and say, I am sorry text, but this was just not meant to be. You will find another, I will find another. I am so, so sorry.
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It is lovely and white and snowy outside-- the kind of soft, fluffy snow that in now way interferes with public mobility. Alas.

Apropos of nothing-- my only complaint with Bioshock 2? No new Sander Cohen. It's okay, because what's there is awesome, but.... well, yeah. There's a brief bit in Cohen's Collection, but there's no Cohen audio diaries or anything. I cry.

Speaking of crying, the end of Season 2 of Chuck totally made me do so. /sniffle.

Stories! I would that one of the several floating about in my head would start hitting me with coherency that I could have at properly, and all the way through. Alors.

There is media in the world, fine fat stacks of media, and... well, I am here, cold, under my blanket and my wukr, and yes.
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Back from Atlanta,
Weekend with friends--
Bein' geeky;
Jes' chillin.

I am thinking that
I have so many projects
Crowding around my fire right now,
That contemplating them is an exercise
In contemplating grande explosions.

Projects; also Media.

So much so that I apologize,
(rather profusely)
For becoming tongue-tied
When I face down this screen, this entry box,
And try to think of what to put in it.

Defeat, thy name is Activity.
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Bookish meme seen around the interwebs, but most recently on [ profile] ironed_orchid's journal.

1. Take no more than 15 minutes to produce a list of 15 books that have influenced you in style, ideas, relationships, language, or other ways that you find important, and/or books that have really stayed with you -- you keep thinking of that quote, you are always remembering that character, you are frequently reminded of that moment.... that kind of thing. This is not a favorites list.

Time starts now:

1) Just So Stories-- Ruyard Kipling
2) Foucault's Pendulum-- Umberto Eco
3) Secrets of the Shopping Mall-- Richard Peck
4) I, Robot-- Issac Asimov
5) The Silver Link, The Silken Tie-- Mildred Ames
6) Asylum for Nightface-- Bruce Brooks
7) Dangerous Angels-- Francesca Lia Block
8) Mind of My Mind-- Octavia E. Butler
9) The Silmarillion-- JRR Tolkien
10) The Ravenous Muse-- Karen Elizabeth Gordon
11) The Dictionary of the Khazars-- Milorad Pavic
12) 7 Nights-- Jorge Luis Borges
13) Wolf Whistle-- Lewis Nordon
14) Prince of Foxes-- Samuel Shellabarger
15) Invisible Monsters-- Chuck Phalanuik

A special shout out to Dean's book of fairy tales. And now, off to the Scrap for Event.
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The fever I didn't have this morning is a low-grade fever I do have now, and the bed is awash with netflix on demand and knitting. The Other went to wukr though so I'll probably be better tomorrow.

The first three episodes of House season 5 are painfully awesome. The Other made Naan for breakfast and it was tasty. Missing sparring last night made me sad. My hearing is slowly dying, a tone at a time, day after day.

Cats are very warm.

That is all.
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Finished Black Summer #7 a couple of days ago, and DAMN was it good. At least I've Anna Mercury to look forward to, and perhaps... in the distant future, the possibility of more Fell...?

This has been your random utterly incomprehensible nerdy comix post.



30 June 2008 13:02
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I love for many reasons, but this here is special.
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I was feeling great today, seriously quite good.

Now I'm at work. And all that great? Gone.


(Maybe the barricades have something to do with it.)
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It is June!

June has the distinct advantage of not being May, although june does bring with it its own set pf problems. In the south, the first of these is blistering, nigh unbearable heat. This being one of the times where living in a third floor apartment is not such a greatness. The window unit set on 75 feels like an arctic breeze.

It looks like [ profile] marshalmeg shall remain in Norway for another month, which is good for finances but sad for me. But fabulous trips no longer being financially feasible, well-- anyone who likes sweltering weather and the suchlike is welcome to pop round for a visit, of course.

The felines are sprawled as much in the path of the window unit as possible: this is an example of smartness, says I.
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Watching A lot of fox on demand. They have one commercial every break. You know how that commercial can stay on my good side? Rufus and Chaka Khan. Play 'Tell Me Something Good' in your commercial, and I will never be annoyed, no matter how many times you repeat the same damn ad.
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Good things are having worked long enough at one's temp place, that one gets Memorial Day off, paid.

Days of sleep are fight.
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tThe devil wants his own livejournal icon, but doubts he will get it.

The devil has had a rough day, involving warehouses and spilled hot chocolate and the sniffles, and now he just wants to put his feet up and dream of nothings and admire his 3 inch twisty golden horns in the mirror and yes. The Devil gets a supporting role in next month's nano, so he's feeling a little bit smug, yes, maybe he is.

The devil has beers and croissants. And Phoenix Wright 3.

The devil wants to wish you a happy Samhain.
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You scored as Richelieu. You are Cardinal Richelieu, prelate of France. Manipulation and puppetmastering are your stock-in-trade, and you always have two or three schemes going at once. You don't have a need for romance, because you figure lovers out too quickly and then they bore you. You are a treacherous friend and a downright dangerous enemy.














Edmund Dantes




Which Dumas character are you? (pics)
created with

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If I were in a rock band, I would certainly perform bad covers. The top ten bad covers I would perform would be the following:

10. Slipstream, Jethro Tull (short, I know, but); paired with ..., destroyed by kittens
9. Wig in a Box, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
8. Cupid, Sam Cooke. (Or maybe Bring it on Home to me. I haven't decided)
7. Brandy, Glass Key
6. The Boxer, Simon and Garfunkel
5. The WASP (Texas Radio and The Big Beat) -- The Doors
4. Rooftops, Orisha (if one can get a copy! Or else Shiela and Angie)
3. Heroin, the velvet underground (seriously, can you imagine this live? ROCK)
2. There is a Mountain, Donovan
1. The Show, The Brodys (You don't know who the Brodys are? For shame.

Mostly picked for how fun they'd be to perform on stage versus any vocal ability on my part. Except for Brandy. I can croon that hardcore.
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All ramen is the same without the flavour packet.
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Even after I move, I don't need another cat.

Even if it is the biggest, prettiest cat evah.

I don't, I don't, I don't.

Find new digs first, dammit.

Procured new digs for the Ratty-boys, anyway.

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...My dad bought me an Irish car bomb.

Which isn't even the most hilarious thing about the evening, but right now, it sticks out.

Welcome to hardcore adulthood, Rabbit.

Happy st. Patty's day, motherfuckers.
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I wonder if I am the only one who suspects that global warming is the result of Persephone having filed for divorce and moved back in with her mother?
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If the terrorists are patient, in about 10 years all the Americans will be dead or gone utterly insane from all of the mad cow meat we've been consuming for-evar. All that will be left to resist them will be a few hermits and vegans huddling in their liberal eco-friendly tree-perches.

And maybe some of those NC Pig farmers, and the Chik-fil-a peoples. But other than that-- pwnt.

So remember kids! Next time you bite into that Big Mac, you're striking a blow for Jihad!

Praise Allah! And pass the Arby's sauce!
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Yesterday was apparently about dead animals. There's something (more than likely) in the crawlspace rotting. Please lord, let it be that and not in the walls. Terminex is coming out tomorrow to check it out and yes. Because the master bathroom is simply not useable with that stench in there.

Because to quote Hedwig quoting fast food slogans, I need a break today. But to quote Caledon Hockley, I make my own luck. Or something. So, to quote my tarot deck, maybe it's time to try something new. Actually, what it says is combine the best aspects of any unpleasant circumstances presented you, and run with that. And to wait a bit, and a solution to the various Everything At Once will present itself.

Got my medicine samples yesterday, will start them at lunch. The winner at the moment is Effexor. We'll see how that plays out. As the beatles say... well just put on 'tomorrow never knows', and that will probably do it.

Also, I have had random bits of 'Gone With the Wind' stuck in my head. Particularly the bit where Prissy goes to Belle's place to get captain Butler and his carriage and is shrieking about, "THE YANKEES ARE COMING!! THE YANKEES ARE COMING... THE YANKEES ARE HERE!!!" et al.

This is all quite fascinating, I know.

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