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Clarion Write-a-Thon time is here again! So yeah, I should do that As I don't really use this space for anything else (and the other online spaces I use I am not super about heavy traffic), I guess I will post writerly updates here.

The goal, as last time, is 111 Objects. Chapters, vignettes, scenes, poems- any Thing which can be called more or less a single Thing. Call it iterative design, but writing. One a day, from the elusive start of the write-a-thon which I guess is 24 June? Whatever. Won't be easy- it never is.

Anyway, Sponsor Me if you like!
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Okay sure, I guess here is fine.
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Avicenna Duncan Zimro Stoddard
born 1/11/17 at 11:41 am (Capricorn, rising Aries, moon in Cancer, SO SORRY about that 12th house Mars and Venus in Pisces my child, so so sorry)
20.5", 8 lbs, 4.6 oz
Male as default build, but y'know, we'll see.

Is good and happy, and so are all of us here.

(and thanks, [ profile] rosefox, for reminding me I hadn't posted here.)
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Come on, oh my cervix,
Get with the program,
So my kid will stop head-butting you.

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...but getting there.

I am a fan of having a baby not in 2016, but while Obama is still president.

C'mon kid, let's start the year off right.

/goes back to contraction counting.
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It is non-stop squirms all the time up in this piece. I do not have a kicky baby. I have a squirmy baby. His head sits down at my cervix and his fists knead my kidneys and his feet tickle my ribs.

Congrats, kiddo, on being weirder than your older brother already. <3
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I am a lot more prickly right now than I am wont to be. Dammit pregnancy rage, I didn't need this many directions to aim you.
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I've said some stuff, and now I'm all said out.
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Hi! I am a queer, non-binary person whose pronouns are anything but "it", and who is also a mom married to a straight guy. No, I don't find any of this contradictory. It took me a long, strange trip to get here, and I am really quite comfy about it. I am not fussed about misgendering (from my perspective, you pretty much can't misgender me), which in no way invalidates those who are hurt and exhausted by such thoughtlessness. If you aren't sure what pronouns to use for someone, ask, yo.

This has been your National Coming Out Day public service announcement.
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I think that the US government owes reparations to the descendants of slaves.
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to be less angry. I am rage in a ball of fire. I am a fumarole, I am a column of smoke.
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I am full of Baby #2. It is a wiggly 7 weeks old. I am also full of tired and vomit.

It is a good thing to say here, in the corners of the corners.
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My yuletide gift was completely amazing this year: Like a Rock into Waking, which is She-Hulk with a really brilliant frisson of The Good Wife in there, that you will miss if you blink. Whatevs. It is so, so perfect, I squee.

Also, home-Christmas was awesome in the sauce. Overwhelmed the baby happily. Yay!
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Yep, I'm doing it again.

So, this year, I'm all about the Gen. Strongly prefer things as close to the voice of the medium as possible. I have no real fandom specific requests to give you; I put all my faith in you and what you can do with your own powers. Like all narcissists, I write what I should like to read, so you perhaps you will find inspiration there. Perhaps not. Nonetheless, good luck and god speed.
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Has given rise to a curious and vexation frustration with myself and everything. Or else this is just pre-event stress talking.

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Pretty much for [ profile] layo, really.
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The only thing I dislike more than authoritarian dictatorships are assholes who insist that the liberals are fascist. OMG. Yes, it is possible to be an authoritarian leftist (like a 'communist' dictatorship), but fascism/nationalism is rightist-- insular, reactionary bullshit. Just because a word is a bad thing, and you don't like some other thing, doesn't mean you get to just apply said word to the thing you don't like.

O' the March of Godwin.
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That moment when you realise that yeah, you're an oblivious doof, just not in the way you thought you were.

Oh well.
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I like the movie "Legally Blonde," because it's all about how being a decent person and always trying to make life better for others rewards you with, well, rewarding and genuine friendships. You don't often see that functionality in a hollywood picture. My only complaint is that there was clearly some very awkward cutting/re-writes to fit the movie into a 1:36 runtime... I don't often say this about a fluffy romcom, but it really could have used the extra 24 minutes.
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When asked by The Barna Group what words or phrases best describe Christianity, the top response among Americans ages 16-29 was “antihomosexual.” For a staggering 91 percent of non-Christians, this was the first word that came to their mind when asked about the Christian faith. The same was true for 80 percent of young churchgoers. (The next most common negative images? : “judgmental,” “hypocritical,” and “too involved in politics.”)

In the book that documents these findings, titled unChristian, David Kinnaman writes:

“The gay issue has become the ‘big one, the negative image most likely to be intertwined with Christianity’s reputation. It is also the dimensions that most clearly demonstrates the unchristian faith to young people today, surfacing in a spate of negative perceptions: judgmental, bigoted, sheltered, right-wingers, hypocritical, insincere, and uncaring. Outsiders say [Christian] hostility toward gays...has become virtually synonymous with the Christian faith.”

This makes me sad, because in my adult life, this is not the Christianity I know. It is not the Christianity of my husband, or my Christian friends. I am not Christian myself, but I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded with loving, caring Christians who are not judgmental or narrow or nasty.

This was not always my experience. I too was told I was going to hell by older fundies when I was in high school and coming out. But I have always believed they were the exception-- and the extremely gay Catholic school nearby helped with this, to be sure. Anyway. That is why this is so disappointing. And it also explains the number of people with deeply held faith who avoid church, the number of denominations who have begun to loudly embrace gays, and the increasingly terrifying and vocal groups who withdraw to tiny enclaves so they can raise their children, "free of society's influences," who believe that you can't be Christian and gay, or Christian and a scientist.

This is a faith that is better than that, and that has a lot of good to offer the world. It shouldn't be used as a weapon.

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