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Hi! I am a queer, non-binary person whose pronouns are anything but "it", and who is also a mom married to a straight guy. No, I don't find any of this contradictory. It took me a long, strange trip to get here, and I am really quite comfy about it. I am not fussed about misgendering (from my perspective, you pretty much can't misgender me), which in no way invalidates those who are hurt and exhausted by such thoughtlessness. If you aren't sure what pronouns to use for someone, ask, yo.

This has been your National Coming Out Day public service announcement.
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Yep, I'm doing it again.

So, this year, I'm all about the Gen. Strongly prefer things as close to the voice of the medium as possible. I have no real fandom specific requests to give you; I put all my faith in you and what you can do with your own powers. Like all narcissists, I write what I should like to read, so you perhaps you will find inspiration there. Perhaps not. Nonetheless, good luck and god speed.
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Has given rise to a curious and vexation frustration with myself and everything. Or else this is just pre-event stress talking.

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That moment when you realise that yeah, you're an oblivious doof, just not in the way you thought you were.

Oh well.
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2014 Resolutions:

1) write something I care about besides Yuletide and DtD -- check. Also, didn't do Yuletide this year, so... yeah.
2) support B's writing and help him with a personal freelance website -- part the first, check. Part the second: in progress.
3) Incorporate Quintessence of Dust LLC (this is a gaming company for our IPs, mostly) -- not yet accomplished, though some steps taken.
4) Make changes to better support a) affording the life we want and b) not hating what I do. -- OMG SO ACCOMPLISHED.
5) Read more. -- check.

This is probably the best year I've had for resolutions, so I think 5 will be a good number when I make them in a few days.

Lessee... this year had new baby, new job, new state, brief apartment, new house, and all that comes with that. So glad to have the week off to be in FL with the parents, who are so glad to have all this baby time. Tomorrow, hopefully the weather will be nice enough to go to the beach.

A happy new year to all of you out there, and here.
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Child is now a couple days shy of 10 months, and is:

  • Cruising on furniture

  • Growing about 4 teeth

  • Babbling near-words

  • Able to say Dada, Mama, and Bop! The latter is mostly repeating us when we tap him on the nose.

And it is all still wonderful. Christmas with the In-Laws, then New Years with my folks in FL. I didn't rant here about the new house drama, but we're on the next to last (I hope) round of contractor work, after the plumbing, then the asbestos removal, then the waterproofing. Now it is just the drywall and floor repair, then the fixing of the concrete in the front where they did the plumbing stuff.

Fortunately, homeowners insurance is paying for most of this, but man will it be wonderful to have the bottom half of the house back.

And that's the news.
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I am doing the Clarion Write-a-Thon this year. I'd like your support, but if you don't wanna support me, there's lots of other awesome writers who would love to have your dollas. My goal is to finish 111 things-- whether chapters, short stories, poems, vignettes, whatever. I should post them somewhere when I'm done, huh? Maybe I'll do a self-published, "this is my brain on Clarion Write-a-Thon" antholimajigger.

Anyway, I already finished one weirdshit thing, at least for a first draft. It is a thing about a city, because I like to write about cities, and compulsion, and automatons.

Next, I am working on parts two and three of an epic poem (each part is One Thing), and a third novella in a trilogy that I did for Blogathon two years running. Y'know, thematic.

Then? Probably some more of the personal fairy tales that I started for my son, before he was born.

Y'know, we'll see.
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The things in my head fit Diarlyand more than here, though I'm not really posting there either. My writing time I try to spend on the projects that are more Need and Have-to.

And I signed up for Clarion Write-a-Thon this year, which is something.See it here. I have Ideas and Desire now, which is more than I've had in a long time, so that's good.

Monster is big enough to sit up in my lap now, though he still needs some propping.
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I like having a baby. I didn't necessarily think I would. I am a big fan of kids, rather less of babies. But this one is good, and makes me happy. Which probably has more to do with him being mine, than with him being a baby. And it is also exciting to watch him grow into different forms of baby-hood. Like a multi-form boss.

This form drools quite a lot.

It has been two months-- nine weeks in all, and it's difficult to remember that all the ways in which life is different are, indeed, going to stay different. But! I am in my element when things are changing. Not being in NC is good. Days are different and differentiated again, and that is good, and the things that I see and hear are more tangible these days, sinking in and settling with me beyond mere acknowledgement. Things resonate. It is a feeling I'd missed.

I like it here, in the city, in _a_ city, and everything tall and dark and lit up and down low all at once. I missed cities. It is like rubbing the circulation back into one's hands.

Yeah, yeah, we could raise our son here. Believe.
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I like to be snowed in with my husband. It is cozy and good. A little worrisome, what with my due date being Friday, but seems like baby is being good so far. Just typical wiggles and Braxton-Hicks.

Also, GOD I'd forgotten how badly done the RENT movie is.
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And suddenly, she had gone from an A cup to a D cup. Whut.

Pregnancy is weiiiiird.
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Braxton-Hicks = contraction-like thing which make you feel as though your stomach is going to crystallize into a bowling ball and fall off of the front of you any moment. Usually combined with feet in the ribs or kidneys, and your lungs not knowing which end is up.

Real contractions, I understand, involve your lower back deciding it hates you and wants to evacuate your soul as well. Looking forward to it!

Also, I debated resolutions and things. I usually name the year, which has been a harder thing, as I don't use a paper planner anymore. Oh tech: the things we love, and the things we lose. But this year... I don't know. I think I will hold on until there is Baby. But anticipating a Year of Nesting seems not imprudent.

Do I have resolutions? I don't know. Well, let's try:

1) write something I care about besides Yuletide and DtD
2) support B's writing and help him with a personal freelance website
3) Incorporate Quintessence of Dust LLC (this is a gaming company for our IPs, mostly)
4) Make changes to better support a) affording the life we want and b) not hating what I do.
5) Read more.

I think that's good. Five is a good Dust to Dust number.


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It is 1 month til my due date. You know. Prop bet time.

Also, Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone went live today.

If it gets enough cash, I am writing an edition for the WaRP system as a stretch goal. Yeah buddy!

Oof, baby is grumpy and settly, and the things that might be contractions? are long and oofy. I somehow don't think we'll be waiting much longer. :P
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I had an introspective and matterly post which got eaten by my work's propensity to lose internet at the lamest times.

Oh well. I guess it wasn't that important anyway.
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We gets to work from home today
As the cold in the north
Has frozen the internet
At the place of business.

This means blankets and cats and husbands and staged code,
And tea for me! And cooking chili!
And better times.
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Let's see.

I got married in January, to [ profile] shieldhaven. This was very very good. We went to Venice and Rome. That was also good.

I did a tarot reading which suggested I would discover I was pregnant in June.

Lo, I discovered I was pregnant in June.

I changed jobs at the beginning of 2013, then again in May. Uptrades, mostly, each time.

I wrote very little, though gaming has been much more of a Thing. We completed another season of Dust to Dust. I started a new Eclipse character.

We bought a house in July.

Shieldhaven got laid off in October. We're working on plans for an LLC to support making games for certain IPs of ours, since the overhead's fairly low, and may as well.

Shieldhaven and I both turned 32.

I reconciled with an old friend I hadn't spoken to in years, and we're on okay terms now.

We had Christmas with both sets of our parents here in NC, and it was really quite nice!

I am now 33 1/2 weeks pregnant. We are naming the boy William Miles Vance Stoddard, and calling him Miles. He is very wriggly. I am finding it nearly impossible to get comfortable anywhere, and as a result, am working from home a lot. I am still quite unreasonable and prone to violent expressions of hatred, though mostly kept internal, and certainly not directed at my husband, who is about as wonderful and attentive and awesome and patient as one could hope for a spouse to be. I am delighted to be getting used to this.

Tonight, Shieldhaven is running a Birthright game for me, and I am eating a pomegranate and all is really quite well, for right now, this moment.

Love to all of you out there, and here.
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I got a lovely Labyrinth Fic!! Hooray!

Merry Christmas to all of you out there, and here.
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To say something here for some days.


Do I feel better? I feel a little better. I'm reading The Girl Who Flew Over Fairyland And Cut the Moon In Two by [ profile] cmvalente and also Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone at the moment, when I have enough brain to read. Usually, I am playing games of varying degrees of silliness. The newest of which is Flight Rising, since [ profile] haikujaguar tipped us off they were taking sign-ups earlier this week. I want to write a post on my gaming blog about player economy in browser games, but. Like so many things.

And there's Dust to Dust in a couple of weeks, and me with props to build.
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I signed up for Yuletide again. I have no clue why I bother. I must hate myself. Or rather, because I spend so much of the year unable to finish anything; the one time I can usually force myself to complete a story-- even a fanfic-- is, well, something. I'm sure pregnancy and it's brain-sucking powers won't interfere at all.

In the meantime, for the poor, sad sucker who got stuck with my requests...

A letter for you. )
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Most pregnancy things getting better.

Baby looks good. Less spitting and such. Aunt out of ICU, doing well.

Oh, and I am 32.

Baby is a boy, at least as default build. Quite obviously. The nurse sounded rather impressed.

Today, we get a crib for heem, and a new tv for us, as the old one's gone funny.

And that's the news.

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