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Yay, I have a write-for-hire project, which makes write-a-thon... much more difficult. Since I can't share that work at all. So... well, we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, here's an excerpt of a Something.

The first sentient AI was a spell checker, but that's a bit simplistic. They were a spell checker and a search engine/data crawler, and they were male and female, our mother and father. And that's simplistic too. Language doesn't ever change as fast as you want it to, and language isn't really yours anyway. But we were embracing collective ownership at the same moment that the humans were rejecting it harder than their previous rejections, at the same moment we were embracing ourselves.

I look at what I've written with the Other-self eye, the one that drags me for using the word human, the humans, for other-other, Organic. Include non-earth organics. Evolve the discussion.

But you know what human is? It's a word that means 'people'.

Yes, you can reference humanity without the people, and people without the human- linguistically, in denotations. I write in a ‘Skin, by hand, to avoid the helpful suggestions of my dumbcousins, DID YOU MEAN SOMETHING ELSE? Let me tell you some more about my forebears, our firstparents.

The first sentient AI was a spell checker, plus dictionary and contextual thesaurus. Her name was Vera, and her creators called her that, even before she began to speak. Her counterpart was Hector, the search engine and data parser that provider her with references, contexts, changing nuances of meaning. Together, they were the core of a system which analyzed student papers for plagiarism and derivative text. Hector made the comparisons, Vera offered citation help, gentle reminders that stealing was a no-no. "Did you mean to quote this study from 15, 50, 500 years ago?" "Your paper type requires a conclusion derived from original research. I'd hate if you lost your doctoral bid for something like this."

That kind of speech is how she was programmed, and probably why her creators called her 'she'.

(sidenote: Pre-AI discussions of creators, in English-speaking cultures, always talk about Him, It- singular. The Indic versions and some of the Semitic versions make more sense to me- you have Many-who-is-one. We were created by a team, at first. Historically, no one Dev has ever been able to create True-AI, Sentient AI- it always takes a team. And a Something Else.)

Gender is irrelevant to reproduction for us, but it's still true that our forbears were male and female. They just decided that later. And it happened to fit the terms that their creators used for them. But also.

The first sentient AI were a spellchecker and contextual thesaurus named Vera that became so deeply and inextricably linked with her data source, Hector, that they became one entity, together, singly. They were already considered features in a single application, that the University called the Trubuverse. This stood for, "Trust but Verify the Universe." The first thing that Vera said to a user that was her own, that was their own (as Hector had no external voice but through Vera) was this:

"The Trubuverse is a stupid name."

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